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Alarmingly Profitable.

Now Recruiting!!!! Accepting Main Members, and Affiliates!

We are also accepting applications for management at this time!

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Paradox Commercial Enterprises is one of the most profitable corporations in the manufacturing and marketing industry. We have contracts out with companies like ArCorp, Behring, Willsop Systems, and Gold Horizon. We have always had a firm grasp on the market and pulse of the economy. However, we have not always been the enterprise we are today. In fact it all started many years ago before quantum drive was even discovered. The original corporation was only small fraction of the enterprise that you see today. It all started with a genius of his time Machesky Paradox. He came up with a great idea, salvage all of the satellites orbiting earth. A group of wealthy individuals decided to invest in his crazy idea after he invented a spacecraft to bring them back to earth mostly unscathed. After seeing extreme profit in the rare and valuable parts that these satellites had, the organization Paradox Salvage was formed. From this point on Paradox was called on by many companies to decommission most spacecraft and parts, resulting in governmental sponsorship and contracts with many companies you now know today as the largest in the universe. A few years after quantum drive discovery, and a few generations later, Alistar Paradox saw the largest opportunity since the creation of the first rocket. He realized that the patented smelters they used to melt all of the old ships could be used to not only smelt ore, but refine fuel. Immediately seizing this opportunity, he invested in a mining fleet and fuel collection ships. This is when the organization was renamed to, Paradox Energy and Refining. The organization profited so much that the government demanded they change their designation. This Paradox Energy Enterprise was born. Another major success was a contract with the Banu, as they happened to use the same fuel that Humans did for their jump drives. This provided the profits to develop the manufacturing and research sectors of the enterprise. Upon which final name was born. Paradox Commercial Enterprises.

Today, Paradox Commercial Enterprises is one of the most profitable commercial industries in existence. We have our hands in nearly every sector of the economy. We provide the whole package. From mining to fuel collection. From industry to exploration and charting. From scientific research and discovery to organizational trade and marketing. We have it all.

PDXE welcomes the newly listed, praises the veteran, and rewards the committed! In PDXE, we believe the universe is your canvas: What picture will YOU paint?

*November, 2015 Marks the galaxy-wide recognition of PDXE as a corporate beneficiary.
*December, 2015 Several anonymous orgs join PDXE in an alliance. PDXE now has a Discord server!
*January, 2016 50 Members strong. PDXE held first official meeting.
*November, 2016 our one year Anniversary. We have grown to over 100 members strong and have allied with over 20 organizations.


Hello and welcome to the DANGER ZONE, just kidding, this is PDXE.

PDXE – Paradox Commercial Enterprises, is a corporation that is built on the idea of PROFIT!
Profit that comes from good investments and a strong industry sector. All members down to the newest pilot will be paid dividends from the org’s successes. So unlike many other large organizations, you will PROFIT for your time spent having fun in a great community.
We welcome players from all walks of lifes. Newbies and Veterans, Lawless and Lawfull, Human and Wookie, they are all welcome here at Paradox as long as they follow the Charter.

Now you might have asked yourself why should I join? It’s simple. We have the most fabulous and vibrant community, this side of the ‘Verse.” By signing on with PDXE, you sign on with the most committed and friendly band of associates that you’ll ever find. That and PROFIT.

Sign on today with PDXE and let your creativity flow.


  • Explore the furthest reaches of space to expand creative thought (and profit)
  • Marketing (for profit)
  • Investing (for profit)
  • Exploit natural resources (for profit)
  • Manufacture of Ships, Weapons, Munitions and other gear (for profit)
  • Refit Ships and Vehicles of ALL KIND (Greycats included!) to custom or mil-spec grade (for profit)
  • Hold large assets in the market (for profit)
  • Rent starships, buildings, and security to our allies and contractors (for profit)
  • Police the sector we’re based inside and salvage the tears of our enemies (for profit)
  • Freight cargo and merchandise across the ‘Verse (for profit)
  • Whatever your mind thinks is fun, except breach of Charter. (for fun)

We have careers for everyone seeking every kind of gameplay.
Here is a listing of just a few departments within Paradox

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Organization Diplomacy
  • Mining & Scrap Aquisition
  • Fueling & Repair Operations
  • Commerce & Trade
  • Production & Asset Management
  • Stellar Exploration
  • Scientific Research
  • Medical Services
  • Fleet Operations
  • FPS Operations
  • Special Forces

We’re a rich and knowledgeable organization. Looking to grow to be the wealthiest Corperation in the Verse and we are seeking the right members to take with us to the top. We here at PDXE reward new and creative ideas, concepts, and careers.
Welcome to where you belong.
Welcome, to PDXE.

If you are not interested in joining as a main member, we GLADLY accept affiliates for those that wish to trade with us, or contract with us in the future.

Feel free to join our discord server if you have any questions or reservations.

The universe is your canvas: What will you do with it?


We here are Paradox Commercial Enterprises take our rules very seriously and violations will not be tolerated.

  • Members of PDXE shall at all times respect one another and all assets of the Corporation. If a member is found to be harassing another, the incident will be investigated and if found guilty the offender will be terminated.
    We here at Paradox, strive to create a safe and creative community for all kinds of people.
  • Members of PDXE shall NOT troll forum posts or other sites of social media. Any member found trolling will be given one warning, and any further incidence will result in termination.
    We do not condone trolling or flaming of any kinds.
  • Members of PDXE are not to engage in acts of piracy unless sanctioned by the Enterprise. We do condone certain kinds of piracy, we however are not pirates. If you are found breaching this, you will be given one warning, any further incidence will result in termination.
    We are much like Han Solo, we might look like pirates, but we will never be pirates.

All members and allies are subject to this Charter

Structure of PDXE

Click the link above to review the Structure of PDXE to better understand the ranking structure listed below.


  • Asset: An asset is an affiliate that is considered friendly.

  • Operator: Rank received upon admittance to Paradox. These personnel are the lifeblood of PDXE that can be any role.
  • Dignitary: Dignitaries are members who manage the day to day operations of their Departments. They help guide operators and schedule operations for the organization.
  • Viceroy: Viceroys are members that overlook Divisions of Paradox. They oversee the Dignitaries and ensure all needs for the departments underneath their divisions are met.
  • Administrator: Administrators run the Sectors of Paradox. They write the policy and handle most internal issues within their Sectors. They ensure their Viceroys have all the tools they need for the job, and will sometimes participate in High Counsel Hearings.
  • Director: Director is the highest rank a member can achieve. PDXE Directors are the Leaders of Paradox Commercial Enterprises. They generate the policy for their Ministries and ensure the vision and profitability of PDXE is where it should be. Directors are held to the highest standard for leadership. Directors will also hold High Counsel hearings that will cover all topics of organizational development and pressing issues.

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