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December 13th 2012

Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen HQ

Fan Spotlight: Star Citizen HQ

Welcome to the Fan Spotlight! Every Thursday we’re going to be featuring the great work our community is doing, from fan art to fan fiction to the unique squadrons and guilds that are springing up in anticipation of Star Citizen. Do you know of a deserving fan effort? Let us know in the comments and we’ll consider it for a future update!


We’d like to begin by saluting the efforts of the team over at Star Citizen HQ, a German-language Star Citizen fan site! They have up-to-the-minute news in German and a very active community of Star Citizen backers. We know this is a big deal: there are a lot of German space sim fans out there and we’re going to be localizing Star Citizen for them… so it’s great to see that an extensive community is already coming together!

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