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October 27th 2017

Xi'an Dictionary
An ever-growing collection of words translated from Xi'an to UEE Standard

Xi'an Dictionary

Xē’suelen! Welcome to the Xi’an dictionary. In it, you will find a compilation Xi’an words, along with their translations. The legend at the top serves as a guide to the abbreviations for parts of speech used throughout the dictionary. This is a living document. It will change as the Xi’an and their language are developed.

If you’d like to participate in the development of the Xi’an language, we’d love to have your input! Please visit the Xi’an Language subgroup in Spectrum and introduce yourself. You can also discuss the development of the dictionary, discuss the language and culture, and look up useful resources.

Until next time, yanlēkol!

Abbreviation Part of Speech
cnj. Conjunction
clq. Colloquial
col. Color
con.CAS Conversational Phrase (Casual)
con.FOR Conversational Phrase (Formal)
con.SEMFOR Conversational Phrase (Semi-formal)
deix. Deixis (Indicates distance from speaker or current point in time)
elm. Elemental (more commonly referred to as tai when discussing Xi’an grammar)
elm.CMP Elemental Compound (typically behave like a normal tai in sentences)
elm.CMP.for Formal Elemental Compound
elm.SRV Elemental from the Service Dialect
idm. Idiom
line Xi’an family Clan Name
n. Noun
name A name (Term of address for another person)
nlz. Turns a tai or phrase overtly into a noun.
nlz.ClT Enclitic Nominalizer (Binds to the front of tai to make them into nouns.)
num. Number
pn. Pronoun
PN. Proper Noun (Name)
PN.feml Proper Noun (Female Name)
PN.male Proper Noun (Male Name)
pn.NEU Neutral/Polite Pronoun (Safe for everyday use.)
pn.PEJ Pejorative Pronoun (Caution. Highly insulting.)
pn.REV.for Formal Reverential Pronoun (Rare in normal conversation.)
PN.role Proper Noun (Occupation (Part of common Xi’an names. Comes before the personal name.))
pn.SRV Service Dialect Pronoun (Sometimes used when speaking the Proper language.)
POS Part of Speech
Q Question Term
Q.sffx Question Term-forming Suffix
rel. Relational Particle
slng.GEN General Slang
slng.SRV Service Dialect Slang
v.FAM Familiar Verb Form (Use only with close friends or family members.)
v.IMP Imperial Verb Form (Required when speaking about the Emperor or Empress)
v.LAUD Laudative Verb Form (Used to praise people, things, situations, etc. Never use when referring to yourself.)
v.NEU Neutral/Polite Verb Form (For everday use in public.)
v.PEJ Pejorative Verb Form (Used to criticize or humiliate. (Do not use if not fluent.))
v.REV Reverential Verb Form (Used to express deference or humility to listeners.)
vcp. Verb Clarifying Particle (tai used to augment verb mood, aspect, etc. Immediately follows the verb.)
Xi’an Term POS Translation to UEE Standard
– (∅ o) v.FAM do (the o is dropped /null, missing/ in the Familiar verb paradigm)
(e t.o kuai) si’ping idm. warmed (of food and beverages not at “room temperature” or 30 C)
(e t.o kuai) tuiping idm. cooled (of food and beverages not at “room temperature” or 30 C)
vcp. (imperfective/progressive/contiuative) .āl
elm. continuation; (forward) movement
.a’u elm. here/this
.ā’u pn. this (thing)
.āh’o’a con.FOR Keep right (drift in a particular direction)
.aiy’a pn. yon thing
.ām col. niveous
.ān’e’a con.FOR Keep left (drift in a particular direction)
.ath elm. getting along; managing; faring
.ath’a cnj. and fittingly; and so; then (after “if”-clasue)
.au’o elm. ice; snow; frozen liquid
.au’o’longsea elm.CMP slush; half melted ice
.au’o’rathpunpuāng elm.CMP heavy snow (with a great deal of accumulation)
.au’okyu elm.CMP contrail
.au’opuāng elm.CMP glacier; ice sheet
.axy.oa? con.CAS Ça va? How’s it going? (cf: o .ath .u m.uexy.oa?)
.ay’ā elm. dream; see a vision
.ay’o pn. that (thing)
v.REV eminate/reflect
.e’o elm. there/that (near the listener)
.eu’a deix. that distant (after an indicated noun)
.ey’o deix. that (near you) (after an indicated noun)
.i elm. choice; selection
.i’a elm. there/that (away from both speaker and listener)
.ii elm. multiply; duplicate; breed
.ithl’e’a elm.CMP moral; ethical; “the right choice”
v.REV do
.oa’i rel. until
.ōn col. viridian
.u’a elm. over there/that (remote (and out of view or reach))
.u’uth elm.CMP also (as an adverb)
.uai elm. go
.uaih’o’a con.FOR Go right (follow the arrow, etc.)
.uaik’ongsam elm.CMP hike (for recreation); stroll; wander (on foot)
.uain’e’a con.FOR Go left (follow the arrow, etc.)
.um’a elm. wet; moist; damp
.un’ii’kuam elm.CMP orchard
.un’ii’sauo elm.CMP grove (of trees)
.unt’ang’puāng elm.CMP mountain range
.Uy’ii PN.feml Uyíí
(h)ai pn.SRV you
(V.) sā tao’ra idm. “perhaps one day ____”
a elm. object; tangible thing
a. nlz.CLTC (concrete/tangible thing; object)
a.thl’ē’kol con.FOR “Goodbye; Farewell”
a’k.ēt’aongchui elm.CMP drainage ditch
a’k.ii elm. aunt (mother’s or grandmother’s younger sister when elder)
a’ki elm. aunt (mother’s or grandmother’s younger sister)
a’o.u’a pn. that thing beyond
a’ran elm. tenacious; stubborn; relentless
a’rath(xyikyu) elm.CMP precipitation
a’t.oy’onai elm.CMP Countermeasure
a’xy.oa Q. what (concrete) thing?
a’yanrath elm.CMP stairs/step/staircase
a” elm. fit; fit into
aho’a noun right side (in physical terms)
ahual elm.CMP anything (any physical thing)
ahyan elm.CMP everything (of physical things)
Āi PN.feml Aai
aith elm. health; good health; healthy
aklu noun back side (in physical terms)
al rel. out; outside
al elm. outgoing; external; projecting externally; depart; exit; export
āl elm. sub conscious meditation; fugue meditation; reverie
aloa elm.CMP meal (also atenloa in more formal contexts)
alue elm.CMP bridge, connector (for crossing or gaining access to another location); connector, adaptor (for different cabling systems, etc.)
aluekeng elm.CMP isthmus; land bridge
aluenoklo elm.CMP foot bridge (not set up for traffic by vehicles)
alueseth elm.CMP bridge (for walking across); tressel (for a train, etc.)
āluo’a elm.CMP Xi’an “opera,” a type of song or vocal performance in which the singer skillfully adjusts their own metabolism to create the illusion of time manipulation
alye’lye elm.CMP arrow; spear
ān pn.SRV we (exclusive)
an” vcp. conditonal an’lai (often followed by .ath’a)
an” elm. inevitability
ane’a noun left side (in physical terms)
ang nlz. (noun phrase clause head)
a•o elm. company; corporation; corporate; business entity
a•oō’nu elm.CMP umbrella corporation; “Aggregate”
ari’akyu’ā elm.CMP windward side
aryā’’an elm.CMP Signature (of a ship, etc.)
aryā’su elm.CMP flavor or smell (of food, etc.); trace (of something no longer present)
asang noun front side (in physical terms)
ataie’nu; ataye’nu; taye’nu elm.CMP Sub-Component
ateyā elm.CMP the thing preferred; the preference; what ‘I’ want.
athlalsēngnya; sēngnya elm.CMP Personal Armor
auingtyikyu; tyikyu elm.CMP Airlock
ch.iing elm. salt
ch.ūl elm. dry crisp; crispy like a leaf (considered a favorable texture)
athlalsēngsan; sēngsan elm.CMP Ship Armor
cha v.FAM cause/produce/effect
chā’e elm. eye; vision; look at; regard; spy
chai elm. technology;
chai elm. informatics; technology; engineering; hyper-complex tool
chai.t’ao’ru elm.CMP grav-lev technology
chai’t.os’ēng elm.CMP Shield Generator
chailaXa elm.CMP Jump Drive
chaileth’uiiyōn elm.CMP Quantum Drive
chainunya elm.CMP robot; (speficially an android)
chao elm. organization (for societal good)
che’a num. million 1,000,000
che’aile’a num. 6,000,000
che’aile’a u le’a num. 6,000,006
che’’ē elm.CMP society; societal (chen nya xē”)
chen elm. life and its associated experiences; live (one’s life)
chi vcp. (temporal inflective) chil
chi elm. now (in juxtaposition to the immediate past)
chi’a v.LAUD equate
chi’li n. peppers (specifically capiscum and similar noted for their spicy seeds)
chi’li.m’a’kr.ōng elm.CMP “demon” pepper – a hybrid of the notorious Terran ghost jolokia intensified 7-fold by Xi’an herbo-cuisinologists.
chi’sa elm. facet; aspect; attribute
Chii line Chii
chii’hua elm. zesty; spicy; burning (considered a favorable flavor)
chii’konglo elm.CMP crawling insect; centipede, etc.
chii’ngeasui elm.CMP pickled larvae (pickled dish prepared from larve of chiinu’a that have eaten their fill of decaying meat)
chii’syu elm.CMP flying insect
chii” elm. bug; insectoid
chiin elm. round; circular; oval’i elm. salty; saliva-inducing (considered a favorable flavor)
chiinu’a elm.CMP corpse bug (bug that produces very fat larvae that eats decaying meat)
chik’chak elm. wet crisp; crispy like a pickle (considered a favorable texture)
ching elm. true; truth
chith elm. fungus, mushroom; toadstool
chithpun elm.CMP yeast
chō’a elm. thanks; appreciation; gratitude
cho’ro slng.GEN we inclusive (dual (pejorative)) slang (I + you)
chong pn.PEJ I (note: only in specific cases)
chu’a v.FAM be of a class
chu’ro slng.GEN we inclusive (plural (pejorative)) slang (we (exclu.) + you)
chuai elm. rock; stone
chuai’l.ongx’ā’ye elm.CMP lava rock (cooled and solid)
chuai’rathyeng elm.CMP meteor; shooting star
chuaihyao elm.CMP asteroid
chuaixyihyao elm.CMP meteorite
chuaiyeng elm.CMP lava; magma (while still hot)
chuao elm. give (sense of “a gift”; something beneficial; donattion; grant)
chue pn.PEJ we (note: only in specific cases)
chui elm. water; liquid
chui.y’o elm.CMP blood; plasma (of fauna)
chui.y’o’sui elm.CMP “shrub sanglant” a.k.a. “sour blood” (vinegar mixed with fermented blood; used as an apertif and palate cleanser)
chui’.ā’e’nu elm.CMP stream; creek; brook (tributary in the context of a major river)
chui’.ā’e’nulath elm.CMP gully; gulch; arroyo
chui’.ā’ō’nu elm.CMP river (major (cf: Colorado/Mississippi))
chui’.uait’yon elm.CMP tide
chui’ā elm.CMP flowing water (generic term for river)
chui’ār.ath elm.CMP waterfall
chui’ās.oa elm.CMP current
chui’r.ath’e’nu elm.CMP drizzle; light rain
chui’r.athh’ā’a elm.CMP flood (caused by weather)
chui’r.athh’ā’aleth elm.CMP flash flood
chui’’o elm.CMP freezing rain
chuihā’a elm.CMP flood (not caused naturally (as in “flood the chamber” intentionally))
chuihai’pe elm.CMP “tea” as a beverage (made from hai’pe needles)
chuikyu’ām elm.CMP condensation; water vapor; dew
chuipuāng elm.CMP ocean; sea
chuipuinuam elm.CMP groundwater
chuipuong elm.CMP saliva
chuiso’i.r’o’ang elm.CMP soy sauce (literally: “red-brown soy liquid”) as it was originally named by the Xi’an when borrored. The more epicurian crowd calls it xyo’yu.
chuitung elm.CMP drinking water (enhanced with minerals and microorganisms for health and flavor)
chuiyo.y’o elm.CMP clean; potable; purified; sterilized water (literally: “dead water” or “water lacking life”)
chuo elm. status; conditon
chuokyukeng elm.CMP climate
chy.a elm. change, modify, manipulate, alter
chy.ak’a’xyo elm.CMP migration; (also ‘move away’ (of people))’eth elm.CMP terraforming (o’eth = to terraform)
Chy.ōn.uā name step-mother (mother’s spouse who does not parent you directly)
Chy.ōny.ū name step-father (mother’s spouse who does not parent you directly)
Chya’na name “Mommy” (pre-Service)
chye’o elm. large city; metropolis
chye’ol’e elm.CMP main city; primary city of importance for a region
chye’ol’etao” elm.CMP Capital City; seat of government
chyi elm. “parent” (member of a mother’s pyā’hai); nurture
Chyi’n.ā name “Mom” (post-Service)
Chyi’y.ū name “Dad” (post-Service)
Chyu’i name “Daddy” (pre-Service)
e v.NEU eminate/reflect
e v.FAM eminate/reflect
e rel. of
e (e’.ā) yo” idm. stay alive; survive; live (especially of the elderly)
e huang (yo X)/(ang X) idm. important that
e lathkyu idm. cured; air cured
e ngiing (yo X)/(ang X) idm. doubtful that
e ngimyā (yo X)/(ang X) idm. imperative that/a must that
e ngisū (yo X)/(ang X) idm. certain that
e ngisya (yo X)/(ang X) idm. necessary that
e ngumthle’a idm. well-colonized (positive attribute of food that has been aged or fermented especially well)
e ngye’a (yo X)/(ang X) idm. likely that
e nya’to idm. “artificial”; Xy’an-made; not a pure product of nature
e pyan .u po _____ idm. intuit that X; sense that X
e syengum idm. ripe
e ta’kya idm. be drunk; be high; be wasted
e thle’a idm. be proper; be correct;
e ya’ue (yo X)/(ang X) idm. possible that
e yal idm. be conscious; have consciousness
e yo hyē idm. be simple
e yo to’ath idm. lack a talent for X
e yo tūn idm. simpleminded; be dumb
e yo yal idm. lack consciousness
e yongum idm. unripe
e.ny’ii elm. biological sibling (younger)
e’a vcp. (predictable (“likely”)) e’al
e’a elm. likely; predictable but not assured
e’e (pred.) .u _____ (subj.) idm. resemblance; X resembles Y in Z
E’n.ā name Little Sis (endearment term from older sibling to younger sister as an adult)
E’na name Lil’ Sis (enderment term from older sister or brother to younger sister)
e’nu elm. minor; lesser; smaller; enclosed; inferior; encompassed
ē’pua(s) n. cheese (borrowed from the French «Époisses», but in Xi’an refers to all varieties of what Humans call “cheese”)
e’so col. transparent; clear
E’ui name Lil’ Bro (endearent term from older sister or brother to younger brother)
e’xyoa? con.CAS “How are you? (feeling)”
E’y.ū name Little Brother (endearment term from older sibling to youger brother as an adult)
en elm. pyā’hai sibling (younger)
gu pn.SRV It (inanimate)
gun pn.SRV they (inanimate)
h.ān elm. internal turmoil; being conflicted
h.eng elm. broken; break; flaw; inconsistency
h.ey’an elm. patience; waiting patiently’e elm. circumference; measurement around a sphere or circle’eō’nu elm.CMP equator
h.o’a elm. sound
h.oa elm. variation, irregularity, exception, unusual
h.uet’eth col. aurulent
h.uis’eyo” elm.CMP Life Support
h.uiy’ole” elm.CMP metabolism
h.ūn elm. labor; work (manual work)
h’ā elm. punch; hit; strike
h’āha” elm.CMP pummel; batter; bash
hā’a elm. excess; over; excessive; exceed
ha’ha vcp. [moderate emphatic]
hā’hi elm. numbing; tingling (considered a favorable flavor)
ha’nue elm. excited; engaged; turned on; enthusiastic
ha” vcp. [strong emphatic]
hai elm. confidant; buddy; friendship with trust
hai’pe n. A Xi’an plant similar to Terran tea, but loaded with beneficial bacteria. Instead of the leaves of a bush, it’s the leaves of a tropical pine tree.
han elm map; draw (an image of something); illustrate an (idea)
hankeng elm.CMP a map (of territory)
hanxiin(uo’a) elm.CMP written instructions or directions
hao v.LAUD be of a class
he’.u’i rel. on top of; on (touching)
he’a elm. sensation; physical feeling; ability to feel
he’o elm. dedicaiton; commmitment; commit to
he’u rel. above
hela.t’or n. freezer (for food (borrowed from Spanish «(con)gelador»))
hi’ch.oy’othle’a elm.CMP Healthpak
hi’cho elm. kit; set of tools; gear
hi’chōklo elm.CMP Landing Gear
hi’ho elm. infant cousin (neice or nephew) “any baby to whom one is related”
hii elm. younger juvenile cousin of a juvenile
Hiin line Hiin
ho elm. quiet; silent; secret; hidden
ho’a rel. right of; on the right of; toward the right
hon vcp. [tendential (“tendency”)]; X tends to do/be Y
hoth elm. read
hu num. zero 0
hū’hu tā’ta elm. so so; mediocre; not good and not bad
huā elm. most; (superlative)
hua’ua elm. humor; joke; funny
hual elm. any; whichever; whatever
huang elm. important; importance; matter; import
hue rel. between (2); among (many)
huen elm. split; share; divide
hui elm. system; organized set; layout
hui’a elm. contemplate; conscious meditation; iterative thought
huiāl elm.CMP explore through meditative contemplation
huing elm wave; pulse
huing’puay’a elm.CMP heat wave
huingchuikr.ūth elm.CMP tsunami
huingchuokyu elm.CMP front
huinge’nu elm.CMP ripple
huiso’a elm.CMP musculature
huisuhyoton elm.CMP Starmap
huitā elm.CMP neighborhood
huitia elm.CMP mathematics
huityi se lye’hung elm.CMP Missile Rack
huityi se lye’p.ānp’uāng elm.CMP Torpedo Rack
huityi se lye’ri elm.CMP Rocket Rack
huityunguo’a elm.CMP grammar (of a language)
huiu’oa; huichaiu’oa; chaiu’oa elm.CMP Comms
hung elm. older; senior; sr.; high in status; high-grade
huo elm. hearing; audio input
hyan elm. each; every
hyao elm. sky; space (outer space); the area between planets.
hyaok’ya elm.CMP Dogfight (in space )
hyaokyu elm.CMP sky (daytime) on a world with an atmosphere
hyaokyu’ām elm.CMP overcast or cloudy sky
hyaokyue’so elm.CMP clear sky
hyaotan elm.CMP outer space; (“the black sky”)
hyath elm. military
hyē elm. complexity
Hyen” line Hyén
hyi elm. prestige; fame
hyo elm. sphere; spherical; orb; ball
hyo’ii elm.CMP pollen; spore
hyoii elm.CMP sun
hyopā’an; hyo’pān elm.CMP Grenade
hyopyen elm.CMP ammunition; bullets; ammo (hyopy.enr’o)
hyopyen; hyopy.enr’o elm.CMP Ammo
hyothen elm.CMP eyeball
hyotonxyiing; hyoton elm.CMP Star
Hyū’mân elm. Human
hyūn elm. part; role; function
i” elm. touch; contact with X
ia elm. “epic” (holy, in the sense of ‘beyond belief’)
ii elm. light; brightness; shine
ii’a elm.CMP plant (generic term for plant); flora (juxtaposed to fauna)
ii’axye elm.CMP bulb
ii’ken elm.CMP long vegetable that grows on vines and is popular as a pickle
ii’lio elm.CMP moss; lichen
ii’puongchiin elm.CMP astringent fruit (berry-like fruit that greatly increases tannin levels in dishes)
ii’sauo elm.CMP tree or very large bush
ii’sauo elm.CMP tree
ii’ten elm.CMP vegetable; fruit; edible leaves; etc.
ii’tenkuam elm.CMP fruit (also simply ii’kuam (can be used for human ‘dessert’))
ii’tung elm.CMP plant; bush; groundcover
ii”. nlz.CLTC [vegitation; plant; tree; moss; lichen, etc.]
ii”puith” elm.CMP itchy plant (nettle-like plant used to create seasoning that causes itching sensation)
iikyu elm.CMP aurora
iikyuxuith elm.CMP polar aurora
ii’pun elm.CMP grass
IIth PN.feml Iith
iixue’aye elm.CMP new light of the day (sunrise)
iiyonai elm.CMP Flare
in.che’ra n. “bread” (borrowed from the Ethiopic «injera»)
ing vcp. [dubiative (“dout”)]
ing elm. doubt
Jh’an elm.SRV Xi’an
k.ay’o deix. there (near you the listener or where we both can see IÕm indicating)
k.ē elm. fold; bend; crease
k.ēk’eng elm.CMP valley
k.eng’a’chui elm.CMP island (in a large body of water)
k.eng’ii’pun elm.CMP meadow’ao elm. promise; assure
k.eth elm. weapon; simple weapon (as a knife; club; (with no moving parts))
k.ethxy’iing elm.CMP Melee
k.ik’a elm. surprise (happy; positive)
k.o’a elm. wall; vertical surface used for building or environmental separation
k.o’ahe’u elm.CMP ceiling (of a room)
k.o’ahe’uten elm.CMP growth ceiling (special grooved surface innoculated with healthy/flavorful yeast, bacteria, and other microorgamisms to promote fermentation)
k.o’aten elm.CMP growth wall (special grooved surface innoculated with healthy/flavorful yeast, bacteria, and other microorgamisms to promote fermentation)’o PN.feml Komó num. five 5
k.ūng elm. overwhelm; overwhelming
k.uot’aouin elm.CMP Cooler
k.uoy’o’thli elm.CMP Battery
k.ur’a elm. excitement; intense physical or mental joy; exciting
k.yāi elm. genuine fear; being frightened; afraid; fright (internal sense)
k.yāo elm. danger
k.yeth elm. caution
k’ya elm. fighting; fight; battle
k’yah’āno elm.CMP “fist fight”
k’yano (e sol k.eth) elm.CMP Martial Arts
ka rel. in; at; on
ka“ho’a elm.CMP starbord/right side (of a ship)
ka“ne’a elm.CMP port/left side (of a ship)
ka’hual elm.CMP anywhere
ka’i.y’a deix. yonder (far away from both of us, but at a perceptible distance)
ka’loa elm.CMP dining area
ka’loatō elm.CMP restaurant
ka’lye elm.CMP goal; destination; target
ka’m.e’a elm.CMP elevation; a high point; lookout over lower territory
ka’o.u’a deix. beyond (so far away that we cannot see or easily reach that place)
ka’t.op’ui’a elm.CMP flower/botanical garden
ka’t.ot’enxyo elm.CMP garden (non-commercial vegetable patch, etc.)
ka’uōng elm. toilette room; place to relieve onself
ka’Xa elm.CMP Interspace
ka’xuel elm.CMP cave; cavern
ka’xy.oa Q. where?
ka’yāng elm.CMP Bunk (bed or other specifically designated area when one is assigned to sleep)
ka” elm. place; location
ka”ii’a elm.CMP farm for crops
ka”ma’a elm.CMP animal farm
kāi elm. maintain; maintenance; repair
ka’klu elm.CMP Aft (of a ship)
kal’tu n. dire fly (a deadly flying insectoid)
ka’nāl; kahyonāl elm.CMP Cockpit
kao” deix. here (near me the speaker)
kar’tu n. dire fly (variant pronunciation of kal’tu)
ka’san elm.CMP Cabin (as in a general room on a ship)
ka’sang elm.CMP Fore (of a ship)
kē’hith elm. obliterate / obliteration; extinct / extinction; annihilation; sterilize (of contamination)
ke’u elm. size
kea elm. independent; unfettered; lone; solitary, alone (but not lonely)
ken elm. long (of a physical thing); tall (of a person or animal)
keng elm. land; ground; territory (not a body of water)’o elm.CMP arctic regions
keng’.au’o elm.CMP ice fields; frozen (waste)lands; frozen tundra
keng’.um’a elm.CMP bog; swamp; fen
keng’.un’ii elm.CMP forest
keng’hoa elm.CMP uneven/rough terrain
kengchuiha’a elm.CMP floodplain
kenglath elm.CMP desert (a particularly dry territory)
kengli’o elm.CMP plain; savanna
kengli’olath elm.CMP tundra (dry); steppe
kengli’om.e’a elm.CMP plateau; mesa
kengmuiima elm.CMP nature preserve (as in ‘national park’)
kengmuima elm.CMP pasture (for grazing); paddock
kengp.uay’a elm.CMP tropics
kengten elm.CMP field (for the cultivation of crops)
kengunii’.um’a elm.CMP jungle; rainforest
kengye’u elm.CMP basin
kengyeng elm.CMP desert (metaphorical “burning land”)
ki.s’a elm. ammoniac; chemical; bitter (considered a favorable flavor)
ki’a vcp. [abstractive; metaphorical mood] ki’al
ki’m.ethl’e elm.CMP headache
ki’meth elm. pain; physical suffering
ki” elm. attach; hook up; hook into; plug in
kii’uo elm. intoxicating; aluring; draw; charm; seduction
kiil col. cerulean
Kl.ō line Kloh
kl.u’i rel. touching or attached or riding on the back of
kl.u’o elm.CMP previous (in sequence) klu + o”
Kli’thla PN.male Klithla
klo elm. ground; surface of a planet; touching down
klom.e’a elm.CMP tree crab (from klon + m.e’a) (a food animal that lives in trees)
klon elm. spider-crab (general term for all species of insects and crustacean with spider/crab shaped bodies)
klu rel. behind
ko vcp. [preistantiative (“already”] kol (“not yet”)
ko’i rel. into (sense of dividing)
ko’t.a elm. question; inqiry; inquisitive
ko” elm. distance
koa elm. race
kōl elm. positivity; approval; satisfaction
kon elm. get; acquire; obtain; buy
kong elm. walk; go on foot
kongleth elm.CMP run; hurry; dash
konglo elm.CMP crawl (of bipedal infants or insects, etc. (from kong+klo))
Kr.ē line Kray
kr.ōng elm. vile; disgusting; grotesque; abhorent; barbaric; degenerate
Kr.ū PN.male Krew
kr.ūth elm. death; dead; die; perish
kra’pāng elm.CMP extatic; bliss; exultant
kran elm. work (non-laborious); mental focus and effort; contribution to society
kren elm. enough; suffice; sufficient
kri elm. sense of one’s genuine feelings juxtaposed against what society might consider proper and polite
kro elm. contamination; pollutant
krokyu elm.CMP air pollution
ku pn.NEU It (inanimate)
num. ten thousand 10,000
ku’ngo elm. firm; needs to be cut into small pieces to eat; like cooked vegetables (considered a favorable texture)
ku’ya elm. rude; impolite
kua elm. feeling (opinon; non-religious belief based on experience)
kuai vcp. [passive/ergative]
kuai.x’uā’cha idm. burnt; charred; food that’s been exposed to high temperatures; “cooked” based on the sensibilities of most Humans. (considered an undesirable food quality)
kuair elm. class of light (space) fighter; also scalpel; blade (for surgery) alt: QHIRE (marketing spelling)
kuām rel. beyond
kuāo elm. ancient word for a defunct Xi’an currency; slang for money; “dough, bills, etc.”; idiom e yo kuāo y.ui ____ “don’t have it in one to do something about ________”
kuaxue’a elm.CMP neophyte; inexperienced; novice (nyakuaxue’a)
kue” elm. force; thrust; push
kuen elm. money; currency; credit(s)
kui elm. amount
kui’xy.oa Q how much (volume)?
kuihual elm.CMP any amount; however much
kuing elm. practice; exercise
kuinghankeng elm.CMP the practice of cartography
kum pn.NEU they (inanimate)
kuo. nlz.CLTC [complex tool for X]
kuo’p.ānh’o elm.CMP Mine
kuo’p.ap’a elm.CMP Repeater
kuo’t.oku’e; k.uok’ue elm.CMP Engine
kuo’t.or’u elm.CMP Gravity Generator
kuo’t.othl’i elm.CMP Power Plant
kuo’to.t’uing elm.CMP cooler (smaler scale device) (used to cool food to cave-like temperatures)
kuo’yan elm.CMP Up Escalator (for signage)
kuōa elm.CMP Computer
kuōanāl elm.CMP Avionics
kuochā’eoa; kuochā’e elm.CMP Display
kuohe’.uhy’aokyu elm.CMP Satellite
kuolaXa elm.CMP Jump Module
kuom’pon n. food ape (orangutan-like creature raised for meat)
kuongyaiya elm.CMP Radar
kuo’rath elm.CMP Down Escalator (for signage)’ue; kuosu elm.CMP Thruster
kuotaisan; taisan; atai elm.CMP Component
Kuoth line Quoth
kuotyisāo elm.CMP Escape Pod
kuoxuan elm.CMP complex game; video game console; jet ski, etc. for entertainment
kuoyanō elm.CMP Scanner
kuth col. xanthic
kuam elm sweet (sweet-tasting for the Xi’an pallet (be careful)); sugar-sweet; not properly fermented or decayed
kye elm. letter; character; glyph; symbol
Kye’na name “Daughter” (endearment term for non-biological daughter)
kye’nua elm.CMP pyā’hai daughter
kyen’yu elm.CMP pyā’hai son
Kyen’yu name “Son” (endearment term for non-biological son)
kyen” elm. non-biological child within a pyā’hai (kye’nua (d.), kyen’yu)
kyengchui elm.CMP evaporation (of liquids); transformation of liquids into their gaseous states
kyeng elm. evaporation; dissolve; vanish; disappear
kyengii elm.CMP sunset
kyexiin elm.CMP script; alphabetic letter
kyi elm. breath; breathing; respiraiton; sigh
kyi’yāngp.uāng elm.CMP snoring; making breathing noises while asleep
kyo elm. department; group; section; troup
kyōhuitō elm.CMP department/division/office of operational affairs (lit. kyo o hui tō)
kyu elm. air (to breathe); gas
kyu(loa); kyuteth (planetary) elm.CMP Atmosphere
kyu’.um’a elm.CMP humidity (in the sense of mugginess)
kyu’ā’e’nu elm.CMP breeze
kyu’ām elm.CMP fog; mist
kyu’ām.e’a elm.CMP high-altitude wind
kyu’kū’o elm.CMP ice storm
kyu’kū’opun elm.CMP blizzard
kyu’kūng.yu’ā elm.CMP windstorm
kyu’kūngchuaipun elm.CMP dust storm; sand storm
kyuk’ya elm.CMP Dogfight (in a planetary atmosphere)
kyul elm. bird; (especially feathered) animal that flies
kyul.t’e’ka elm. sticky bird (delicacy prepared from the aged meat of kyulkuam bird that has gorged on fruit and died afterbeing stuck on sap for several days)
kyulkuam elm.CMP fruit bird (type of fruit-eating bird used in kyul.t’e’ka)
kyun num. ten 10
kyuni’ num. thirty 30…
kyunisyen num. twenty 20
kyuyoaith elm.CMP smog; unhealthy air; unbreathable air
kyuyoe’so elm.CMP haze PN.male Lao
l.oa’alsāo elm.CMP Emergency/Escape Exit
l.e’a elm. arm; tentacle; wing of a bird
l.ea elm. feeling (emotional status)
l.ō v.REV be of a class
l.o’a num. nine 9
l.oa elm. Door/Portal/Window
l.oa’al elm.CMP Exit (as in physical exit)
l.oach’ā’e elm.CMP Window (if it needs to be referred to formally or specifically)
l.oal’aōng elm.CMP Automatic Door
l.oau’ing elm.CMP Entrance (as in physical entrance)
l.uotht’ang elm.CMP hillside; slope
L’ai elm.CMP “Boy”/Grand-son (endearment term from grandmother to child or adult)
la elm. open
elm. art
la.thl’e’a elm.CMP dry; like salted & cured meat (considered a favorable texture)
La’na elm.CMP “Girl”/Grand-daughter (endearment term from grandmother to child or adult)
la’nua elm.CMP grand-daughter
lain elm. cone; conical
lainchuiyuao elm.CMP water spout
lainpunyuao elm.CMP dust devil
lang’yōn elm.CMP quasi-grand-child
lang’yōnua elm.CMP quasi-grand-daughter
lang’yōnyu elm.CMP quasi-grand-son
lang’yu elm.CMP grand-son
lang” elm. grand-child
lath elm. dry; dessicated
lāuo’a elm.CMP song
pn.NEU you
le’.au’o elm.CMP ice cap
le’a num. six 6
le” elm. head (of a body); center (of an activity); central
len elm. peace; peaceful; without issue; smooth
leth elm. speed; fast; quickly
leth’uii elm.CMP Lightspeed
li’chen elm.CMP “one’s life” – the course of life that a person lives including experiences
lio elm. soft or silky (to the touch), not rough or bristly; smooth (of solid objects)
li’o elm. flat; low to the ground
li” elm. one’s path in life; the course of one’s life
lo v.NEU be of a class
lo’e rel. in; into (sense of putting inside or entering)
loa elm. eat; drink; consume; swallow
long elm. melt; unfreeze
lū’.i’a elm. pray; prayer; entreatment to the supernatural
thaxiin elm.CMP sign; signboard (non-electronic) with written guidance
lu” elm. town; medium-sized city
lua pn.REV It (inanimate)
luai elm. alien; foreign; strange
luam pn.REV they (inanimate)
lue elm. relate; relate to; be realated to; connect; relationship; connection
lui elm. knife; cut; slice
lui’tu elm.CMP Dagger
luiken elm.CMP Sword
lūl col. ianthine
lung elm. guess; estimate; approximate; roughly; more-or-less
luoth elm. slope; angle’o’rath elm.CMP avalanche
Lyā line Lyaa
lye rel. targeting; focusing on (from lye’lye)
lye’lye elm. direct; direcly; directness; n. “arrow” alyelye
lye’p.ānp’uāng elm.CMP Torpedoes
lye’pānhung; lye’hung elm.CMP Missiles
lye’pānri; lye’ri elm.CMP Rockets
lyii num. hundred 100
lyon elm. advice; counsel; recommendation (when asked); analysis
m.a pn.SRV he/she
m..aman” slng.SRV “crazy like a human” (positive connotation when having a good time) pn.SRV they
m.e’a elm. high (above ground); elevated; towering
m.oa elm. all, whole, entirety; complete
m.oat’en elm.CMP almost all; almost to the last
m.ue elm. method
m.ueh’ual elm.CMP any way
m.uexy.oa Q. how (which method)?
m.ūng elm. sadness; gloom; depression
ma. nlz.CLTC [animal; creature (incablabe of communication with people)]
ma’a elm.CMP animal (generic term); fauna (juxtaposed to flora)
ma’kr.ōng elm.CMP monster; “demon”
ma’ma slng.SRV “beast, monster” (a person behavng like an animal; out of her/his mind)
ma’nāng elm.CMP predator; carniverous animal
mā’nga elm. struggle; challenge
ma’tok.yāi n. tokyai. Arboreal apex predator native to and endangered on the Xi’an world Xi; now conserved and flourishing on Koli. Feeds on smaller herbivorous forest creatures.
ma’tu elm.CMP predator
ma’xy.un n. shoon. Xi’an domesticated yak-like beast valued for its silken fur.
makyul elm.CMP flying mammals, pteradons, etc.
mām elm. rich; hearty; full; robust
mam’pa n. fat bear (racoon-like animal harvested for its fat)
mang’huen elm.CMP serving ladels
mang’tām uoth’tōm idm. “Empty ‘bowl’, full belly” – traditonal phrase at the ending of a Xi’an meal to thank the cook or host.
mang” elm. plate; bowl; cup (the primary piece of Xi’an tableware)
maloa elm.CMP prey
mangel elm.CMP amphibian
maten elm.CMP meat; animal parts eaten as food; animal protein
maxyiing elm.CMP wild animal; beast; monster; monsterous
mē’o n. mayo; mayonnaise (borrowed from English «mayo»)
men elm. juvenile cousin, niece or nephew (of an adult)
mi’n.iT’yūm elm.CMP a standard Human minute (lit. mi’nitâ se Hyū’mân – borrowed from UEE Standard)
mi’so n. miso (borrowed from Japanese «miso»)
mo vcp. [presumptive (“seeming”/“apparent”]
mo elm. appearance; seem; seems (VCP)
mo’u v.LAUD try/attempt (››› yo _____)
mu’.a’ōng elm.CMP indulgence; guilty pleasure
mu’a elm. pleasure; delight
mu’la n. round fruit that grows in marshland and is a source of food for the Ngii
mua elm. small town; village
muakahyao elm.CMP Space Station
mui elm. preserve; conserve; set aside; save (for later)
my.ū elm. aunt (mother’s older sister when elder)
n.āng elm. prowl; stalk; hunt
mya elm. clean; untained; cleanliness
myā vcp. [firm imperative] myāl
myii’sa elm. yawn; yawning; displaying exhaustion
myu elm. aunt (mother’s or grandmother’s older sister) elm. tint; color
n.eng elm.CMP visit; travel to’ē PN.feml Niley
v.FAM want/desire (››› yo _____)
na’to n. natto (borrowed from Japanese «natto» )
na” vcp. [interrogative]
nai elm. grasp; perception; understanding; having caught soemthing (said or presented visually))
nai’an rel. in exchange for
Nai’na name “Sweetie” (to a female from a male or female)
nai’yeth elm.CMP knowledge and understanding (knowing grasp)
naihuo elm.CMP having heard something; catching something by hearing it
nāl elm. piloting (in 3D space)
nāl elm. piloting; flying (in 3D space)
nān’yo n. lizard-class of reptiles
ne’a rel. left of; on the left of; toward the left
Nē” PN.feml Nay
Ng.ām PN.male Ngaam’ii elm.CMP leaf (of flora)
nga.u’ii’yēl elm.CMP noodle leaf (cultivated leaf that can easily be torn into strips. Used in traditional dish uea’yēl.)
ngā’l.o elm. honor; respect (external (between parties))
ngao elm. collect; absorb; internalize (information (in the sense of remembering what’s been learned))
manuiten elm.CMP livestock (fauna cultivated/farmed for the purpose of becoming food)
ngaochui elm.CMP root
ngea elm. preliminary; pre-; underdeveloped stage of growth
ngel elm. fish; animal that breathes water (via gills or other such organs)
ngel e lu’te idm. lutefisk (borrowed from Norwegian «lutefisk»)
ngeltui elm.CMP fermented fish (one of any variety of fish-based meals that have been fermented over months. Can have a wide variety of base flavors)
ngi elm. essence; core; central concept; constitution; crux
ngi. nlz.CLTC [“-ness”/“-ment”/“-cy”]; essence of X
ngi’kr.ōng elm.CMP depravity; wickedness
ngi’pi elm. itching; buzzing; pain (considered a favorable flavor)
ngi’yēl elm.CMP fibrous; stringy; like chewing on a leaf or eating coconut (considered a favorable texture)
ngia.u’o elm.CMP frozen; icy (considered an undesirable food quality)
ngii n. yengi. Xi’an domesticated pet that natively keeps vermin populations down. Nickname, yao’yao (based on the animal’s vocalizations)
ngilen elm.CMP peaceful; peace-centric; peace“loving”
nginguichui elm.CMP milky; creamy; like fresh animal milk (considered an undesirable food quality)
ngisath elm.CMP style; aesthetics; the way something is designed
ngiti elm.CMP useful; utilitarian; functional
ngiton elm.CMP full of nourishement; nourishing; energizing
ngitonten elm.CMP nutritious (specifically of food); also often simply ngiton.
ngi’’a elm.CMP freedom; the essense of being free, unfettered, unbound
ngixuthle’a elm.CMP dedication (to an effort or cause); effort
ngo elm. sweet, as in the sense of a gesture made by a child or a pet animal
ngua elm. sex; sexuality; sensual; physical pleaure from intimate contact
ngui elm. albumen; milk (of mammals); liquid protein
ngui (nguita’a) elm.CMP egg white
ngum elm. mold; rot
ngumpuāng elm.CMP earthy; moldy; pungent (considered a favorable flavor)
nguok n. eel whale (animal with high levels of urea that is farmed on most developed Xi’an worlds)
ngya vcp. [subjunctive (“if“)] ngyal (often followed by .ath’a)
ngya elm. ambiguity
ngyai elm. search (for something); seek out
ni elm. biological child (daughter (ni’nua) or son (ni’yu))
ni’nua elm.CMP biological daughter
ni’yu elm.CMP biological son
nii elm. just; only; limit
niichā’e elm.CMP horizon
ning rel. against; opposing (as in battle or negotiations)
no elm. hand
elm. detail; precision
no’a pn.NEU I
no’e elm. gender; sex; sexual differentiation
noklo elm.CMP foot; hoof
noth vcp. [reccomendational (“suggestion to do X” (to someone else) from noth, suggestion)]
nu elm. form; shape; in the form of; in the likeness of
pn.SRV I
nu’a elm. fresh dead meat ready for consumption
nu’a e nya’to idm. food that has been killed prematurely
nu’a.thl’e’a elm.CMP food that has died naturally
nu’axy.uai elm.CMP meat dishes composed of exotic ingredients
nua elm. female
nua.yii” elm. mother (clinical term)
nua.yii” elm.CMP biological mother, clinical term
Nua’n.ā name Mother (reverential)
Nua’n.ā name Mother – The polite & reverant word for another’s mother or one’s own
Nuana name Mom (post-Service)
Nuana name Mom – what adults call their mothers affectionately
nuang cnj. nui + ang (“in order to”)
nuate’.ah’a n. hot woman; babe; belle
Nuaxyii’ua PN.role Matriarch
nui rel. for; toward
nuika’lye cnj. in order that
nūn col. luteous’eyo” PN.role EMS
nya elm. person
nya. nlz.CLTC [person who does X; “-er”]” PN.role clergy
nya’h.ūn PN.role laborer
nyā’i elm.CMP spouse
nya’kr.ōng elm.CMP barbarian; degenrate; criminal guilty of unspeakable acts
nya’m.oa PN.role philosopher
nya’n.āngk’uāo PN.role pirate; robber (also n.āngk’uāo, o n.āngk’uāo: loot, pilfer)
nya’n.eng elm. visitor; guest
nya’nāng PN.role hunter
nya’p.ū PN.role politician
nya’p.ūh’uesao PN.role diplomat
nya’s.āth elm.CMP.for “your people” (contraction of nya se s.āth) FORMAL
nya’t.ōng PN.role caregiver
nya’t.ōng•’o PN.role supervisor; manager; director (of programs or processes)
nya’t.ōngn’ya PN.role supervisor; manager; director (of people)
nya’t.ōngya PN.role (legitimate professional certified) bodyguard
nya’t.ot’en PN.role farmer
nya’t.oy’an PN.role teacher
nya’tye elm.CMP thief; pirate
nya’xy.oa Q. who?
nya•” PN.role assistant
nya•oa PN.role programmer/computation engineer
nya•osen’p.u PN.role promoter (advertiser, marketer, etc.)
nya•oten PN.role cook
nya•otō PN.role financial person
nyaāluo’a PN.role Xi’an “opera” singer
nyachai PN.role technician
nyahai elm.CMP friend; trusted ally
nyahaipāng elm. trusted intimate parter; lover (haipāng colloqially)
nyahual elm.CMP anyone (any person)
nyahuitia PN.role mathematician
nyahyan elm.CMP everyone
nyāi’na elm.CMP wife
nyāi’ny.ū elm.CMP “Son in Law” of biological son
nyāi’nyaiyu elm.CMP “Son in Law” of biological daughter
nyāi’nyana elm.CMP “Daugher in Law” of biological daughter
nyāi’nyuna elm.CMP “Daugher in Law” of bioligical son
nyāi’yu elm.CMP husband
nyalā PN.role artist
nyalāuo’a PN.role singer
nyanāl PN.role pilot
nyapōnghyi PN.role augur (professional mating advisor)
nyarai PN.role hauler
nyasaotō PN.role business person
nyasath PN.role designer
nyasathtā PN.role architect
nyasēng PN.role police
nyaten’xyuai elm.CMP gourmand; cuisine consultant; menu consultant (for extravagant meals)
nyatiing PN.role doctor/medic (non-emergency)
nyatyung PN.role lawyer
nyaxiin PN.role writer
nyaxyiing elm.CMP wild person; barbarian; slang for ‘pirate’
nyaxyo PN.role home-keeper (staff member of an estate)
nyayā’suith PN.role terrorist; bully
nyayan PN.role student
nyayan’u.ii PN.role scientist
nyayan•uo’a PN.role linguist
Nyii’ni name Mommy (pre-Service)
Nyii’ni name Mommy – what small children call their mothers
nyo.āng” pn.REV we (exclusive)
nyo.uē” pn.REV We (inclusive)
yue’soryā elm.CMP savory bacteria (ultimately derived from yo”e’so + ryā, but phonologically distinct) (used to make savory seasoning for meals)
nyo.uēm” pn.REV.for “All of us” (FORMAL)
nyo’a pn.REV I
Nyū’nu name “Darling” (to a male from a female)
nyun elm. room; chamber
nyun’y.ānghy’i elm.CMP Officer/Dignitary’s Quarters
nyun’y.āngt’ung elm.CMP Crew Quarters
nyun’y.āngu’ao elm.CMP Captain’s Quarters
nyun’yāng elm.CMP Quarters (personal assigned living/sleeping cabin on a ship)
nyun’yanrath elm.CMP Elevator (signage word)
nyuntui elm.CMP fermentation chamber; food prep room; “kitchen” (area where food ferments or ages)
nyuntuing elm.CMP cooling closet (a room used to cool food to cave-like temperatures)
o v.NEU do
o lo’.ep’a elm.CMP Reload (as in a weapon)
o p.ān’al elm.CMP Eject
o ta’kya idm. get drunk; get high; get wasted
o ten idm. “cook”; cooking (via aging or fermentation, not by applied heat)
o tengea idm. pre-“cook”; maintain all of the elements of a Xi’an larder/pantry/fermentation cave
ō’nu elm. greater; larger; enclosing; superior; umbrella; encompasing
o’s.o’e elm.CMP engagement; interaction
o” elm. order; sequence (ordinal number marker, eg. y.ath’o = first)
oa elm. information
oe elm. close (as in close the door)
okuaichyo’a cnj. however; “that having been just said”
ōm elm. magnetism; magnet; magnetic; something magnetized
ōng elm. the self; reflexive
p.ān elm. explode; “boom”; “bang”
p.ān.ām elm.CMP thunder
p.ap’a elm. sameness
p.i’t’an n. Century Egg (borrowed from Mandarin «pídàn»)
p.oa’u pn. this (idea; situation, condition)
p.u elm. good
p.ū elm. politics; government (administrators)
p.uai num. three 3
p.uan’i rel. touching or attached to the underside of
p.uay’a elm. hot (of tempearature)
p.ue’o pn. that (idea; situation, condition)
p.ui’a pn. yon somewhat atypical idea; situation, condition
p.ūnt.a elm. alcoholic; warming (considered a favorable flavor)
p.uthl’e’a elm.CMP “good and proper” – beneficent
pa vcp. [perfective] pal
pa elm. completion’ elm.CMP (precisely the) same
pā’an elm. explode; “boom”; “bang”
pa” elm. same; repeat
pai’lio elm.CMP smooth bean (bean used in pai’paitui)
pai’paitui elm.CMP fermented bean and grain paste (traditional fermented gooey paste made from pai’lio bean or pai’pun grain or a combination of both)
pai’pun elm.CMP grain; grains (in the general sense) (grain used in pai’paitui)
pai” elm. “plant egg” (generic term for seeds; beans; peas; grains, etc. of flora)
pait’eng.h’e’a elm.CMP Xi’an peppercorn (creates a spice that causes tingly numbness in the mouth)
pān elm. mathematics; math
pāng elm. sexual activity
pārsa.n’ak n. “snack bar” See also sa.n’ak. (borrowed from English «snack bar»)
pe pn.PEJ It (inanimate)
pe’ath col. xanadu
pem pn.PEJ they (inamt.)
pen rel. after; following
peng num. thousand 1,000
pi’a elm. edge; border
pi’achui elm.CMP beach; shore; coast; water’s edge
pi’akeng elm.CMP border (between physical (land) territories)
pi’ar.ath elm.CMP cliff (as experienced from the upper edge or “drop off”)
pi’auamchuai elm.CMP a sandy beach
piith elm. line (of something); row; column of writing
ping elm. small; little; few
ping”xyang” n. refridgerator (borrowed from Mandarin «bīngxiāng»)
po nlz. [noun phrase clause head for “the case that”]
po elm. abstract; abstraction; idea or feeling of X
nlz. po contracted with o
pō’uai (.u) leth’uiiyōn elm.CMP Quantum Travel
po. nlz.CLTC [intangible thing or condition; abstract idea]
pō. nlz.CLTC [act of doing X]
po’.u’a pn. such an (“out there”) idea; situation, condition
Po’a line Póa
po’e nlz. po contracted with e
po’kr.ōng elm.CMP an arocity; heinous violation of moraility or the law (used to explain the concept of “sin” to The Xi’an)
po’lo nlz. po contracted with lo
pō’po elm.CMP intense activity; exertion; effort; going at it; intensity; fervor
pō’syu elm.CMP the act of flying in general; flight
pō’t.ōngp.ū elm.CMP compulsory service to the Empire
po’to nlz. po contracted with t.o
po’xy.oa Q. what (abstract) thing?
pohual elm.CMP anything (any idea; solution; strategy; etc.)
pohyan elm.CMP everything (of situations or abstractions)
pok’ya elm.CMP war
pōsanal; o sanal elm.CMP EVA
poxu elm.CMP effort; attempt; initiative
poyai elm.CMP the matter; the topic; the issue
puan rel. below; underneath
puāng elm. big; great; many
pui’a elm. flower (specifically the flowery parts of a flowering plant)
pui’achui elm.CMP lotus
pui’axye elm.CMP bud
Puii line Pwii
puin elm. source; origin
puinchui elm.CMP well; wellspring; spring; waterhole
puith” elm. itch; irritation; stinging sensation
pun elm. light; fluffy; ethereal; diaphanous; fine
pun’.au’o elm.CMP frost
punxā’ye elm.CMP coarse; overly sandy; doesn’t dissolve in the mouth (considered an undesirable food quality)
puo elm. criminal (convictable)
Puo-________ PN.role Convict employed in _________
puo’ya elm. surrender; giving up; yield; yielding
puong elm. mouth
puongpān elm.CMP delicous; tasty
puongtuāl elm.CMP sublimely delicious; exquisitely refined meal
puothao elm.CMP guilty in reality; truly culpable
pyā elm. close-knit group; bond; “family”; team or section in a work environment
pyā’h.ūn elm.CMP corporate organization term for group; section; team (manual labor focused context)
pyā’hai elm.CMP “family” — the Xi’an nuclear ‘bond-group’
pyā’kran elm.CMP corporate organization term for group; section; team (non-labor focused)
pyen elm. metal; metallic; ore
pyen’pyen elm.CMP metallic; mineral; iron (considered a favorable flavor)
pyi elm less
pyō elm. the last stage of life; extremely elderly; elm. year (Xi’an year)
r.aiHy’ūm elm.CMP Human year (unit of time) v.PEJ be of a class
r.ānu’in elm.CMP measure of temperature v.PEJ try/attempt (››› yo _____)
r.ath elm. descend; drop; fall; cascade
R.ēth PN.male Rayth
r.o pn.PEJ you pn.PEJ y’all
r.u elm. bad; improper; inferior
r.uang elm. pardon; forgiveness
r.uangō’l elm.CMP manners; politeness
r.uo v.PEJ do
r.ut’ang elm. strict; rigid; inflexible; harsh
ra elm. some; indefinite; non-specified
rai elm. haul; transport; carry (something)
rān elm. level; degree
rānchuikyu elm.CMP relative humidity (meteorological measurement)
rānke’u elm. the size of an item (like clothing)
rānke’u elm.CMP scale (as it relates to physical size)
reth v.PEJ eminate/reflect
ri elm. middle; in the middle; median in status; mid-grade
ri’.ah’a cnj. even though
ri’.at’ō elm.CMP negotiation; posture for leverage; (lit: “business face”)
ri’a rel. in the face of; facing; standing before X looking at it; dealing with X
ri’a elm. face; visage; countenance
rii v.PEJ cause/produce/effect
riing v.PEJ please
rin elm. disrupt; break; destabalize; disturb
ro’a v.PEJ equate
ro’ang col. titian
ro’hyoping elm.CMP Shotgun
ro’kya.thl’e’a elm.CMP Assault Rifle
ro’kyaxyiing elm.CMP Machine Gun
ro’no elm.CMP Pistol
ro’nonō (ro’nō) elm.CMP Sniper Rifle
ro’noy.ithly’ehung elm.CMP Missile Launcher
ro’noy.ithly’eri elm.CMP Rocket Launcher
ro’noyithhyo’pān elm.CMP Grenade Launcher
ro’p.uto’ath PN.role sharpshooter assassin
ro’t.os’ānka’Xa elm.CMP Disrupter Weapon
ro’thli elm.CMP Energy Weapon
ro’tik n. rotik (borrowed from Kalenjin «rotik»)
Ro’to PN.male Roto
ro’yith elm.CMP Ballistic (Weapon)
ro’yithhpyen elm.CMP Cannon
ro’yithleth elm.CMP Gatling
ro” elm. gun; (complex) weapon
rōm v.PEJ need (››› yo _____)
rōm’xy.uny.uo elm.CMP tough; difficult to chew (used only for the context of eating) (considered an undesirable food quality)
rōm’xyun.s’uā’moa elm.CMP stretchy; chewy; like bubblegum (used only for the context of eating) (considered an undesirable food quality)
ru elm. pull; attraction; gravity
ruxyiing elm.CMP Natural gravity (created by heavenly bodies)
Ru’a line Ruah
ru’t.ony’a elm.CMP Artificial Gravity
run elm. possession; possess; have
rung elm. tired; exhaustion
ruo rel. across; on the other side of something
ruōm elm.CMP magnetic pull
ruthliōm elm.CMP Electromagnetic
ryā elm. bright flavor; pungent smell
ryā’ra elm. savory; glutamates; umami (considered a favorable flavor)
ryāi elm. goop; gel; sticky
ryāi’xy.un elm.CMP cud (of an animal); slobber (when eating imprecisely)
ryāimam’pa elm.CMP Fat Bear Butter (aged fat of a mam’pa; used like butter)
ryāingea elm.CMP gelatinous; firm but with a bit of a give (considered a favorable texture)
ryāingum elm.CMP viscous (and tangy) mold gel (often used by the Xi’an as ‘sauce’ on their food)
ryāipuāng eim.CMP smooth; mushy; pudding-like (considered a favorable texture)
ryāitith elm.CMP fatty; greasy; coats the inside of one’s mouth (considered a favorable flavor)
ryāiuam elm.CMP mud (generic)
ryath v.PEJ want/desire (››› yo _____)
ryāthli elm.CMP Plasma
ryi elm. bed; cradle; basket; cocoon
s.ang’i rel. on the front of (touching or attached)
s.ang’o elm.CMP next (in sequence) sang + o”
s.āoth n. Egg Lizard (domestic reptile raised for its eggs and meat)
s.ap’ua elm. storm; disturbance
s.āth pn.REV y’all’a deix. those distant (after an indicated noun)
s.ey’ā col. vermillion
s.ey’o deix. those (near you) (after an indicated noun)
s.i elm. lesser animal, generic term for small insects, larvae, mites, etc.
s.ik’i elm.CMP parasite (non-microscopic)
s.o’e elm. reciprication; sharing; back and forth; mutual (se s.o’e = each other’)
s.oa elm. way; path; route; road
s.oach’ui elm.CMP canal; waterway; channel
s.oak’yu’ā elm.CMP jet stream
S.oam PN.male Soahm
s.ōng vcp. [permissive] (“allowed to”)
s.ōng elm. permission; right; empowerment; allowance
S.un’a name Big Sis (endearment term from younger sister to older sister)
S.un’ath PN.feml Sunáth
s.uny’ii elm. biological sibling (older)
s.yā v.REV need (››› yo _____)
s.ya’u deix. these (after an indicated noun)’a deix. those yonder (away from both of us) (after an indicated noun)
vcp. [potential] sāl
elm. potential; possibility
sa.n’ak n. “snack” (borrowed from English «snack»)
sa’a elm. friend; friendly
sa’na col. amaranthine
sa’uo elm. tall; big in stature; “gigantic”
sam elm. slow; slow; leisurely
san elm. ship; craft; vehicle; vessel (for transportation); car; truck
sān elm. end; ending; finish
san’hyao elm.CMP flying craft; space-faring vessel
san’kyu elm.CMP airplane; vehicle that flies in air (only)
sang rel. in front of
sank’ya elm.CMP Fighter ship
sanla; sanle’al elm.CMP Open Canopy ship
sanō’nu; sanō’nuhyath elm.CMP Capital ship
sanrai elm.CMP Cargo ship
sao elm. empire; kingdom
sāo elm. flee; escape; run from danger
sao’teth elm.CMP planetary empire
saotō elm.CMP related to the economy
sath elm. design
se rel. of (a plural entities)
sē’a pn.NEU y’all
Se’ang PN.male Séang
se’lan pn.NEU they
se’lanua pn.NEU they (female exclusive overt)
se’lanyu pn.NEU they (male exclusive overt)
se’u v.LAUD want/desire (››› yo _____)
se” elm. assist; help
sea elm. half (of a whole)
seahyo elm.CMP hemisphere
seahyothlal elm.CMP dome
sen rel. named/called
sen elm. name; be called
sēng elm. protect; defend; vouch for
sēnge’so elm.CMP Shields (force field around a spacecraft)
Senhyi PN.role “Prestigious Name” (cf: Lord, Lady, Sir)
senping elm.CMP affectionate name, nickname
senxiin elm.CMP signature; written seal
seth elm. cross; traverse
si v.FAM equate
si’’a’a elm.CMP Overheat
si’pe elm. hot
si’ping elm.CMP warm
siin elm. older juvenile cousin of a juvenile
siing elm. interrupt, intervene (in a situation); block (progress); break (in a flow)
siingk.engt’ang elm.CMP monumental mountain/range, etc. that must be circumnavigated or flown over
siingkeng elm.CMP geographic obstacle, impass
siingkeng’kē elm.CMP crevasse; abyss (impasasble (on foot) chasm, etc.)
so rel. with; accompanying
so’a elm. muscle; muscle tissue
So’lo name “My Elder” (respectful term of address for any adult to whom one is realted who is older than oneself)
so” elm. adult kin (older); cousin or uncle/“aunt” who is senior, older than oneself
soa elm. plan; planning; strategy
sol rel. without
Sol’na name “My Aunt” (respectful term of address for a female to whom one is realted who is older than oneself)
Sol’yu name “My Uncle” (respectful term of address for male to whom one is realted who is older than oneself)
su elm. guide; channel; funnel; direct (in a direction)
vcp. [securative (“sure that”)] sūl
elm. assurance; complete faith (non-religious)
S.ura’ line Surá
Su’lo name Big Bro (endearment term from younger to older brother)
Su’n.ā name Big Sister (endearment term from younger brother to older sister as an adult)
su’sa elm. hint of flavor; light aroma
Su’su name Big Sister (endearment term from younger brother to older sister)
suā rel. during (an event, etc.)
suā elm. amount of time
sua. nlz.CLTC [in a state of X]
suā’moa elm.CMP forever
sua’sa elm happy; joyful
suā’xy.oa Q. how long (of time)?
sua’yu pn.REV they (male)
suāhual elm.CMP any amount of time; however long (in terms of time)
suao v.LAUD eminate/reflect
suarungua elm.CMP estrus; fertile; fertility
suāye elm.CMP a day; a day’s worth of time (generic and context sensitive)
sue elm. conversation (tone is somewhat formal)
suen pn.REV they (female)
sueu’oa elm.CMP a talk; chit-chat; banter (informal)
sui elm. acid
sui’sui elm.CMP acidic; sharp; sour; tangy (considered a favorable flavor)
suiloa elm.CMP vinegar
suingui elm.CMP lactic acid
suiuōng elm.CMP uric acid
sun elm. pyā’hai sibling (older)
sunen elm.CMP all of one’s siblings in a pyā’hai (younger and older)
Sungā name Big Brother (endearment term from younger sister to older brother)
sya v.NEU need (››› yo _____)
Syang line Syang
syath elm. pressure, push, force (in the sense of intensity)
syathkyu elm.CMP air pressure
syathlyekyu’ā elm.CMP wind shear
sye elm. becoming; become; inception
syen num. two 2
syengum elm.CMP decompose; decompositon; rot; decay; putrify
syu elm. fly (general sense) through air or vacuum; travel by flying (not on the ground).
syuhyao elm.CMP fly in space; flight in the vacuum of space
syukyu elm.CMP fly through air; flight in an atmosphere PN.male Tai
t.āth pn.REV you
t.ē v.REV please
t.e’i elm. pride; self-assuredness (internal (private sense))
t.e’i’xān elm. emotionally bold; fully realized vis-à-vis personality
t.ea elm function; work; peform; behave (of machines)’o elm. enemy
t.ethl’etao” elm.CMP Capital Planet; seat of government
t.i elm. young; younger; jr.; lesser in status; low-grade
t.ii v.REV equate’a PN.feml Tilá
t.o v.NEU cause/produce/effect
t.ō v.REV cause/produce/effect
t.o yo idm. prevent
t.o’a elm.CMP manufacturing; producing (products; things)
t.o’a elm.CMP fabricate; manufacture, manufacturing
t.ōng elm. care; oversight
t.ot’en elm.CMP farming; agriculture (producing food)
t.u elm. kill; murder; snuff out; extinguish; turn off
t.ū’ong elm.CMP suicide; self-destruct
t.ū’ong’pān; t.ū’ong elm.CMP Self Destruct
t.uōn v.REV want/desire (››› yo _____) elm. steal; rob; hold up (in robbery); vandalize
t.yonk’ao elm.CMP arrive (here)
t’uoa col. sarcoline
elm. building; dwelling; habitable structure
ta’a elm.CMP egg (tangible, that can be laid and handled)
ta’atui elm.CMP fermented fertilized eggs; fermented balut (fertilized eggs that have been aged over a few months)
ta’ayo.t’a(tui) elm.CMP fermented unfertilized eggs (unfertilized eggs that have been aged over a few months)
ta’hyē elm.CMP hybrid
ta’kya elm. intoxicating; high (on some substance)
tā’t.ot’enii elm.CMP greenhouse (for growing plants for food)
ta’u elm. future; the future (also tao as a variant, especially in compounds)
ta” elm. seed; egg; genetic material
tāma’a elm.CMP barn; animal processing facility
tāmuii elm.CMP conservatory of plants; greenhouse
tai elm. element; part; piece
taichiin’nao elm.CMP rainbow
tailue elm.CMP connector; fastner
taipui’apun elm. petal
taipunl.e’a elm.CMP feather
taixauo’a elm.CMP a particle of speech (a prefix or suffix, etc.)
tām elm. empty; void of contents
tan col. onyx
tang’kea elm.CMP prominent hill or mountain (cf: Mt. Fuji, Uluru, Devil’s Tower)
tang’keng elm.CMP island (in a large body of water); isolated hill or mountain
tang’no elm.CMP finger; digit (of a hand or paw)
tang’nokeng elm.CMP peninsula (of land)
tang’puāng elm.CMP mountain
tang’puāngpuinchuaiyeng elm.CMP volcano (dormant or dead)
tang’puāngyeng elm.CMP volcano (active)
tang’uamchuai elm.CMP sand dune
tang’ue elm. ask (for); request; beseech
tang” elm. island; isolated segment (of something larger); bump arising from a surface
tang̦”e’nu elm.CMP hill; knoll; bute
tao elm. variant of ta’u (especially in compounds) the future; future; coming
tao’moa elm.CMP forever (into the future); evermore
Tao’nuasao PN. Empress
tao’ra elm.CMP “some day”; at some point in the future.
Tao’yusao PN. Emperor
tao” elm. rein; rule; control
taong elm. remove; subtract from
taoyo’a elm.CMP time; the abstract sense of time as a dimension
te v.NEU please
te v.FAM please
te sā con.CAS “Please.” (lit: “It would make me happy.”)
te’.ah’a elm.CMP tantalizing; sexy; “hot”
te’a elm. adult kin (younger); cousin who is jr., younger than oneself
te’an elm. skeleton; crust; remains (of something eaten or destroyed)
te’anchiin (te’anch.iing’a’chui) elm.CMP atoll
te’anhā elm.CMP crater; specifically the crater walls and rim
te’ka elm. sticky; wet and gooey (considered a favorable texture)
tē’kui elm. arrogance; haughtiness; false-pride; arrogant
te’o elm. find; locate; determined; identify
te’o.ka” elm.CMP locate; discover physically after a search
te’ping elm.CMP Dwarf Planet
te’te elm.CMP interest (in something)
te’xye elm.CMP Moon
t’ek slng.GEN See t’eng.
ten elm. food; edible; nourishment
ten’ā elm.CMP “leftovers”
ten’xyuai elm.CMP delicacy; delicacies; gourmet
ten” elm. almost; the great majority
tenchui elm.CMP soup; broth
teng elm. halt; stop (re: action or movement). Also t’ek (a slang term including sense of the speaker being annoyed).
teth elm. planet, world
teth elm.CMP Planet
teth’.au’o elm.CMP Ice Planet
tethmuiima elm.CMP nature preserve planet
tethngikyu elm.CMP Gas Planet
teyā elm.CMP prefer; preference
t’’ao elm.CMP electronic interface/keyboard (one touches to issue commands, etc)
tha elm plane; surface; board (of wood); fin (of an animal or craft)
tha’h.ūn elm.CMP workbench
thachā’e elm.CMP monitor/screen (typicaly for generic viewing of entertainment; etc.)
thai elm. ease; easy; simplicity; facile
thakōl con.FOR “I insist.”
thakran elm.CMP table or desk at which non-manual-labor work is done
thalā elm.CMP easel or digital tablet at which one produces art
thaloa elm table at which one eats
Thāng line Thaang
thao elm. reality; precise truth; essence
thaoa(chā’e) elm.CMP screen; computer screen; display that shows information
thasyu elm.CMP wing; wing of a flying vehicle such as a starship
thāth con.FOR “Please.” (entreatment)
thāth elm. entreatment; begging; supplication
thatua elm.CMP chair
thauil elm.CMP condiments platter (dish in center of table used to hold the many condiments used in Xi’an meals)
thaxyam elm.CMP access panel/removable wall
The’so PN.male Theso
then elm. eye; ocular
then.u’ā’uang elm.CMP sulfurous; eye-watering; eggy (considered a favorable flavor)
thing elm. orifice, specifically NOT the mouth; anus; operculum
thingchuaiyeng elm.CMP magma vent’a cnj. but nonetheless
Thl.oan PN.male Thloan
thla’nua pn.NEU she (overt (rare))
thlai n. fermentation vessel (container that can be sealed for long-term fermentation of food. Most important item in Xi’an kitchen)
thlaing elm. vicera (intestines, organs, etc. from the inside of the bodies of fauna); guts
thlaingtui elm.CMP fermented animal guts (entrails spiced and sealed in a jar for long-term fermenting)
thlal rel. covering; spread over; spread across; draped over’o elm.CMP ice sheet (covering a frozen body of water)
thlalta’a elm.CMP egg membrane; shell (of an egg specifically)
thlan pn.NEU he/she
thlan’yu pn.NEU he (overt (rare))
thlang elm. love; genuine affection (emotional) for people or creatures that can return it
thlao elm. teeth (generic)
thlao’xyun elm.CMP teeth for chewing; back teeth
thlaokyul elm.CMP beak
thlaolui elm.CMP sharp teeth
thle cnj. but
thle’a elm. propriety
thlēng elm. begin; start; emerge; beginning
thli elm. harnessed energy; electricity; burst of energy; power (for machines)
thlihyo elm.CMP ball lightening
thliin elm. specialized knowledge; (deep) expertise
thlikyu’ām elm.CMP sheet lightening (in or above clouds)
thlilye elm.CMP bolt lightning
thlo elm. reason; cause; genesis
Thlō line Thloh
thlo’xy.oa Q. why?
thlohual elm.CMP any reason
thlōm elm. clumsiness (opposite of to’ath)
thlūn elm. heart-soul; spirit; essence of a person (within the body and after death)
thlyiik n. stinging bug (tiny, bright red bugs that are ground up to make a stinging/buzzing seasoning)
thōa elm. decide; decision; make up one’s mind
thōapuo elm.CMP guilty (by opinon); convict (of a crime)
thōayopuo elm.CMP innocent (by opinon); find not guilty (of a crime)
thoth elm. irony; ironic
thyōng elm. sad
ti rel. with (in the sense of using a tool)
ti elm. use; make use of; utilize; using
tia elm. number; numeric value; numeric
tii v.NEU equate
tiing elm. medical science
tiith num. eight 8
tin’tang elm. difference; different
ting rel. than; compared to
ting elm. comparison; compare; relatively
tith elm. flesh (of an animal (generic term that can include layers of skin+fat+muscle tissue))
tith’.au’o elm.CMP frostbite
elm. business; trade; commerce
to’.e’i rel. stuck to the side of; huddling right next to
to’ath elm. élan (grace, professionalism, enthusiasm)
to’athlōm elm.CMP normal; average; median; mediocre (of something graded or scored)
to’e rel. beside
tōal elm.CMP trade out (sell) – what you give away when you trade
tōlo’e elm.CMP trade in (buy) – what you receive when you trade
tōm elm. full; replete
ton elm. fuel; energy; nourishment
tonleth’uiiyōn elm.CMP Quantum Fuel
tonten elm.CMP nutrients
tu’sem elm. fear (angst); worry; sense of uneasiness
tua elm. sit, be seated
tuai’su elm. sandy; crumbly; food that breaks apart like sand but dissolves in the mouth (considered a favorable texture)
tuāl elm. dance; fluid (senuous) movement
tue” vcp. [hortative (“let’s (do something)!”)
Tuēl line Twayl
tui elm ferment; fermentation; ripe; ripening
tui’lui elm.CMP sharp claw, talon
tui” elm. claw (of an animal); fingernail or toenail (of a person)
tuing elm. cold; frigid
tuingkyu’ā elm.CMP wind chill
tuiping elm.CMP cool
tuithlōm elm.CMP foul; incorrectly aged; incorrectly fermented; incorrectly pickled (considered an undesirable food quality)
tūn elm. intelligence; smart
tung elm. typical; normally ocurring; everyday (thing or situation); general; generic
tuo pn.PEJ he/she
tuom pn.PEJ they
tuon v.NEU want/desire (››› yo _____)
Ty.on line Tyon
tya elm. kind; type; version
tya e Yii’ua idm. House strain (a strain of yeast, bacteria, and other microorgamisms used to promote flavorful/healthy fermentation. Cultivated by Xi’an Houses over generations and closely-guarded)
tya’xy.oa Q. what kind?
tyahual elm.CMP any kind
tyao cnj. or
Tye’lo name “My Jr.” / “Cousin” (respectful term of address for any adult to whom one is realted who is younger than oneself)
Tyel’na name “My Jr.” / “Cousin” (respectful term of address for any female to whom one is realted who is younger than oneself)
Tyel’yu name “My Jr.” / “Cousin” (respectful term of address for any male to whom one is realted who is younger than oneself)
tyi elm. chamber; pocket; enclosing holder; sheath
tyichuipuāng elm.CMP lagoon (of sea water)
tyihyopyen elm.CMP Magazine
tyiloachui, tyichui elm.CMP drinking pouch; “canteen”
tyimuichui elm.CMP water tank; canteen (personal)
tyipuāngchui elm.CMP aquifer; natural resevoir (often underground)
tyipuāngmuichui elm.CMP resevoir (intentionally created)
tyiton elm.CMP Fuel Tank
tyo’ma elm. culture; unified system of value
tyon elm. come
tyonxy.a’u elm.CMP arrive (at a point in time), spend time up to a point
tyung elm. law; legality; rules
ū elm. lust; physical attraction; sexual arousal PN.male Wal elm. shock (rage; anger; negative)
U.e’o PN.feml Weó
u.ii elm. the unknown; lack of knowledge’a elm. release; letting go; being unfettered; free; unbound
u.m’athle’a elm.CMP moist; both wet and soft (considered a favorable texture)
u.o num. seven 7
u.on elm. responsibility; perseverance; seeing-it-through
u’ngu elm. mucilaginous; slimy; like natto or raw sliced okra (considered a favorable texture)
u’ua v.LAUD cause/produce/effect
u’nyaxyetao elm.CMP future generations (un nya xye ta’u (tao))
u’oalye elm.CMP address; give a speech to
u’oalyeyan elm.CMP lecture (in an academic setting)
u’to coj. to (in the pattern “go (.uai) to make X,” or “come (tyon) to make Y”) contraction of u (uth) + t.o
ua elm. peace; serenity; calmness; “inner peace”
uā’uang elm. whine; make a fuss over something
ua’yu pn.REV he
Uai’i line Wy’i
uai’sa elm. ready; readiness; prepared; set up; all set; standing by
uain n. “wine” (borrowed from English «wine»)
uam elm. soil; “earth” (the soil medium); dirt
uam’rath elm.CMP landslide
uamchuai elm.CMP sand; granular soil
uamchuaipuāng elm.CMP desert (sandy)
uamchui elm.CMP thin (very liquid) mud
uamm.e’aha” elm.CMP thick (very viscous) mud
uampun elm.CMP clay
uan elm. comfort; be comfortable
uang elm. wise (through experience and older age); naming infix for older relatives after yue
uangpyō elm.CMP “senior sage” also uangpyōhyi (prestigious senior sage)
uao elm. boss; chief; leader
uāo elm. cry; cry out; howl
ue rel. special version of e with multiple singular attributes
pn.SRV We (inclusive)
ue’a elm. describe; talk about; tell about; present
uea’xyuai elm.CMP vegetarian dishes composed of exotic ingredients
uea’yēl elm.CMP leaf noodle dish (traditional meal made from pickled strips of the nga.u’ii’yēl leaf)
uea” elm. prepared dish composed (primarily) of vegetables; vegetarian food; “salad”
uea”hai’pe(tui) elm.CMP (fermented) tea leaf dish (traditional dish used as appetizer or palate cleanser; Houses have very old, closely-guarded versions of this dish)
uen pn.REV she
ueng elm. hair; fur (of an animal or humanoid)
uengTuēl n. Xi’an “cashmere/silk” wool (in its freshly harvested raw form)
ueth nlz. [objective]
ueth elm. target; objective
ui’la col. umber
uil elm. spice; spices; flavor-adding substances; condiments (general term)
uil.’ii elm.CMP herb; herbs
uil’ki.s’a elm.CMP ammonia sauce (complex condiment that grants ammoniac flavor to food_
uilchui elm.CMP liquid aminos (savory liquid used to add flavor to food)
uilpyenpun elm.CMP powdered minerals (used for seasoning food)
uilyāi n. glop sauce (thick and slimy sauce that can be poured over food or used for dipping; Xi’an Houses have old, closely-guarded recipes)
uin’tung elm.CMP room temperature (30 C)
uin” elm. temperature
uing elm. incoming; internal; interior; arrive; enter; import
uingka’Xa; uingXa elm.CMP Jump Point
un elm. set; collection; series
unch.uaiy’o elm.CMP coral reef
unchui(e’nu) elm.CMP pool
unhankeng elm.CMP atlas
unk.eng’a’chui elm.CMP archipelago
unkengpuāng elm.CMP continent
unkyu’ām elm.CMP cloud; cloudy
unngaoii elm.CMP solar collector; solar panel; solar array
unxauo’.a’e’nu elm.CMP a phrase (a subset of a sentence (also unuo’.a’e’nu)
unxauo’a elm.CMP sentence (a string of words)
uo cnj. to (in the pattern “go (.uai) to do X,” or “come (tyon) to do Y”) contraction of u (uth) + o
uo’a elm. speech; talking; speak; talk say
Uo’al PN.male Wóal
uōching elm.CMP confess; tell the truth; admit (something)
uong elm. bits; particles; dust; fragments
uōng elm. urinate; deficate; spit; eject (liquid)
uongyonai elm.CMP Chaff
uoth” elm. stomach; belly; craw
uth (u) cnj. and
uth (u) elm. add
x.ū v.REV try/attempt (››› yo _____)
x.uith’ii’xye elm.CMP sprout; shoot
X’yan elm. Xi’an (formal abbreviation)
X’yan elm. Xi’an (official abbreviation used by the Xi’an)
Xa name nano-second
xa. nlz.CLTC [simple tool or biological organ for X]
xā’ye elm. rigid; firm; unbending; hard; crunchy (considered an undesirable food quality)
xān elm. confident; bold;
xauo’a elm.CMP word; discrete part of speech (divided by spaces (also taiuo’a in the technical sense))
xauo’alue elm.CMP relational particle or elemental used in this fashion (also taiuo’alue and taixauo’alue)
xaxuan elm.CMP toy (as children might play with); piece of sports equipment
xē’loa elm.CMP meal; dining experience
xe’ri elm. clever; smart; creative
xē’s.o’e elm.CMP collaboration; cooperation; cooperative; cooperate
xē’suelen con.FOR “Greetings” “How do you do”
xē’sueren con.SEMFOR “Greetings” “How do you do”
xe’thlūn elm. commune; connect deeply (emotionally)
xē” elm. meeting; coming together; joining
xēl elm. impress; impressive; amaze; amazing; (interjection: “Wow!” or “Whoa!”)
xēlxān elm.CMP shock; overwhelm
xi.’oka’ra n. shiokara (borrowed from Japanese «shiokara»)
Xi’an elm. Xi’an
xii rel. at a point in time (of the clock)
xii chj. when (point in time)
xii elm. a point or some points in time
xii’hyan elm.CMP always; consistently (from xii e hyan)
xii’ra elm.CMP sometime; sometimes (from xii e ra)
xii’xi elm.CMP often; a lot; all the time
xii’xy.oa Q. when (at what (point in) time?
xiihual elm.CMP whenever
xiin elm. writing; composing
xiin’t.osy’e’yan elm.CMP introduction
xiiyā elm.CMP again (adv.); o xiiya (repeat); o xiiyāxue’a (update)
xiiyāxue’a elm.CMP renewal; update
xo’ma elm. success; succeed; win (a competitino)
xo’xyo elm. similarity
xōm elm. bother; harass; antagonize; “troll”
xu v.NEU try/attempt (››› yo _____)
xua v.FAM need (››› yo _____)
xuā’cha elm. fire; burning; combustion
xuai elm. give (sense of hand over; deliver)
xuan elm. game; play; fun
xue’a elm. new; novel; innovation
xuel elm. a portion that is carved out; to carve; dig; a hole
xuel’hā elm.CMP crater; the area inside a crater
xuelch.ui’e’nu elm.CMP pond
xuelch.ui’ō’nu elm.CMP great lake
xuelchui elm.CMP lake; pond
xuelchuipuāng elm.CMP bay; gulf
xuelchuipuāng elm.CMP inland sea
xuelkengpuāng elm.CMP canyon
xuelpenchui elm.CMP erosion
xueltaong elm.CMP a mine
xueltaongpyen elm.CMP an ore mine; mine for (precious) metals
xui v.FAM try/attempt (››› yo _____)
xui’a elm. shake; tremble; vibrate
xui’ak.eng’e’nu elm.CMP minor earthquake; seismic tremors
xui’akeng elm.CMP earthquake; seismic activity; tremor
xui’akengpuāng elm.CMP major earthquake (of a disaster level)
xuith elm. axis; centerline
xuithe’nu elm.CMP branch
xuithō’nu elm.CMP trunk
xuithpui’a elm.CMP stem
xuo elm. period (of time); season
xuochui’rath elm.CMP monsoon; seasonal wind; tropical rainy season num. hundred thousand 100,000
xy.ams’a’uo elm.CMP cliff (as experienced from the bottom)
xy.ii’u(ang)/(pyō) elm.CMP great great great grandmother (mother’s lineage)
xy.iikua(p’yō) elm.CMP great great great great grandmother (mother’s lineage)
xy.iip’ua(ng) elm.CMP great great grandmother (mother’s lineage)
xy.iis’ye elm.CMP great grandmother (mother’s lineage)
xy.iiy’a elm.CMP grandmother (mother’s mother)
xy.ik elm. astringent; drying; tannic (considered a favorable flavor)
Xy.ō line Shoh
xy.oa Q.sffx which (what)?
xy.uai elm. special; rare; extraordinary; a treat
xy.un elm. chew; chewing (typically in a ‘munching’ or ‘crunching’ manner that makes noise); masticate; grind
Xyā’xya name “Granny”/“Nana” (endearment term used by children for any grand-mother)
xyam elm. barrier; wall; shield
xyang cnj. due to the matter of
xyao elm. mean; meaning; semantic; signify; significance
xye elm. child; immaturity
xyē’na elm. relax and have a good time; chill out; relaxation
xye’pi elm.CMP infant; baby; pre-toddler (of a stranger or any unrelated person)
xye’uai elm.CMP toddler; young child who has begun to walk
xyengea elm.CMP developing fetus (in an egg)
xyi rel. from; eminating from; starting with
xyiing elm. wild; raw; fresh; untamed; untameable; food that hasn’t been aged (considered an undesirable food quality)
xyo elm. home; residence
xyo.y’en elm.CMP rented/tempoary houseing; an apartment; a dormitory; etc.
xyo’yu n. soy sauce (borrowed from Japanese «shoyu») See also: so’ichui.r’o’ang
xyopuānghui elm. apartment complex
xyū v.LAUD do
xyun.xy’un idm. spongy; rubbery (considered an undesirable food quality)
y.a’u deix. this (after an indicated noun)
Y.ah’a PN.feml Yahá elm. rise/ascend/go up/lift
y.āng elm. sleep; rest; uncounscious
y.e cnj. while (durative)
y.e’a deix. yon (away from both of us) (after an indicated noun)
y.e’i elm. convex; bulge
y.e’i’uam elm.CMP mound (of soil)
y.ēl elm. fiber; fiberous; string; stringy; thread (of sewing) (considered a favorable texture)
y.i’i col. eburnian
y.iy’a elm. texture
y.iy’a’yuo elm.CMP too firm; can’t be cut without effort (considered an undesirable food quality)
y.iy’atin’tang elm.CMP multitextured; an agreeable mixture of textures elm. tunnel; hallway; passageway connecting rooms or caves; tubing
y.omt’on elm.CMP fuel line
y.omt’onlo’e elm.CMP Fuel Intake
y.omX’a elm.CMP Jump Tunnel elm. point (in physical space); location (on a map, etc.)
y.ongk’ilo’e elm.CMP Hardpoint
y.ongs’ānxuith elm.CMP pole (north or south)
y.ongx’uith’r.ath elm.CMP South Pole
y.ongx’uith’ elm.CMP North Pole
Y.ū PN.male Yuu
y.ui rel. in response to
y.un’i elm. alternate; option; other; another (different) one
y.uo elm. excess; exceed; excessive; surpluss; glut (too; too much: e ku’ya y.uo R.ēth (Rayth is too rude (vis-à-vis his general character).)
Y’ū name “Hubs”/“Husby”/“Man” (to a male from a male partner (typically))
ya elm. sense; detect; intuit (from avaialbe information)
ya elm.SRV “epic” (holy, in the sense of ‘beyond belief’)
elm. more
ya’i v.LAUD need (››› yo _____)
yā’i elm. patience and perseverence
ya’nai elm.CMP learn; commit to memory
yā’suith elm. fright; terror (sense of external threat (yiyā’suith = “terrorism; policy of engendering fear”)
ya’’a elm.CMP eggshell
ya’t.aT’uēl n. Xi’an “cashmere/silk” fabric
ya’ta elm. cloth; fabric; organic membane (o ya’ta: weave)
ya’than col. caesious
yai rel. regarding; about; on the matter of
yāi elm. clothing; garments
yāihyao; yāisēnghyao; yāisēngkahyao elm.CMP Space Suit
yāiuengTuēl n. Xi’an “cashmere/silk” garments made famous by House Twayl (Tuēl)
yal elm. sentient being; sentient; posessing consciousness
yāl elm. female sex; female organ
yal’ma elm.CMP animal (with which a relationshiop is possible); pet
yalnya elm.CMP “a people”; race; species (of intelligent creatures with culture)
yalyuai elm.CMP an “alien intelligence”; sentience (of an unidentified nature)
yan elm. study; examine closely
yāng̦ pn.NEU we (exclusive)
yankeng elm.CMP geography
yannukeng elm.CMP topology
yao vcp. [abilitive (“can”)] yaol
yao elm. ability; skill
yao’yao n. nickname for the ngii, a common Xi’an pet animal
yaonai e ti ngisi’pe; naitingsi’pe elm.CMP Infrared
yath num. one 1
ye elm. a generic day (not necessarily corresponding to celestial movements)
ye’a elm. pluck; tweeze; tongs; pincer
ye’a•oten elm.CMP cooking tongs
ye’ahuen elm.CMP serving tongs
ye’aloa elm.CMP eating tongs
ye’u elm. concave; dip; depression
Ye’ua line Yewa
ye’uchuiyuao elm.CMP whirlpool
ye’ukyuyuao elm.CMP wind vortex
ye’uyuao elm.CMP vortex
yeā v.IMP do
yekrū v.IMP need (››› yo _____)
yem’pi; chairinthli elm.CMP Distortion Damage
yemā v.IMP try/attempt (››› yo _____)
yen cnj. as X (of “as X as Y”)
yen _____ yon _____ cnj. as X as Y
yen” elm. temporary; impermaent; fading (of colors, etc.)
yeng elm. fire; burn
yeng’tu n. a type of flying insectoid with a painful, burning sting
yenū v.IMP be of a class
yeōn v.IMP cause/produce/effect
yepa elm.CMP yesterday
yepa elm.CMP yesterday
yesā v.IMP eminate/reflect
yesye elm.CMP tomorrow
yesye elm.CMP tomorrow
yeth elm. knowledge; awareness
yethē v.IMP please
yetō v.IMP want/desire (››› yo _____)
yeyiing v.IMP equate
yi elm. belief; adherence to
yi. nlz.CLTC [“-ism”/“-ity”]; system of; belief in; dogma of X; affinity or proclivity towards X
yi’.ān elm. beautiful; attractive; compelling; beauty
yi’a elm. convey; transmit; communicate; message
yi’achuokyu elm.CMP weather advisory
yi’kr.ōng elm.CMP barbarism; brutality; savegry (as dogma or policy)
yi’o v.LAUD please
yi’oa n. data
yi’p.ūh’yath elm.CMP the military (defense) branch of the bureaucracy
yi’p.ūt’ung elm.CMP the general bureaucracy (non-military service)
yii’lai elm.CMP non-kindred
Yii’ua elm.CMP Line (a Xi’an hereditary House)
yii’yu elm.CMP paternal ancestor (grandfather)
yii” elm. flow; transmission (biological); fertility
Yiim PN.feml Yiim
yilen elm.CMP harmony; peace among different factions
yin elm. bump; swelling; mound
yith elm. fire; eject (non-liquid); expel (non-liquid)
yiyā’suith elm.CMP terrorism; policy of engendering fear
yo nlz. [subjuntive clause head]
yo elm. missing element; lack (e yo to’ath (e) no’a)
nlz. yo contracted with o
yo. nlz.CLTC [lacking X; without X]
yo’ii elm.CMP virus (scientific/medical term)
yo’kr.ūth elm.CMP Non-lethal
yo’ col. white (lacking all color)
yo” elm. alive; living; surviving
yo”e’nu elm.CMP embryo (in an egg)
yo”e’so elm.CMP bacteria (scientific/medical term)
yo”ki” elm.CMP mcroscopic parasite
yo”ta’a elm.CMP egg yolk
yo”xē” elm.CMP symbiote
yo”yoaith elm.CMP germ (common term for infections (bacteria/virus)); infection
yoa elm. past; the past; history
yoaith elm.CMP sickness; disorder; disease
yoii elm.CMP darkness; blackness
yokyu; yokyu(hyao) elm.CMP Vacuum
yon cnj. as Y (of “as X as Y”)
yōn elm. pseudo; unofficial; quasi (infix)
yonai elm.CMP confusion
yong’m.e’ahuā elm.CMP peak; zenith
yopuo elm.CMP judged innocent of a wrongdoing (regardless of reality)
yopuothao elm.CMP in reality innocent of accusations; truly innocent
yoru elm.CMP Zero Gravity (slang: rul)
yoryā elm.CMP bland; unseasoned (considered an undesirable food quality)
yoso elm.CMP alone; on one’s on; without help or assistance
yoten elm.CMP famine; a lack of food
yothai elm.CMP hard; difficult; not easy
yothōa elm.CMP undecided; (still) not having made up the mind
yoxii elm.CMP infrequent; not often
yoyāi elm.CMP naked; nude; without clothing
yu elm. male
yu.yii” elm. father (clinical term); stud
yu.yii” elm.CMP biological father, clinical term
Yu’.ii name Father (reverential)
Yu’.ii name Father – The polite & reverant word for another’s father or one’s own
yu’.o elm. try out; taste; try on; give something new a chance
yu’.och’ā’e elm. a guided visual introduction or tour
yu’a elm. gray to black market; quasi-criminal
Yu’a-________ PN.role Quasi-criminal employed in _________
yu’a.r’o PN.role ‘heavy’ who carries weapons
yu’a.r’o’p.ut’o’ath PN.role sharpshooter assassin
yu’a•o.r’o PN.role non-sharpshooter assasin; “mercenary”
yu’anāng PN.role bounty hunter; mercenary
yu’aoa’u.ii PN.role snitch; informant
yu’ariimya(tō) PN.role (money) launderer
yu’ariioa’r.u PN.role rumor monger; fake news creator; double-agent misinformant
yu’at.o’a’r.u PN.role rumor monger; fake news creator; double-agent misinformant
yu’at.ōngh’uitā PN.role collector (for a loanshark or security bribe) literally: ‘caregiver for the neighborhood’
yu’at.ōngya PN.role bodyguard
Yu’i name Daddy, Dad
Yu’i name Father – what children and adults call their fathers
yu’pa elm. soft; squishy; flexible; easily falls apart (considered a favorable texture)
yu” num. four 4
yuai elm. value; worth
yuao elm. spin; rotate
yue elm. experience; go through/live through something; immersiion in X; naming element for elders
yue elm. naming suffix for mature experienced professionals
yuē pn.NEU We (inclusive)
yueuang elm.CMP generic title word for “elder”
yuexuan elm.CMP gaming experience; simulation (for fun)
yute’.ah’a n. hot man; stud; beaux
yuth elm. reward; compensation (for effort); salary
zai pn.SRV y’all

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