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January 27th 2021

Galactapedia Update January 2021

Galactapedia Update January 2021


For the past year, Narrative has been updating the Galactapedia twice a month and sharing these updates in a Spectrum thread. This year, we’ll be sharing the same amount of new articles in a roundup that will be posted monthly. We’ll also be posting a Spectrum thread for any feedback. We’re excited to share what we’ve done this month!

Full-Length Article:

Short Articles:

  • Gammon Messer – Gammon never became Imperator, but his influence made the conditions in the Empire’s Light Conversion Centers worse than they already were.
  • Archangel Station – The first and only stop at Synthworld.
  • Geohacking – Some call geohacking a subcategory of terraforming.
  • Pyen’pui.a – Xi’an youths engaged in rebellious behavior love to spend time at Pyen’pui.a.
  • Kyle Polo – Senator Polo of Angeli wanted to place the military budget under greater scrutiny.
  • Lanes – These are the main thoroughfares used to traverse systems.
  • Piracy – Pirates generally stay away from lanes, but that doesn’t mean some won’t try their luck.
  • Orbital Platform – Spacecraft fuel refineries are among the most important types of orbital platforms.
  • Mining Probe – Essential for spacecraft in the business of mining.
  • New Corvo – New Corvo is on the road to recovery after being battered during the 2945 attack on Vega II.
  • INB New Corvo – Named for but not the same as the city of New Corvo.
  • S-Pop – A new genre of music from Saisei.
  • Terra, Show Me the Music! – Lesser-known performers often change the course of their careers after appearing on this show.
  • Spearfish – If you need something zapped, why not try Spearfish?
  • Syntek – You may have read about this material in the X1 Velocity brochure.
  • Liston Garrity – His weapons have become emblematic of the Human Colonial Expansion Era.
  • Tedge 8 Gun – Liston Garrity’s most famous creation.
  • Abeni Okon – Okon was the first Human born on a planet other than Earth.
  • Triggerfish – No relation to the real triggerfish.

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