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June 6th 2013

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Roundup

Fan Spotlight: Fan Fiction Roundup

Star Citizen FM

DrHawk has conducted another great interview with Chris Roberts for Star Citizen FM. You can listen here:

Fan Fiction Roundup

The Fan Art & Fiction forum is hopping! We’re pleased to highlight three of the many exciting ongoing fan stories. The team at Cloud Imperium is constantly surprised by what a good job fans are doing getting into the spirit of the universe. You’re expanding our world in wonderful new directions faster than we can build it!

  • Tem Barone and the Shifty Beetle tells the saga of a privateer working outside the law who discovers an interesting spacecraft. You can catch up on the serial here.
  • Give Me Liberty is an ongoing military story set in the world of Squadron 42. Start reading here.
  • Flights of Fancy is the longest story currently running, with 32 parts to date! It tells a story set in the UEE ten years before Star Citizen. You can start reading it here.
Do you have a favorite piece of Star Citizen fan fiction? Let us know in the comments and we may feature it in a future roundup!

Wingman’s Hangar

It’s almost time for a new episode of Wingman’s Hangar! Tune in tomorrow at 11 AM CST (-5 GMT) to hear the latest from the Star Citizen team.

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