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August 25th 2021

Galactapedia Update August 2021

Galactapedia Update August 2021


Welcome to this month’s Galactapedia update roundup. This month, we told the Plain Truth, added more entries on planets and moons Stanton system (along with some major cities), shared the history of the People’s Alliance, and shone a spotlight on a very special penguin. Join the Spectrum thread for any discussion or feedback.

Full-Length Article:

  • Plain Truth – The truth (?), as presented by Parker Terrell.

Short Articles:

  • Pico the Penguin – A cool little penguin who loves to snowboard.
  • Aaron Halo – A belt that ArcCorp would very much like to claim for their own.
  • Area18 – Out of all the areas on ArcCorp, this one is the most 18th.
  • ArcCorp – Not to be confused with ArcCorp the company.
  • Lyria – While you can resupply your air tanks here, I wouldn’t take that helmet off.
  • Wala – Lovely green crystals visible from space.
  • Calliope – Stop here for an amusing time (if you’re into VERY cold weather).
  • Clio – Researchers spend a lot of time musing about this moon’s environment.
  • Euterpe – A natural history museum ought to do an exhibit on Euterpe’s rock pillars.
  • New Babbage – If not for the domes, this city would be a lot colder.
  • Magnus Tobin – Founder of microTech.
  • Lorville – Home of Bagman.
  • Port Olisar – The view here is spectacular.
  • Orison – Deliberately designed by Crusader Industries to be beautiful.
  • The People’s Alliance – Founders of Levski.
  • UEES Flyssa – You can still find the wreckage of this ship on Daymar.
  • Alberto Vara – Designer of the X1.
  • Croshaw system – The first system outside Sol that Humans ever visited.
  • Croshaw I – Pretty but poisonous.
  • Angeli – Earthquake central.

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