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The Theramorian Dynasty / THERAMORE

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For Money, for Glory. Our heritage lives on…


The Theramorian Raiders are a group of Ace pilots, Gunners, and Engineers from a long line of warriors originating from the now destroyed Planet Azeroth. Loyal to one another, and always delivering on contracts, our lineage has outlasted empires. Now with one mission in mind ; To Fly To Glory and Make Money, we carry on the name of our forefathers.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please visit our forum now.



The raiders know what their priorities are, and we want to play with friends, and have grown tired of being bossed around.. We beleive in no drama and working as a team to cause some rather unfortunate situations for people who decide to work against us!

We value community first, and eschew all that pretend-military/corporation stuff of other guilds.

All decisions and activities of the Raiders are democratically decided by the organizations that make it up. It does not have an agenda of its own.

What are our Beliefs?

  • We don’t prey on the weak or deal in slaves
  • We help each other where possible
  • We treat each other respect. No Drama.
  • Real life comes first, we’re here to play not work


We may be small and we may not have the militaristic set-up a number of other organisations have, but we do believe that rules can help us enjoy the game more. Everything we do, is on a voluntary basis, and we do not enforce people to indulge in activities they may not be interested in.

We actually only have 2 rules….
  1. Don’t be an ass. We are here to enjoy the game.
  2. No Drama! We have all had our fair share of that in other guilds, so please… remember this is a game.