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September 24th 2014

Fan Spotlight: Arts and Crafts Volume 2

Fan Spotlight: Arts and Crafts Volume 2

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s fan spotlight. Today we’re going to highlight a few fans that have taken their Star Citizen fandom outside of the game and created real life replicas. So enjoy some of the best fan creations to date!

Gaynn's UEE Navy Cosplay

We start with Gaynn who sent us these amazing cosplay photos. Determined to get new recruits, he has created a few promotional posters cosplaying as a UEE Navy Captain. Who knows, if you’re good enough he might just let you join his crew.

Here’s a link to his post.

Firespikez Helmet

Next we check in with Firespikez who, if you remember, won MVP a few weeks ago for his amazing helmet. He has since sent it off to Vindictive Props to finish up the sanding and get a base paint. Here’s how it sits today!

Here’s a link to his post.

Mister Combustible's Armor & Gun

Not to be outdone, Mister Combustible is creating not only a Behring P4SC service rifle, but is well on his way to finishing a civilian space suit. He’ll be in full costume at PAX Australia so if you happen to see him be sure to say Hi and take a picture!

Here’s a link to his post.

Deadweight's Caterpillar

Lastly we visit Deadweight who has taken it upon himself to build a Drake Caterpillar. The ship features removable cargo doors so you can see how much this ship can carry. Additionally, Deadweight enlisted the help of his son to create the front cargo door making this one of the coolest father/son projects I’ve seen. Great job!

Here’s a link to his post.

That’s going to wrap up this week’s fan spotlight. If you have another fan creation you’d like us to look at let us know below. Thanks and we’ll see you next week!

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