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June 12th 2013

Meet Ron LaJoie

Meet Ron LaJoie

This week we’re excited to introduce you to Cloud Imperium’s new Production Manager, Ron LaJoie! Ron will be keeping the production running smoothly in Austin and making sure the team sticks to the schedule. You’ll get to know Paul better this Friday on Wingman’s Hangar, where he’ll be in the hot seat!




Tell us about yourself.

Ron LaJoie, and I am the Production Manager!  

How did you get started in the game industry?

My first taste at anything remotely related to game dev was being an Admin and content producer/writer/admin for various Neverwinter Nights persistent servers. I also dabbled in a couple Ultima Online player run shards for a while. I was also a writer for a few indie games that never saw the light of day.

My first professional experience was with Turbine as a Senior GM and Live events coordinator. I worked on Dungeons and Dragons Online and also Lord of the Rings Online. After that I moved down to Austin and worked at Midway right up until they were shut down, and after that I was with Lightbox Interactive! After the unpleasant-ness of layoffs at Lightbox I moved to Armature studio here in town, and now I’m with CIG.


How did you get connected with Star Citizen?

There is a large contingence of ex-LBI people here, and when a Project manager/Product manager was needed a few of them gave their approval.  

Have you played any Chris Roberts games?

I played some of the Wing Commander series back when they came out, and of course Freelancer.

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