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Roberts Space Industries ®


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  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Trading

A rising star in interstellar commerce, with a sideline in everything else. BitSec accommodates any play style, any level of commitment and any amount of space shenanigans. Join us!


2013 – BitSec founded at
2014 – 21/01/14 Bit-Sec Officially Formed.


Who are we?
BitSec was founded by members of the community who got rather excited when Star Citizen was announced. Intended as a way of bringing together members of the forum so they could shoot space lasers together, BitSec has grown from the starting point and actually managed to recruit beyond its natural habitat.

Saying that, BitSec’s members are friendly and inclusive. We absolutely welcome new members, from anywhere or anywhen, only asking that you play nice with others.

What do we do?
BitSec does everything, for the right price. We primarily run mercantile activities, supported by our Operations division who provide escort and combat experience. Outside of this, our members accept bounty missions, explore the galaxy, go mining for valuable materials…or even just find derelicts that have those valuable bits just floating in their cargo holds. We run private military missions for hard payment, or provide that punch to another organisation if they’re not up to it. In short, whatever you want to do in Star Citizen, BitSec will do it.

How are you organised?
BitSec is largely democratic, with an elected High Council and divisional leaders. Major policy decisions will be voted upon by the membership, and all members have to follow our internal political guidelines. Nobody has absolute authority, but the High Council are as close as it gets. We split our activities in to the following divisions:

  • Mercantile – Trading & Logistics
  • Operations – Military, Escort & Bounty Hunting
  • Fleet
  • Black Ops – Espionage & Intelligence
  • Resources – Mining, Refining, Industrial & Salvage
  • Exploration

Anything else I should know?
BitSec is here to have fun. Accusations that we’re here just for the pew-pew are false. We take any commitment you can give us, and are more than aware that real life intrudes in to video games. We don’t accept trolling or griefing, or any damage to BitSec shared property or resources. We’re not a hardcore group, and never intend to be.

Our favourite ships?
We currently fly a lot of Avengers on combat missions, backed up by a swarm of Hornets. For trade, anything goes, but the Constellation is a favourite. Auroras welcome!

Current Forums
Until the launch of the private forums here on the RSI website, discussion is held on the forums, in this rather long thread. Most things we’re holding off on until we have our own place here to discuss, but you can get to know other BitSec members and keep up to date with hardware, choices of controllers and discussion of the news coming from CIG.


Founded in 2013 and democratically led, BitSec’s charter details the rules that all members should abide by.

  1. At all times, have fun.
  2. Do not bring BitSec in to disrepute at any time.
  3. Participate in the decision making process by voting.
  4. Pay your taxes.
  5. Fly solo, fly in a group. Your choice.
  6. Obey orders when given by a superior if in a group activity.
  7. If you have a question, ask!
  8. Play nice.
  9. Follow the rules in the Politics document during elections