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Stirling Silver Horizons™

Transporting your Precious Merchandise with Efficiency and Pride.



Stirling Silver Horizons™ was originally born in the unconscious wonderings of a young Scarlette’s mind, as she played in and enjoyed the lush and living garden, to the right side of her parents summer cottage. “What a wondrous thing it would be to sail the stars and see so many amazing things.”


As the garden grew older and wiser, Scarlette followed the same path and her urge to travel the universe took her many places. As she searched for the perfect place to settle in and make her dreams come true; by founding her own transport and travel agency, in just right place in the verse.


In the year 2944, Scarlette’s long journey came to an end. Scarlette had finally found the perfect place in the verse’ and Sterling Silver Horizons™ was founded; the premier agency for your transport and travel needs.


Now that Scarlette’s dreams have come true, she can spend the rest of her life sailing the stars; experiencing amazing adventures.




Our friendly and helpful staff at Sterling Silver Horizons™ outlets will ensure with ease, the safe and efficient transportation of your merchandise, raw materials and/or yourself to the destination of your choice.

As all space dwellers know, the transportation of ‘goods’, for whatever reason, is what keeps the gears of the galactic economy grinding. This is why at Sterling Silver Horizons™, we will take such great care to ensure the safety of yourself and your merchandise. Additional escorts will be recruited to give a greater scene of security to our clients with more sensitive cargo.

Exclusive transport contracts will be available upon request very soon. These contracts will enable many PERKS for your convenience. For example;

  • Get access to our best paying contracts
  • Earn a premium pay for your hard work
  • Get discounts luxury cruises
  • Earn Contract Points & Bidding Rights for certain very lucrative contracts
  • And maybe even work your way up into management

Sterling Silver Horizons™ will also be offering non-exclusive contracts to thoughts contractors/pilots who prefer not be tired down. These contracts will also have their perks; for example, you will receive contract points, for every job you complete for Sterling Silver Horizons™.

The number of points you will receive for each job will be determined by how well and how fast you complete the contract. These points can be used to bid on specific highly lucrative, non-exclusive transportation contracts. The more point you have, the better the chance of winning the contract of a lifetime; and maybe the chance to retire. (Please see the Big Board for more information.)

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  • Team Slippery Pixels™ — Exclusive Courier of TRUSTER Aftermarket Parts




Sterling Silver Horizons™ of UTRANSPORT is determined to make traveling to the stars available to all with a little spare cash and time on their hands. As luxury travelers, we are sure you will appreciate the stunning location’s we will be visiting on our many journey’s and the fine accommodations on board will be pleasing for all that travel with us. Why not treat yourself to a fabulous trip to who knows where?

During our travels we will be stopping at many different ports of harbor; giving our travelers and staff alike a chance to acquire and/or sell possessions. Depending on the availability of cargo space at the time of departure, from each port of harbor, Sterling Silver Horizons™ will be taking on contracts to transport cargo to be delivered to its destination, but only along its original course.

Sterling Silver Horizons™ is, for the time being focusing primarily on the transportation of cargo of all kinds, from system to system; for one must pay their dues and work hard to acquire a ship of luxury for traveling the stars.

Sterling Silver Horizons™ will also be offering exclusive transportation contract in the near future; please see our Manifesto for more details regarding these contracts, or contact Scarlette Silverton directly, for more information.

*Note: All other cargo contracts will be referred to Holdings & Trust™ or Team Slippery Pixels™ for further consideration. *Note: Any contracts affiliated with UCOMMERCE will take precedence over all other contracts.