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February 4th 2015

Fan Spotlight: New Recruit Assistance

Fan Spotlight: New Recruit Assistance

Normally on Fan Spotlights we like to highlight a few of the more creative community members, but today we’re going to take a different route and thank some of our most helpful members of the community. These members go out of their way and welcome every new recruit that posts on our forums with informational videos and tips as they enter the ‘Verse. So let’s get started with Fan Spotlight: New Recruit Assistance!


First up is Behemoth who continues to be up to date by not only giving a video bringing people up to speed about Star Citizen, but has since included the latest Town Hall videos as well. He also lets new users know that they can PM him directly and he’ll answer any questions he can. With a wealth of information and a direct person to get answers from, any new user is in great hands with Behemoth.

Check out his post!


Next up is Hawkeye who breaks his introductory message down into categorized bite sized chunks. That way new recruits can easily find information about their favorite parts about Star Citizen. This is a helpful guide that will guide any newcomers to exactly the information that they are interested in.

Check out his post!


Aside from creating a humorous comic, Angry Peas has created a fantastic post covering just about everything Star Citizen. Called the “Info Depot”, Angry goes in depth about multiple subjects, including how to use the website. From how to pick & design your hangar, to how to post bugs, Angry has got your back.

Check out his post!


Last up is Glacier, who goes above and beyond to keep his post up to date by providing new users with a schedule of upcoming events! Additionally, he introduces fan music and the ever so slightly popular Operation Pitchfork. Glacier provides a fun entry point into the Star Citizen Universe and gives a well-rounded post that any new user a great start.

Check out his post!

Thank you to everybody who has spent their time and effort making the ‘Verse more accessable for new users. If you have a user that wasn’t included on this list let us know below! Thanks and we’ll catch you next week!

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