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December 19th 2014


Hello and welcome back to Lore Builder, where we work with you, the community, to develop previously unexplored areas of the Star Citizen lore. If you are new to this feature, we highly recommend reviewing the updated caveats and background reading described in this previous issue, so you can get a clear understanding of what’s already been established.

Without further ado, let’s get started.


Last week we highlighted some of the games created and suggested as possible forms of entertainment in the Star Citizen universe. It was really exciting to read your suggestions and experiences playing around with the other games of the community. One of the most beneficial things in any creative endeavor is constructive feedback and revision, so hopefully the creators found the discussions as helpful. We will definitely keep playing these more ourselves.

There was also some discussion on us including more classic games in the Universe, and yes, that is definitely something we’re considering. There is no reason to think that pastimes like chess won’t continue to be played for another thousand years.

We had also asked last week what you thought we should do about the two game suggestions that were both named Trigger. We have put together a poll at the bottom of the page with a few of your ideas and some of our own. Let us know what you think!


So we are going to wind down Lore Builder for the time being. There is some fantastic new fiction coming online in the New Year that we hope you all will enjoy. It’s not to say that this feature will go away entirely; we could definitely bring it back in the future as it’s already proven to be a fantastic way to quickly generate some great ideas.

For a final task before this holiday break, we’re going to source out one last idea from you all that was a very popular suggestion in Issue 23:


Music has been part of culture for thousands of years and it stands to reason that it will be around for thousands more.

We touched upon this briefly in our Celebrity Lore Builder from the first installment, but now we’re going to focus on not only the personalities behind the music, but the songs and their impact on society. Are they a decade-spanning act like the Rolling Stones? Or a one-hit wonder who captured the cultural zeitgeist like Snow?

Please make sure that your suggestions are original and not based off existing performers or songs.

As with all of these, brevity is the goal. We know it’s very easy to just keep writing once you get on a roll, but try to keep the descriptions short and evocative.

Here’s a template for you to work from:

Who Listens:
Kind of Music:
Biggest Song:
Brief Description: (3-4 sentences)

That’s it. Thanks again for everyone who’s contributed over the past twelve issues and we hope you have a wonderful holiday and New Year’s.

Until next time …

Names for Trigger Games

Names for Kinshadow's Trigger Game

Total Votes: 1098

Names for Conrad Larson's Trigger

Total Votes: 1098

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