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September 19th 2014


Fourteen: Welcome Back

Welcome back to an all new round of LORE BUILDER, where we will take a closer look at an unexplored aspect of Star Citizen lore and develop it with the community’s help. Before we get to the first topic of discussion, we’re going quickly go over some caveats, as well as direct our new backers or anyone who needs a refresh to some handy references.


As we often mention here, our fictional universe (and game in general) is still in active development. This means that elements may change to accommodate gameplay.

Because of the fact that the Design Team is still hard at work figuring out many of the mechanics, we are going to avoid topics that will directly affect gameplay. Don’t take that to mean that the work we do here together won’t have an impact on the game itself. To the contrary, the Star Citizen universe is huge and needs to be filled with a variety of fictional elements (food, religions, superstitions, etc.) that don’t necessarily affect how the game is played.

That’s where Lore Builder comes in.

Please note, we would appreciate it if you avoided trying to promote your own PC or Organization with the lore you submit here. All characters are starting from the same place in the universe; sneakily getting your name mentioned in the lore won’t change that. Create accordingly.


The first place to start is with the Time Capsules. These posts were daily updates leading up to Chris Roberts’ initial announcement at GDC in 2012. Each post covers a historical fact in the timeline that leads up to the ‘present’ day in Star Citizen.

We also compiled a Writer’s Guide, intended to provide a high-level view of the game’s lore and help inspired backers create their own works of fiction for the Star Citizen universe.

Of course, it might also be helpful to glance back and read the first round of Lore Builder posts to see all the incredible stuff the community helped create the last time.


Raise your glasses and toast because it’s time to drink!

Whether you’re hosting a swinging soiree on your 890 Jump, or you’re waiting for your contact in a dingy bar on Asura, everybody needs something to fill their glass with. We are talking cocktails, fine liquors, watery beers, fruit smoothies, the latest in water replacement beverages, sodas, and even pan galactic gargle blasters. We need it all!

You may have noticed two creations already in your new hangar locker: Smoltz Beer, a cheap, pilsner style beer, and Radegast Whiskey, a deluxe single malt from Mars.

Now let’s see what you can come up with. Below is a template to help you formulate your ideas.

Corporate Owner: Single corporations can own multiple brands.
Brand Name: The name that’s on the logo
Type of Beverage: Beer, Whiskey, Vodka, Wine, Energy Drink, Terran Varietal
Varieties: (Budweiser/Bud Light/Bud Ice etc.),
Economic/Demographic Circles: Where it’s popular and among what demographic. You aren’t going to find Olde English at a nice restaurant.

Please post in the comments section (keep them concise, two paragraphs max) and we will discuss more next week!

Until Next Week

End Transmission

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