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We are shadows in the dark ever searching for the light of truth.

We are defenders of the lost, weak, infirm and oppressed.

Our enemy’s death is wrapped in silence, for none can hear them scream in space…

~ Iunctus armis ad victoriam ~


—— DiscordTwitter@JavelinSOG —-


Contact us if you are interested in Security Services, teaming up to provide Security through Security Partnerships or just interested in flying together!

Who we are:

Javelin’s SOG

Distinct from the Private Military Company (internal operations), Javelin’s Special Operations Group (SOG) is a Joint Operations initiative run in conjunction with SOG Member Organizations. By providing a canopy organization made up of vetted and similarly minded leaders we leverage the strengths of each member group. That small team of friends that made an Org is now supported similar to a MUCH larger group without having the problems associated with recruiting and managing all those members.

Joining together to operate at a higher level.

The SOG focuses on filling out “mission packages” with ships and qualified personnel, allowing the completion of objectives (contracts, bounties, exploration, and what-have-you) otherwise beyond the reach of the individual organizations at the particular moment.

The SOG also provides infrastructure to extend communications and tools to member orgs.

JɅvelin’s Special Operations Group (JSOG) w/ fellow Member Orgs:

Resource and Exploration Industries
Spartan Resource Consortium
UEE Medical Corps
Colonial Moving Ltd. a.k.a. the Colonial Movers
The Gladius Military Corporation
The Black Star Initiative
Citizen Star Ventures
Intergalactic Defense Initiative

JɅvelin PMC (Private Military Corporation)

Founding member of the SOG, JɅvelin PMC has it’s own tight crew of high-speed low-drag operators, upholding finest military traditions, particularly that of the UEEN & US Navy, providing Security, Bounty Hunting, and Training services throughout the Verse, from small team to CapOps.

If you would like to know more, contact us here: JavelinPMC

JɅvelin’s SOG has a focus on inter-org cooperation & support:

★ Flies in support of the Jump Accord and the 890th Squadron.
★ Flies in support of, and coordinates security for YachtClub.
★ Supports and intends to participate in Operation Pitchfork.


★ Original Pre-StarCitizen Founders: GunHog, VV0X & Circuitz
★ Additional StarCitizen Founder: CZenStar (Citizen Ed)

The Javelin team origins and future.

BE WARNED! This is a salty unit and as such we tend to have lively conversations not suitable for minors or the easily offended.
Hate, bigotry, and sexism will not be tolerated.
Dirty jokes, coarse social commentary, and drinks are always welcome.

We started back in 2000 with three friends (GunHog, VV0X, and Circuitz) wanting to create a tight-knit group of gamers on Steam (PhatPipe). Joined later by Ed (CZenStar) in the early days of the StarCitizen project, the tradition continues. As professional R&D/IT geeks, patented inventors, gamers (Steam, COD, BF, STO, SWG, WarBirds….etc) and military combat veterans. Our focus has always and will continue to be on; quality gameplay, camaraderie, respect, and loyalty.

History is still being made. Be a part of the making….


JɅvelin Mission Statement

JɅvelin and its Special Operations Group will maintain, train and equip combat-ready Pilots, crewmen, and Marines capable of winning any and all engagements, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom from tyranny. We are not just hired guns. We will decline any mission whose intent is to use force to subjugate others. We defend the lost, weak, infirm and oppressed. We Explore the farthest reaches of space for knowledge, trade, and opportunities to expand the human race. Quality will be chosen over quantity in everything. Our structure is loose with regards to rank but our adherence to the military ethos is unwavering. Honor, courage, and commitment is our foundation, teamwork our goal.

JavelinSOG is operationally divided into two parts; Individual members of the Private Military Company and distinctly the SOG (Special Operations Group) which is a Joint Task Force with partner organizations (who, along with Javelin, are considered the SOG Member Organizations).

So referred to as JavelinSOG (JSOG) in its entirety, JavelinPMC , Or SOG (Special Operations Group) to refer to the joint operations platform conducted with the SOG’s other member organizations.


1. Is military service mandatory?

No, military service is NOT required to join Javelin. Many of our members, however, have served in their countries military and we very much appreciate the sacrifice and dedication.

2. How does JavelinSOG communicate?

The team maintains a dedicated Discord server for group meetings and coordination. Teamspeak and Spectrum are also used in communications. Google docs are also frequently used.

Good communication is extremely important to Javelin. Particularly an applicant should watch Discord and Spectrum for communication requests.

3. Why must I have a Discord interview to join Javelin?

We make the Discord interview mandatory for a few reasons. But most important we believe communication is critical for fleet and squadron level operations. So to be a member you must have a headset/mic and be prepared to use.

4. Your command structure seems very strict!

The core team and most of the membership are technology professionals and military veterans. We know that having structure and a unified set of goals provides the individual a firm foundation to propel themselves to success. Our command structure is “defined” not restrictive. To us, a leader is a teacher and role model with a responsibility that other members want to follow.

So while we are relaxed as a team, there is leadership and a planned direction. Membership in this fleet is dependent on working with the leadership staff to provide all members with a cohesive, fun and safe environment of gaming. (Safe = free from bigotry, sexism, and harassment)

5. Real life vs Game time.

Our members are industry professionals or full-time students, in relationships, married and or have kids. We live life to its fullest. Gaming is what you do after you take care of your daily life needs. JɅvelin supports that.

6. What’s JɅvelin’s stance on freedom of personal expression and the prevention of persecution.

We want to provide ALL our members with a relaxed gaming environment based on mutual respect. Dirty jokes, coarse social commentary, and drinks are always welcome. Hate, prejudice, and sexism will NOT be tolerated. We are here to support the individual and team success as Star Citizens. You have every right to not agree with a teammate’s lifestyle, but Javelin won’t have ANY tolerance if you harass them about it.

Call signs that are offensive or derogatory will not be accepted and applications will be provided an explanation of why. The applicant will be offered an opportunity to resubmit their application after a name change.

7. What TimeZones are welcome in Javelin?

We welcome international players as this will provide Javelin with a true 24 hour Persistent Universe presence. So no matter what time zone you live in you are welcome to join us.

We have teams & team leaders in US & European TimeZones presently, but are looking to expand that.

8. How can I make a living in JɅvelin?

All active Pilots, Crewmen, and Marines will have a percentage share of mission profits as well as contract pay. As a team, we will discuss this as we get closer to game day and more information on the economy becomes available. Individual success is as important to Javelin and is the success of the team as a whole.

9. Will JɅvelin work with other organizations and fleets?

YES. Fleet contracts for convoy defense, scouting missions, reclamation, and exploration will adhere to the ethos and operational guidelines of the JSOG charter. [Also review “What is a JTF and why does it matter”]

10. What is Javelin’s SOG; what is a JTF and why does it matter?

JTF stands for Joint Task Force. The definition is; a multi-service (Org/fleet) military unit. Utilizing the specialized skill sets and equipment of the member organizations to fulfill JTF mission requirements.

External of JɅvelin’s organic assets we are a fully realized Joint Task Force management platform. Supplying dedicated TeamSpeak3 communications with private/locked Org channels and a secure Embassy room on the JSOG Forums for each group

By providing a canopy organization made up of vetted and similarly minded leaders we leverage the strengths of each member group. That small team of friends that made an Org now has support similar to a MUCH larger group without having the problems associated with a 500+ member Org.

11. Can I join another Organization and keep my full membership in JɅvelin?

To occupy a Role position in any Star Citizen Org you must be a full member of that Org. With JSOG in order to have a vote in fleet management issues (voting on new members, business . . . etc.) and or have a leadership position you must be a full member. Exceptions are given to Commanding Officers of member JTF units when that unit provides the same exception for Javelin command staff.

As far as Affiliation with other Orgs yes you can; as long as you remain primarily active with JɅvelin and you do not violate the JSOG Charter and SoP.

DON’T go off and fly Pirating missions with Org X and expect to come back to a warm welcome with JSOG though. . . .

12. What does the JSOG motto “Iunctus armis ad victoriam” mean?

Iunctus armis ad victoriam = United arms to victory!

Arms (armis) as in militarily the individual may be weak but united (luntus) as a team we will be victorious (victoriam). JSOG’s success is built on teamwork and mutual support in all things.

13. Does Javelin or the SOG have a Javelin Destroyer? Is Javelin named after the Destroyer ship class?

The Javelin name predates the introduction of the Destroyer ship class. We may or may not end up fielding a Javelin Destroyer, which would be considered an Operational Security (OpSec) classified matter. We can confirm that Javelin & the SOG do have both plans and resources for Capital Operations.


JɅvelin PMC

~ Iunctus armis ad victoriam ~

Honor, courage and commitment is our foundation, teamwork our goal.

JɅvelin PMC guidelines and expectations

  1. Requirements for individuals to join JɅvelinPMC and achieve Operator (full member) status:
    • Applicants must be functional adults. You have to be an adult mentally and physically over 18. Applicants under 18 MUST be sponsored by an adult family member who is a full member of JSOG.
    • Applicants must understand and speak basic English.
    • Applicants must have a gaming system capable of running Star Citizen and appropriate controllers.
    • Applicants must have headset and mic for voice communications (camera optional for video) with approved program(s).
    • Applicants must have a Discord interview with command staff before application acceptance to verify equipment and TeamSpeak login.
    • Membership in this fleet is dependent on working with the leadership staff to provide all with a cohesive, fun and safe environment of gaming. (Safe = free from bigotry, sexism and harassment)
    • Affiliate Pilots and flight crew are expected to follow all JɅvelin SoPs’ and guidelines.
    • All applicants will be placed into the Affiliate category until full membership is granted.
  1. JɅvelin will be the PRIMARY unit for all operators (full members), unless a specific exception is granted by command staff.


1. I am a member of Javelin. I am prepared to give my life fighting to defend the lost, weak, infirm and the oppressed. I will explore the farthest reaches of space for knowledge, trade and opportunities to expand the human race.

2. As a representative of Javelin I will conduct myself with honor and respect for others at all times.

3. I will not judge or allow others to be judged based on religion, gender, orientation or race. I will always defend an individual’s right to freedom of speech and expression.

4. I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command I will never surrender members of my command while they still have the means to resist.

5. I will at no time divulge any classified or sensitive information regarding Javelin or its members. I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to Javelin or its allies or harmful to their cause.

6. I will never forget I am a member of Javelin and I am responsible at all times for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which founded my company.

Document Currency: 2950-04-13

This document is wholly the property of JavelinSOG. Any reproduction without the written consent of the JavelinSOG Command Council is just chicken-shit plagiarism of our work. You will be sneered at and looked down upon by all intelligent beings as nothing more than a pathetic meet-bag waste of O2 and C.