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Aisthesis / AISTHESIS

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We are recruiting! We are on the casual end of ‘regular’.

Aisthesis seeks ways to best combat threats to humanity, centered around the Endeavor’s capabilities. Development, Research, Exploration, Analysis, Medical, Science.


Aisthesis is an organization loosely focused on the scientific side of Star Citizen. Its concept was settled upon viewing the Endeavor and her capabilities.

Currently, we are a pretty small group, mostly friends and those with similar interests. Some are still waiting for the game to become more fleshed out.

In any case, if you need crew for your endeavor, are looking to crew one, or otherwise wish to see what can be found, we will be happy to have you.

While our focus is on science, we will gladly accommodate other mostly-lawful roles. This will be especially true early on, as the game develops.

As the forum indicates, we are affiliated with Operation Pitchfork. Participation in that mad event will be highly encouraged, and Aisthesis will be used to test some things leading up to the event.

See our charter for a breakdown of our (few) rules.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Look to your left. Look to your right. What’s here? Nothing important. : )



Aisthesis is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in all its forms.

The fruits of this knowledge, we turn towards the betterment of ourselves and of humanity.


Don’t be a jerk. We won’t make rules around problem children, we will just remove them.

Main members only, with a specific exemption for people with Pitchfork roles.

You don’t have to roleplay, but please be respectful of those who do.

We are a ‘mostly lawful’ org. That is, we won’t go around engaging in piracy, slavery, or other things that directly negatively impact other players. Members should thus endeavor to maintain a good general reputation.

While we are not a pvp or combat-focused org, we do encourage members to learn what to do in a fight.


(Ariphaos) – Founder. (E-Mail)