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Roberts Space Industries ®

[R✠U] Rheingau Deep Space Exploration / RHEINEX

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A trans-org Team for Deep Space Exploration.

"What is hidden will be revealed, if you try hard enough."

Member of the RHEIN✠UNION


The History of the Rheingau Deep Space Exploration

The family von Rondorf is rooted in ages with the Rhineland, a picturesque area in the heart of Germany.
Johannes von Rondorf, an ancestors of today’s CEO Tristan Ebbo von Rondorf founded a small machine factory, which has been a supplier for industry and defense companies.

The excellent quality of products provided a good reputation and large financial reserves over the centuries. Karl, the grandfather of Tristan, was a visionary and strategist.
He launched a massive expansion of the company, which had operated until then under the name Maschinenfabrik Rondorf.

It was the deal with the UEE which enabled the company at last to expand their business beyond Earth, buy out some smaller manufacturing companies on other planets and purchase a small fleet of spaceships.
This realignment also reflected the new company name, which was henceforth Rhein✠Ex Corp.

The meaning of the name was derived from the deep bond of the family with their homeland and origin, the Rhineland (Rhein) a region in Germany (✠) and the vision that we must leave behind these limits (Ex), so that the company (Corp.) may also engage in future profitable business.

Two years later Tristan’s father Reinhold and grandfather Karl encountered a troop of Vanduul on a supposedly safe route on the way to another company takeover.
Their ship was no match for the firepower of the enemy and both died in the ensuing battle.

Severely affected by this fateful blow, Tristan Ebbo von Rondorf decided to restructure the company.
The company’s production segment was sold and the major focus shifted to space exploration.
Tristan renamed the company in Rheingau Deep Space Exploration but, out of respect for the deceased, he kept the old company name Rhein✠Ex Corp. as name affix and as a reminder.

In the fall of 2934, the purchase of a fully operational military grade Retaliator succeeded, who led from now on the small fleet of Rhein✠Ex Corp as flagship.
This role had hitherto held the Freelancer named Purr.
Her engines reminded Tristan of a purring cat and therefore she wears a slightly
modified company logo.

The Retaliator was named “Hessen”, referring to the German federal state where his ancestors resided.

In the spring of 2944 Tristan, as a member of a group of like-minded people, founded the Free Colony of Rheinland which then joined forces with the troops of the Rheinwehr to form the Rhein✠Union.


RHEIN✠EX – Rheingau Deep Space Exploration

What is hidden will be revealed, if you try hard enough! – That’s our motto and by this credo, we also work.

We, the Rheingau Deep Space Exploration (Rhein✠Ex Corp.) have placed the emphasis of our work on the exploration of the universe.

We establish secure trade routes, clarify indications of enemy activities, identify profitable trading opportunities, look for resources and explore new jump points.
We are scanning for deserted and abandoned ships, space stations and artifacts, we explore new worlds and build initial contacts to unknown species and we will find a home system for the Rhein✠Union.


Die Rhein✠Ex Corp. rekrutiert ihre Mitglieder ausschließlich aus den Reihen der RHEIN✠UNION!

Um aufgenommen zu werden, sind eine Hauptmitgliedschaft in der RHEIN✠UNION und der Status als Citizen unabdingbare Voraussetzung. Jedem akkreditierten Citizen steht der Zugang zur Rhein✠Ex Corp. frei.

Fragen sind bitte an mich (Trebron) oder an jeden RHEIN✠UNION Senator via RSI PM zu richten.

Vielen Dank!

The Rhein✠Ex Corp. recruits their members exclusively from the ranks of the RHEIN✠UNION!

To take part in our team you have to apply for a main membership with the
RHEIN✠UNION first and achieve the status of a citizen. Each accredited citizens may ask for inclusion in the Rhein✠Ex Corp.

If you got Questions please feel free to contact me (Trebron) or any RHEIN✠UNION Senator via RSI PM.

Thank you!