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April 18th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Around the Community!

Fan Spotlight: Around the Community!

This week, we’re celebrating all of Star Citizen’s great fans and reminding you how you can be a part of this great community! There are two “official” ways to chat here at RSI and they’ve both evolved in different ways over the past several months!

The Forums

The Roberts Space Industries forums are the discussion area of record for the Star Citizen community. If you want to interact with fans, get technical support or have your ideas seen directly by the development team then they’re your one stop shop! The fan fiction and modding areas are a great way to see how incredibly creative Star Citizen fans are, turning out novels worth of text and 3D ship models that rival the best in the industry. The latest addition is the Ask a Developer area, where the entire Cloud Imperium team takes time each week to answer the questions you pose.

Courtesy of SubtextCourtesy of Subtext


Meanwhile, there’s always action on the live chat! The Roberts Space Industries chatroll is hopping 24/7, with fans from all around the world popping in to chat about everything from what they expect in Star Citizen to what they had for breakfast. The team from CIG has been known to stop by, too! And like all internet communities, they’re well on their way to establishing some interesting local customs. Just ask Xane, the feathery space raptor… or the Lamp they Call Jayne!

Wingman’s Hangar

Wingman’s Hangar is all new tomorrow morning at 11 AM CST (-6 GMT.) This week you’ll meet Associate Producer Adam Poole and get the latest from the team at CIG

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