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October 24th 2014

LORE BUILDER: NINETEEN: Cannons & Commandments

Cannons & Commandments

Hello and welcome back for another installment of Lore Builder, where we work with you, the community, to flesh out previously unexplored areas of the Star Citizen lore. As always, if you are new to this feature, we would highly recommend reviewing the updated caveats and suggested background reading described in this previous issue, so you can get a clear understanding of what’s already been established.

Let’s get right into last week’s post:


As always, tons of great ideas and write-ups. We were fairly certain that it was going to be a popular topic when there were thirty comments in the first ten minutes. As it would be impossible to list out all of our favorites, here are a few samples:

from Rabbit
Manufacturer: Klaus & Werner
Weapon Series Name: Firefly
Weapon Type: Ballistic/Plasma
Naming Scheme: Firefly MK II – MK V
There is no MK I ( size 1) version of the Firefly due to problems with the plasma containment.
Tagline: “Space is dark – light it up with a FIREFLY!” (or “Light up the sky with a Firefly” – Will)

from DoomMoose
Manufacturer: Preacher Armaments
Gun Series Name: “The Huntsman – Cluster munitions series”
Weapon Type: Ballistic
Naming Scheme: The Huntsman. Variations are based in the number of projectiles starting at 8.
Ex: Huntsman-8, Huntsman-16 Huntsman-24 Huntsman-32 Huntsman-40
Tagline: “Accuracy through target saturation.”

from BearSquish
Manufacturer: Preacher Armaments
Gun Series Name: Seraphim
Weapon Type: plasma
Naming Scheme: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5
Tagline: Restoring order with a baptism by fire.
Description: A powerful plasma ship cannon with very high-end components. Origin Jumpworks has been said to be in talks of obtaining an exclusivity deal with Preacher Armaments for this weapon to be featured in their latest interstellar yacht, but as of yet Preacher Armaments Seraphim plasma cannons are still sold in prestigious arms rooms ‘versewide.

We’ve gone through the suggestions and incorporated them into our (growing) spreadsheet of names. To give you an idea of how we’ll use the suggestions, design or art or production will contact us when they need to generate some new items (whether they are weapons, shields, engines, etc.). Their parameters will vary; sometimes they will need weapons from a specific company while other times they only know the type of weapon.

With the names that you have come up with, we have a resource that they can consult on their own to try and find the best name for the weapon that they have in mind. So, again, don’t worry if we haven’t cited your suggestion above, it’s a big list. As we mentioned in an earlier issue about pirates, keep your eyes peeled, you might end up getting shot by your own gun.

Moving on to this week’s topic. We’re going to delve into a specific group in the universe that people have been asking about:


A secular philosophy first identified in a News Update, the Church of the Journey:

“Celebrates the experiences gained [during the journey] over the destination. Life is what happens along the way. Missionaries are called Journeymen and often spend their time wandering throughout the systems in the pursuit of knowledge through experience.”

Obviously, any belief system is an incredibly complicated thing to design, so we’re going to start out simple by looking at the foundation and the core tenets. What are the rules or “commandments” that followers of the Church of Journey adhere to? Are these rules different or stricter for Journeymen?

Here’s the special requirement for this submission. Core Tenets should appear as single sentences.

Here’s a few possible examples to get you started:

  • Journeymen are not allowed to own a permanent residence.
  • A follower of the Church must go on a sabbatical twice a year.
  • Followers are encouraged to submit their travelogues to local Churches for others to read.
  • Journeymen must never take what isn’t offered.

That will do it for this week’s Lore Builder. Please submit your ideas in the comments below. Next week, we’ll review your submissions and present a brand new topic for discussion.

Until next time …

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