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September 26th 2014


Lore Builder: Fifteen

Hello and welcome back to LORE BUILDER, where we explore the vast undiscovered corners of the Star Citizen universe’s lore. If you’re new to this feature, please check the first issue for the caveats and background reading.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.


Last week we asked for ideas detailing what kind of beverages could be out there in the ’verse and the response was a staggering five hundred comments. We’ve got every possible kind of drink in there, from commercial brands to mixed drink recipes, energy drinks to water substitutes.

While we’ve incorporated almost all these ideas into our internal spreadsheet, along with contributions from previous issues like celebrities, criminals and Murray Cup racers, we are going to showcase ten of our favorite submissions for a special contest. In short, we are going to have a poll asking you which of these ten you like the most. We will take the winning beverage and submit it to our graphic designers to create a logo.

From: KillEmAll
Corporate Owner: Terra Mills
Brand Name: Snazzle
Type of Beverage: Natural Fizzy Fruit Juice
Varieties: Every fruit combo you can think of.
Economic/Demographic Circles: Another in a line of storable beverages, Snazzle is a carbonated juice drink with a high tech twist. The carbonation is actually dormant, being stored in nanobeads throughout the drink and maintained in that state under pressure. When the drink is opened, the pressure is released, the nanobeads burst, and the drink is instantly carbonated and rendered fizzy, so Snazzle never goes ‘flat’ in storage. Snazzle is an older brand but universally popular throughout Human space. Often older consumers introduce it to their kids since there are no extra sugars added so it has a lot of nostalgia and tradition momentum.

From: Drune
Corporate Owner: Dugal Traditional Scotches: The oldest Scotch Whisky distillery on Earth, Founded in 2504.
Brand Name: Dugal’s
Type of Beverage: Scotch
Varieties: There is mainly Dugal’s Original. Forty years ago Dugal’s 400-year anniversary brand came out. It is said a bottle of the 400th anniversary can be bought for the same price as a 300i.
Economic/Demographic Circles: It is a very upper class drink because of the high price. The high price is mainly due to the limited range and amount of Scotch they can produce and maintain their integrity. It is often purchased by some of the middle class as a luxury drink and only drunk it at a special occasion.

From: Animal Mother
Corporate Owner: Kessler’s MRE co.
Brand Name: Synergy
Type of Beverage: Soft Drink and Energy Drink Varieties
Variety: SynergyMRE/SynergySport/Synergy+/Synergy (Original Flavour, Lime, Orange)/Synergy Lite
Economic/Demographic Circles: When Synergy was first released, its small form factor (laminated foil pouches) and high nutritional content meant it was first and foremost a deep space explorers’ drink. As time went on and the company wanted to focus on other demographics, they re-branded their original drink to SynergyMRE, to signify to the public its ideal solution for long hauls with no pit-stops. Although SynergyMRE can be sold separately, Kessler’s often place them in crated varietal packs, along with many of its other MRE meals solutions for the rationing space pilot.

During the re-branding to SynergyMRE, the company focused on products that would keep those of an active nature awake (Party Goers, Students, “Space Truckers”). Synergy+ comes in a slim can, and is reminiscent of the Taurine drinks similar to Redbull, Monster, Rockstar. It is thought that Synergy+ is responsible for several deaths of students drinking 5-8 cans in a single night, trying to get their reports done on time.

SynergySport is ideal for those who have an active role in high intensity workouts. It is served in a squeezy bottle.

Synergy is labelled a soft drink and is focused on minors and young adults, it is a sugary drink served in different sized screw top bottle. It has three flavors and a lite version that uses natural flavorings instead of sugar to mimic the original flavor.

From: Perry the Cynic
Corporate Owner: Liberty Lake Brewers, a division of Terra Total Breweries
Brand Name: Liberty Lake
Type of Beverage: Beer
Varieties: Terra Liberty, Pike Liberty, Gen Liberty; occasional special labels
Economic/Demographic Circles: Middle class, common on Terra; somewhat upscale elsewhere; banned on Earth.

Liberty beer was created by Liberty Lake Brewers, a family cooperative on Terra. The owners played up their support for Terran independence, which got them a faithful following of local drinkers. Liberty beer is big business now, but you couldn’t tell from its labels or advertising, where plucky Terran explorers perpetually step onto unknown planets to plant their flags and beer kegs, usually just ahead of some hapless Earth exploration conglomerate flunky. Terra Liberty is a decent Hefeweizen; Pike Liberty is a brown ale; and Gen Liberty is Porter-style. On big holidays, we sometimes get a batch of Aero Liberty, which is Pike laced with a local tequila.

A while ago, Liberty beer was banned from Earth due to a health scare. The manufacturer refused to contest the ruling and instead its bottles proclaim proudly, to this day, “Banned from Earth!”

From: Madran
Corporate Owner: A dominant Spider faction (or even simply the bar owners)
Brand name: (Spider) Bite.
Type of beverage: extremely Strong synthesized Alcohol. (like moonshine)
Varieties: Ostensibly it is all the same, but due to the unreliable machines used in its manufacture (they would be centuries old) rumors about poisonous, or even hallucinogenic batches abound.
Economic/Demographic circles: Definitely not a sophisticated beverage, but I could see it making its way around the ‘verse, especially to less reputable establishments.

From: Grand Bagelmeister
Summary: Frontier world beer
Corporate Owner: Magnate Co (Magnus system)
Brand Name: Iron Adze
Type of Beverage: Beer
Varieties: Original (simple, not highly corporatized)
Economic/Demographic Circles: Frontier world bars, especially those frequented by heavy laborers.
Description: Like other Magnate products, it targets those who feel detached from and ignored by the UEE, emphasizing hardworking values. It’s cheap enough for a frontier miner, but prides itself for its taste, with a competitive price point and flavor. The beer has a signature, faint purple glow to it caused by luminescent dyes produced in the fermentation process by bacteria native to Magnus II.

From: Dutch
Corporate Owner: Nu-trite – A subsidiary of Amalgus Biotech
Brand Name: Cruz (pronounced ‘cruise’)
Type of Beverage: All-in-one nutrition/meal-replacement drink.
Flow – The original, high-nutrition variety designed for sustaining pilots who don’t have the time, space or inclination to eat a traditional meal. Each can contains a tiny grav-generator that separates the two flavors by fluid density, giving the drinker a savory first half followed by a sweeter ‘dessert’ flavor. Nutritional value of each flavor segment is identical.
Dark – Marketed at men. Flavor is malty with a sweet, molasses-like edge. Higher calorie count.
Lux – Marketed at women. Nutrition balanced for female physiology with fewer calories. Sweet with a slightly spicy taste.
Pulse – Marketed at younger drinkers. Nutritional value is reduced to encourage repeat consumption and contains controversial energy boosting adrenaline-like synthetic compounds. Mixed fruit flavor.
Economic/Demographic Circles: Drunk by spacers, students and the military. A favorite of freighter captains due to corporate deals that make it a cheaper alternative to feeding their crew solid foods.

From: Jaeton
Corporate Owner: Fujin Brewing Company
Brand Name: Kōen Shochu, Kōen Sake
Type of Beverage: Shochu and Sake
Varieties: Sake, Shochu and Shochu-Highballs (shortened to Chu-High), a canned mixed drink using Shochu as a base and mixed with fruit juices or soda.
Economic/Demographic Circles: Enjoyed by all classes that have a traditional Earthen Japanese Expatriate culture especially popular on Saisei and around the Centauri system. In recent years is becoming trendy among the UEE citizens who are up and coming. The luxury exports from Saisei began to spread into the homes of the new wealthy as Citizens longed to differentiate themselves from an Earth that they find repressive and old-fashioned.

The Kōen brand is named after the famous Nessa Park located in the heart of Fujin City. Kōen means “park” in ancient Earth Japanese. The brand began to be brewed in a simple and traditional manner from the special rices that have developed in the carefully nurtured environments to be found on Saisei. The sake and shochu are considered to be some of the best in the UEE. While consistently of high quality, they are not priced out of the reach of the middle class.

The recent craze for the shochu-highball started at the famous Nessa Park Bistro. They made the cocktail by serving Kōen shochu mixed with a variety of local juices and served over ice, a flavorful light cocktail that became synonymous with the park. Recently the Fujin brewing company began selling pre-mixed canned versions of the shochu-highball affectionately known as “Chu-Highs”.

From: Kodo
Corporate Owner: Torreele Foodstuffs
Brand Name: Black Mountain
Type of Beverage: Stimulant
Varieties: Various strengths: Rich, medium blend, mild.
Economic/Demographic Circles: Widely popular among Humans and Tevarin.
Sujin root tea, native to Elysium IV, is a traditional Tevarin beverage and has been produced for thousands of years. The root is white and looks quite similar to ginger in terms of size and shape. It’s most often found at relatively high elevations. Ground into flakes and steeped in boiling water, Sujin root tea is milky white in appearance and has a stimulant effect on both Tevarin and Humans. The effect on Tevarin is quite mild, while on Humans it’s quite strong, much more so than coffee. It’s popular among spacers for its long-lasting stimulant effect, is very mildly addictive and has no side effects if consumed in moderation. Drinking too much can cause quite severe headaches. Sujin is slightly bitter and has an earthy aftertaste. It smells quite strong. Inhaling Sujin vapor is a good way to open up stuffed sinuses.

Sujin roots are grown on several planets, and most Sujin-lovers prefer to grind the fresh roots for themselves, however there are many brand-name suppliers of prepared roots. Torreele sells high-grade vacuum-packed Sujin powder under the Black Mountain brand.

From: Iva
Corporate Owner: Bilva Brandy Brewers
Brand Name: B3
Type of Beverage: Brandy
Varieties: B3 Uncut 160 proof, B3 Original 100 proof, B3 Smooth (50 proof).
Economic/Demographic Circles: Students on Rhetor IV (Mentor) quickly discovered that local plum-like fruit — “bilva” — can be used as a base for strong spirit brandy. First it was an amateur “homemade” product known only on Mentor, but it got huge popularity when group of students started smuggling it to Rhetor III (Reisse) campus in 2872. The same three students two years later start Bilva Brandy Brewers company (Mentor based) and brandy – B3 become huge success system wide.

“Hardcore” and expensive version is 160 proof uncut straight brandy (limited edition) served always neat, sold in handcrafted colorful bottles (color palette changes every year). It’s especially popular within the Elite Naval Guard garrison on Rhetor II (Persei). Less extreme consumers prefer Original 100 proof version sold in half liter “unbreakable bottles”; it mixes very well in cocktails (university professor’s favorite drink). B3 smooth is lower alcohol level “mass market” brandy sold in huge variety – from small plastic one-sip containers to huge gallon bottles. B3 smooth never got too popular on Mentor (as students there prefer B3 Original) but it is a huge market success on Reisse where it is present at every student party.

The voting window will go from now until next Wednesday at 11:59pst, so please vote below. And if you missed the original batch of submissions and have some fantastic ideas for beverages, feel free to post them in the comments below.

Next week, we’ll reveal the winner from this week’s poll and open up a new topic for discussion.


Lore Builder Beverage Poll

Which beverage would you like to see in the SC?

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