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February 15th 2013

LAST CHANCE: Custom Citizen Cards

LAST CHANCE: Custom Citizen Cards

Greetings Citizen,

LAST CHANCE for your customized Citizen Card and free shipping of SQ42 & SC T-shirts for those with eligible packages! Please go to the Shipping Information box in your My Account Page. DEADLINE: Midnight PST (GMT -8). If you’re eligible and you miss the deadline, you will receive a blank card at a later date.

We’re also happy to announce that metal upgrades for Bronze and Silver card holders are now available! If you said “YES” to the upgrade poll, please select the “Brushed Metal Upgrade” option here. Only Bronze and Silver holders are eligible for this upgrade. Note that you can not use existing credits for this purchase.

Due to the high volume of support requests, you may not receive a response before the deadline. Do not worry: if you have submitted a card request, we will make sure you receive your personalized card.

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