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January 4th 2013

Friday Update: Wingman's Hangar

Friday Update: Wingman's Hangar

Welcome back! The Cloud Imperium team is back in the office creating Star Citizen and Squadron 42… and now the Comm-Link is back online to keep you updated on the progress. You can expect regular updates starting today! Today’s big news is that the second episode of Wingman’s Hangar is being broadcast live today at 11 AM CST (time zone converter.) Wingman will be talking to Ben Lesnick and answering your questions! You can watch Wingman’s show right here when it airs and an edited version will be available for viewing next week:

UPDATE: The Wingman’s Hangar broadcast has concluded. Check back Monday for a summary video! There is a helpful thread in the forums which summarizes information from the post.

New Subscription Options

The recurring subscription optoin is now available and if you signed up for a subscription in the early days of the campaign you need to go through the process again. You can learn more about what subscribers get here… and be sure to check out the first issue of Jump Point, the subscriber-only newsletter!

Kickstarter Linking

If you are a Kickstarter user who hasn’t linked his account yet, please check your e-mail! A message from RSI should have come to the account you registered with Kickstarter providing a custom link for attaching your account correctly. If you don’t see the message, please make sure to check your spam filter! There are still 7,500 unlinked accounts and 5,000 of the e-mails haven’t been read yet. We need to get these accounts linked before we can send out the Citizen Cards.

Referral Contest

We will be deciding the winners of the referral contest on Monday and announcing them on Wednesday. So if you have not yet linked your Kickstarter account, please do it now so you can give credit for your referral if it is needed!

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