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Typhoon Technologies / TTECH

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Typhoon Technologies is the newest manufacturer, and obtainer of the latest Alien Technology. Typhoon Technologies deals with buying, selling, acquiring and reverse engineering everything from parts to ships to even weapons. Typhoon Technologies Paving the Way.


Regulations Briefing

  • We are here for the betterment of mankind that means all not some.
  • We will never single someone out/steal/deceive/kill anyone in our own organization.(This also applies to affiliates in certain situations)
  • If you are not actively trying to achieve a goal or help another achieve there’s the only one person being hindered is yourself.
  • We are all of the same cloth zero tolerance for discrimination keep it clean and dignified.
  • Any advancement in your department that you can contribute to is seen and recognized.
  • Most of all do not over exert yourself enjoy your job if you cannot do so vacations are mandatory.

Danger Clause.

In agreement with the department of health and labor standards we will provide a safe and clean environment for studies trade research and exploration. This includes but is not limited to planetary work conditions outlined in charter SRA:16-C as well as universal healthcare.

Provided By Cyntrax MedCo. These programs are self-enrolled and on a volunteer basis but are null and void if for any reason the following occurs

  • Accidental Airlock depressurization
  • Unknown jettison of cargo/and or personnel
  • Atmospheric Hull Dematerialization.
  • Coupling malfunctions
  • Parasitic Infestation
  • Psionic liquification
  • Fall Hazards
  • Instant Trauma
  • Wet Floors
  • Blood Loss/Gain

For more please refer to Chapter 6 Holograph 22.5 of your safe space handbook.

(I) being of sound mind and body do accept the above terms and regulations in exchange for enlistment into Typhoon Technologies


A toothbrush was advanced tech at one point in time, it confused some and delighted others. We at Typhoon Technologies look to push the boundaries of innovation sometimes this is the key to paving the way to the future. Whether it’s the deconstruction of materials or understanding how something works, our engineering department consists of nothing but the best minds in the verse and rest assure, that if we don’t have a hand in some type of technology we will soon enough. Whether that be a new state of the art quantum drive, new targeting module or even a new thermal plating developed from alien technology that is durable enough to survive under extreme temperatures but has the ability to selfheal while refracting energy we will find a way. At Typhoon Technologies we strive to push the boundaries of what is known. New positions within the organization will always be in abundance from R&D and exploration to utilitarian skillsets such as salvage combat and labor everything serves a purpose, and everything holds value and that’s the true heart of innovation. Typhoon Technologies paving the way and making it our own since 2942.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.