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Roving Guns is a Private Military Corporation that values Honor, Wealth and Explosions.
We aim to operate between lawless and fringe UEE territories.

We are the official organization from the Roving Guns gaming community

You can join us here: RG Application Form

(Or chat with us on Discord here!)


The Origin of Roving Guns

Year 1997 was a great time. Online games were new and exciting, tech was exploding all over the Internet. 56k modems, Pentium 2 and full duplex sound were hot items to have. Then Activision’s Heavy Gear was released. Heavy Gear was the mother of 33rd Roving Guns.

The planet was Terra Nova. It was North vs. South, South the Evil, North the Good. Battlegrounds MPlayer, later Activision’s servers. Some of the best people you will ever have the pleasure to meet got together to play this game. Before 33rd Roving Guns had formed, the North had few pilots. South had many and controlled the bad-lands. The North pilots as a smaller group started to know each other well. At times, one group (clan) would help out another to even the teams. That is how one Clan “Patriot Defenders” and another called “Dark Angels” came together to help fight the good fight. Our Reddog, Commander of Patriot Defenders, and WWBIC “Lunatic”, Commander of Dark Angels, together waged war upon the South.
We played side by side for over two years. Watched and helped out as family members passed on. We helped each other through bad and hard times. One of us was there for the other at all times. We formed a bond like no other clan you will ever come to know. It was like Knights at the round table. It was fate “Patriot Defenders” came together with “Dark Angels” to form the 33rd Roving Guns. We held friendship and honor as our flag. We were a small group of guys who would give the shirt off our back to help someone out. This is how Roving Guns all started, and continues to uphold the virtues of Teamwork, Honor and Friendship to this day.

RG in Star Citizen

The Roving Guns PMC was formed when a Local System Militia, the Patriot Defenders, teamed up with the local pirate and privateer group ‘Dark Angels’ in the Orion system . (reference:
While initially opposing one another, they joined forces to survive (and later, escape) a Vanduul armada descending on the system.

First contact with the Vanduul was made by the Dark Angels, who sent out a distress call to the entire system. Thinking it was a just a pirate trap at first, the Patriot Defenders set out to engage and destroy the source of the hoax signal. What they came across were 22 pirates heavily outnumbered by a Vanduul war patrol, including one Vanduul “Mauler” cruiser. (Reference:

The Patriot Defenders made the call to assist the Pirates in their battle against the Vanduul, believing that the humanity comes before the needs of the law, and together the two groups were able to destroy most of the Vanduul fighters and drive off the capital ship, however the Patriot Defenders and Dark Angels took massive casualties in the process, losing half their men.
Unable to return to their pirate base, the Dark Angels and the Patriot Defenders formed a truce and returned to the militia base. Their report was almost completely ignored in light of the remaining Dark Angels presence, and the Patriot Defenders were ordered to apprehend or execute the criminals who had just valiantly saved the system from an attack. When the Patriot Defenders refused to do this, they were ejected from the Militia and a bounty placed upon them. Shortly after they escaped the colony on Orion III, the Vanduul descended on the system in force, and the two groups managed to get out of the system undetected.
The two groups decided to join forces permanently under a new name, the Roving Guns, and follow their own laws based upon Honor, Morality and Freedom of Will. Thus the Roving Guns are a mix of both Outlaws and Law-abiders, resulting of a melting-pot culture that may both hinder or help passers by.
They honor their word and their code. If they stop you to perform a cargo-check for ‘illegal’ substances, or offer to escort you through some dangerous space, you might want to take them up on that offer… things might get a little messy otherwise.
Roving Guns pilots consider themselves ‘Good Citizens’, but they still follow the direction of their hearts.
The Patriot Defenders were an 18 man wing of fighter pilots, callsigns: Fehz, Icarus, Heptameron, Finanche, Takeshi, Cruentus, Grunt, Gumpy, Krimis, Anvil, Crow, Haywire, Hoss, Aircat, Scrapmetal, Scrapdog and Kyros

The Dark Angels were a group of 22 pirates and privateers, callsigns: Reddog, Wwbic, Greatsword, ArchAngel, Hammer, BlackGuard, XA, Surrge, Anvil, Buggman, Hatch, Oakleaf, Johnchi, Zopilot, Claymore, Sickdog, Bilbo, RedTear, WildCat, Urge, Madman,and Stixx


It is the intention of Roving Guns to become the premier private military organization for hire situated in outland and lawless space, while at the same time being honorable in its dealings and remaining within lawful standing with those organizations that dwell in Civilized areas of space.

Roving Guns inc seeks to gain respect from various private corporations in the universe, and in turn generate wealth for themselves as a whole. Not necessarily wealth in a monetary form, but it is preferred.

It is the view of Roving Guns that the UEE and other Private Military Corps are untrustworthy and susceptible to corruption. Despite originally having resorted to piracy in order to escape the UEE persecution, Roving Guns generally frowns upon chaotic behavior such as Piracy, Murder, Black Market Trading and other socially unacceptable activities. It is the view of Roving Guns that where such activities are suspected of taking place, preventative measures must be immediately enacted.

Roving Guns as a PMC has no problem taking on contracts such as but not limited to
-Search and Rescue
-Private Escort
-Force Recon
-Stealth/ Engage and Destroy
-Stealth/ Vessel Seizure
-Stealth/ Headhunting / Bounty Hunting
-Battlefield Interdiction

If in any way shape or form one of our pilots feels threatened by a third party, our pilots reserve the right to defend themselves as necessary. In addition, Individual Roving Guns pilots reserve the right to make decisions regarding a third parties Lawful Status, and are fully authorized by Roving Guns Leadership to engage targets if the pilot feels it is necessary in order to uphold a lawful order.

The discussion can be found at:


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon in full. Some information has been provided, but please come back for updated information.

To participate in a discussion regarding the set of general rules that Roving Guns members in Star Citizen will abide to, members are advised to make their way to the Roving Guns Forum under the Star Citizen division.

At present, recruitment is open invitation now that we have the core RG members on board. All RG members have the ability to recruit new pilots, and we trust each member to use their own good judgement when recruiting someone. This may change later on as the game develops but time will tell.

Ranks & Advancement:

Cadet – New recruit
Ensign – Registered/Regular Member who has graduated from basic training
Lieutenant – Long Standing Member, after 6 months of continuous service in RG
Captain – Captain – After 12 months of continuous service in RG with potential for leadership roles. (Wing Commander, Ground Combat Fire Team Leader, Logistics.)
Commander – Leadership Level 1, Fleet/Wing Commander
Admiral – Leadership level 2

Members of the SC in game organization will remain on the ‘Cadet’ level until they are
1- Registered and Approved on the Roving Guns forum STC division and
2- Wearing their RG_ uniform on their community moniker
3- Completed 3 consecutive months of active service in the corporation as a registered member on the RG forum

Regarding pilots in multiple organizations:
-In order to be considered a member of Roving Guns Star Citizen Division, your main organization must be Roving Guns. Members can therefore still be ‘affiliated’ with other organizations (so long as that organization is not in direct conflict with Roving Guns.)
-Someone who has their main organization as a group that is not Roving Guns, but yet remains affiliated with Roving Guns would not be considered a proper member of Roving Guns, but would still be bound to the charter governing Roving Guns pilots. They would not be eligible to directly benefit from any group-funded assets or activities within Roving Guns. Breaking any rule in our charter will result in the instant dismissal as an affiliate.

General Behavior:
Our members are expected to be well mannered and appropriate in their dealings with other player entities especially so when voice communications are involved.
Our members are expected to work as a team and as a unit, following the directions of their commanding officers as required during operations.
Our members are expected to have fun playing the game, and assist each other in reaching our individual goals.
Our members are expected to be on our teamspeak server whenever playing the game. We are a social clan after all!
And lastly, our members understand that Life comes first!

Check back for more updates. All the above is subject to change as required without notice.