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April 27th 2022

Galactapedia Update April 2022

Galactapedia Update April 2022


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month is all Ellis, all the time. We go over all the planets in the system, along with two moons, an asteroid belt, and three major cities. We also take a look at the kavische, a prickly plant that’s a point of pride for those from Yar. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

  • Kavische – Your own personal cactus.

Short Articles:

  • Ellis system – Home of the Murray Cup.
  • Ellis I – Demirjian’s folly.
  • Ellis II – Don’t eat the metal snow.
  • Green – Center of culture, leisure, and really fast spaceships.
  • Kampos – Flatcats found here.
  • Noble – Commoners also welcome.
  • Ellis 5a – Pink moon.
  • Ellis 5b – White moon.
  • Ellis VI – Terraforming testbed.
  • Ellis VII – Fly too close and your ship’s wings might corrode.
  • Ellis VIII – Advertised as the best water in the Ellis system.
  • Ellis belt alpha – Site of some of the earliest Murray Cup races.
  • Walleye – A place to refuel and relax.
  • Bombora – A place not to refuel and relax.
  • Ellis XI – A “planet” in the loosest sense.
  • Judecca – Desolate and icy.
  • Pinecone – Resource central.
  • Aydo – Lodgings here are often booked several years in advance.
  • Neo Taurii – A squat city.
  • Bareton – Offers spectacular forest views.

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