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Asgard consortium / AGC

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2944-01-21 // Organisation founded
2944-06-09 // 100 members achieved.
2944-03-26 // an all time new record. we are today the worlds #1 most active organization in RSI

Political changes:

2948-04-22 // opened diplomatic relations with Ku’ Lin
2945-07-05 // opened up diplomatic relations with SweTrust
2945-04-27 // official declaration of friendship with Impnor
2945-01-14 // An alliance was formed with Asgard
2944-04-09 // opened up diplomatic relations with Bulk
2944-04-06 // None aggressive pact signed with P3wp3w
2944-04-01 // official declaration of friendship with Indi
2944-03-28 // official declaration of friendship with Core Industries & BloodClaw Pack
2944-03-28 // opened up diplomatic relations with Marskin Nyrkki
2944-03-28 // opened up diplomatic relations with Core Industries
2944-03-27 // None aggressive pact signed with BloodClaw Pack
2944-03-27 // opened up diplomatic relations with BloodClaw Pack
2944-03-25 // official declaration of friendship with Asgard
2944-03-20 // opened up diplomatic relations with Asgard

Roles and rank announcements:

2950-03-26 // NorrFrost is now: Community manager
2944-03-26 // TigerR_nor is now: Head of Diplomatic affairs
2944-01-23 // Altakrass as a known skillful guild leader, is now amongst the ranks of AGC’s officers.
2944-01-22 // Borghnaz as a major contributer to AGC visuals, influence and operations, is now considered as one of AGC’s officers


Welcome to the Consortium

The foremost Norwegian organization in the verse
Our core philosophy is that our strength comes through unity in diversity.
We therefore accept all kinds of players. Be it miners, merchants, explorers, mercenaries, bounty hunters or pirates.
In the true spirit of our ancestors we will not excel in one reputation, but be known for our many talents, and and to never be seen as easy targets.

Unity without uniformity. Diversity without fragmentation

Our structure is simple enough, you are free to play as you like, and your play style will place you in one of the three divisions you identify the most with.

Yggdrasil Enterprises

The tree of life, Yggdrasil connects the homeworlds.
This is our industrial and mercantile division and is the economic core of the organisation.
Yggdrasil is looking for people for the following types of jobs:

  • Merchant
  • Information Runner
  • Miner
  • Transport
  • Salvage
  • Explorer
  • Industrial
  • Research
  • Support

Folkvang PMSC

Field of the Armies. Abode of Freya and home of the most honorable warriors to walk Asgard.
Folkvang is responsible for the security and integrity of the Consortium.
Folkvang is looking for people for the following types of jobs:

  • Security Escort
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Boarding Specialists
  • Combat Support
  • Security Patrols

Valhall Initiative

Hall of the fallen. Ruled by Odin, home to the bravest and most savage warriors of Asgard.
The Valhall Initiative was created to protect our interests from rival factions and organizations by any means necessary.
Valhall is looking for people for the following types of jobs:

  • Mercenaries
  • Privateers
  • Smugglers
  • Boarding Specialists
  • Hunter/ Killer Escorts

These tree divisions, united under one Asgard Consortium, a force beyond measure, a force of the gods.
This force is represented by the valknut. It symbolizes the power of Odin to bind and unbind.

The manifesto is written in english for the convenience of letting everyone know who we are.
But we are primarily an organization for Norwegians.
If you wish to join, please do so.
You may join us for a chat at our TeamSpeak: or Discord:
You may also check out our forum at:


1.0 Founder and CEO:


2.0 Board of Directors:

Skilled guild leader, AGC’s lead personnel manager

Major contributor in forming AGC, Head of marketing

Head of diplomatic affairs

The Bank, TS and Web provider

3.0 Diplomacy

3.1 Current agreements:

- Alliance between Asgard , Marskin Nyrkki and AGC

- Official declaration of friendship with Asgard , Core Industries , Indi , BloodClaw Pack , Impnor

- None aggressive pact with: P3wp3w

- open diplomatic relations with Bulk

3.2 Default position to non-relation organizations:

- Out of interest for our own protection, we will consider any organization we don’t have any relation to as a potential threat, and will respond swiftly and decisively if we feel threatened during an encounter.
- Under UEE enforced space, we will conduct ourselves to the letter of the law, but with no restriction to protect our interest and assets if met with aggression.
- Though we seek friends, we don’t give unknowns the benefit of the doubt.

3.3 Our standard agreements:

- Open diplomatic channels: is our first stage of contact, and is established as soon as there is a communication channel between leaders or through diplomats from both organizations. Note: this connection does not include a none aggression pact.

- None aggression pact: this agreement, changes out the standing towards the organization in the default position, with a “trust” standing, and will not be attacked on suspicion in law less space.

- Declaration of friendship: in addition to the none aggression pact, this includes an intention and allow for cooperation and joint operations. We will assist friends in distress as long as it does not conflict with other agreements, laws and AGC’s interests.

- Defensive pact: in addition to declaration of friendship, this agreement, bind us to protect, send assets, and assist in defensive operation of the protective organization, even if this may cause conflict with an organization with this or lower agreements with AGC

- Alliance: in addition to defensive pact, we are bound to declare war on any organization attacking an allied. and have to consider suggestion on joint attack on 3.ed organization

3.4 Make diplomatic contact:

You need to establish contact with one of our diplomats or officers with an RSI mail. as soon as both the board/CEO recognize the connection, an official diplomatic channel is considered open. If the board/CEO makes direct contact, the channel is considered open at that point.

3.5 Diplomats:

- TigerR_nor: Head of Diplomatic affairs