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“Its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” – Old Chinese Proverb


In 2003, Sanctuary of Wanderhome was founded by Astrus, starting the long history of our group. The guild found tremendous success and challenges in Star Wars Galaxies, and theses challenges drove our membership and promotion of quality in the community. Sanctuary of Wanderhome was focused on creating a successful and prosperous city within Galaxies, that allowed Rebel members to have safe haven and a place to earn resources and gear. Although the organization had a deep history in the game, and many examples of success and pride to list, here are some examples of some of the accomplishments.

  • Successfully amassed credits and resources to maintain the Rebel cities that were constructed for years.
  • Promoted concepts of best practices to maximize resource gathering and credit amassing.
  • Became the premier location to acquire goods and services on the Rebel side.
  • Successfully stood up to Imperial aggression and defended our city, with one battle lasting for 72 hours straight, and completely wreaking havoc on the Imperial faction within the server. (Click Here for examples of this in practice)
  • SoW’s involvement in Star Wars Galaxies was from 2003 to 2006.

With the implementation of the New Game Experience, Astrus and the leadership at that time, saw the writing on the wall and the end of Galaxies. It was decided to move over to World of Warcraft, and continuing the implementations of concepts and successes in a new game. As the focus on gear and the score tied to it. Sanctuary of Wanderhome focused on mastering and dominating the end game content. Examples of some achievements are …

  • Was one of the top 2 most successful World PVP groups on Illidan, even with the Horde outnumbering Alliance at every term. (Click here for example of this in practice).
  • Sanctuary of Wanderhome was known to scour a map and destroy all enemy faction players. This was done when a “Call to Arms” was announced; a command that came after a member was camped, and resulted in a map wide, guild only massacre of the enemy faction.
  • SoW’s involvement in World of Warcraft was from 2007 to 2010

As time went by, and the realization that WOW focused only on gear progression and many members would leave after they got what they wanted. Sanctuary of Wanderhome focused on finding a new game, that emphasized community, over gear progression. In February of 2010, the administration found out through early testing, that Star Trek Online had the potential to engage our members and create a community that was better than WOW. Examples of how we engaged our community and the game are as followed …

  • Created detailed and descriptive videos to help members and non members run the raids that existed in STO. (Example of this in practice, click here)
  • Produced social/fun content videos that the developers of STO recognized and appreciated. (Click here for an example).
  • Developed effective PVP strategies and maintained a 85-90% win rate in PVP.
  • SoW’s involvement in Star Trek Online was from 2010 to 2011

Sanctuary of Wanderhome had a small engagement in Rift, carrying many of the strategies over from WOW, and being successful in raids and PVP. Since then, Sanctuary of Wanderhome has been striving to find a new game that can fill the void that was left after Star Wars Galaxies. With the success and growth of Star Citizen, Sanctuary has found a home in a game that has the potential to be the epic experience we’ve wanted for years!


Think Once. Think Twice. Think Forever

What does SoW’s slogan mean? At its foundation the slogan represents that we take careful thought into every move we make, and understand that each decision made has it rewards and consequences. However, in a broader context it means much more…

To our members; this slogan means that we always promote a mentality to strive for the best and academically question, perceived, best practices in order to perfect a mission, duty, strategy, maneuver, etc. Sanctuary of Wanderhome is here to be a place of refuge and fun for our fellow members. We have a very long history of building exceptional gamers, not just recruiting them

For our allies; our slogan means that we take care to maintain our trustworthiness, patience and dependability. We always think before accusing our allies of wrongdoing, trying our best to maximize efficiency and minimize drama. We also have open guidelines for our members which show that we have no problem being held accountable for the actions of individual members. Sanctuary of Wanderhome will always be a dependable ally you can trust.

For our enemies; the slogan means something hair raising-ly different. Although we never go looking for a fight, we have a plethora of strategies created from wins, trials and errors, accumulated over 13 years, to combat any malicious intent made toward our organization, from within and from without.

  • THINK ONCE. We understand that “every battle is won or lost before it’s ever fought.”. So thinking creatively, tactically as well as planning ahead is crucial to our value system here at Sanctuary of Wanderhome.
  • THINK TWICE. Our, previously mentioned, value system has helped us win many monetary contracts, diplomacy disputes, Guild vs Guild wars and, in one instance, a 6 month faction war, lead by SoW, that ended in a battle that lasted 3 days straight; Where the majority of us never slept. We have well over a 90% win rate in world PvP in all the games we have ever played..
  • THINK FOREVER. Although we strive for peaceful relationships first and foremost, We Don’t Surrender….ever. If you believe that a Sanctuary of Wanderhome retreat, today, means you’ve “won” against Sanctuary of Wanderhome forever; enjoy your win and keep thinking that. You’re exactly where we want you.

..While we always seek peaceful solutions first and foremost; We have proven that we won’t tolerate the harassment of our members. And once war has been declared upon us, we have never given up, never surrendered.

Again, we seek peace first and foremost, but before engaging us; Think Once, Think Twice….Think Forever.


Sanctuary of Wanderhome is a 13 year old organization, with a charter that spans our history. We have always promoted a community of intellect and excellence. Each one of the following concepts benefit the member our veteran members as well as the new members just joining our group.

  • Sanctuary Promotes Excellence – We encourage our members to continue to hone and refine their skills in the games we invest time in. Whether you are a miner, bounty hunter, combat oriented person, or a trader, Sanctuary of Wanderhome will help to give you the tools to be the best you can be in these areas and help you build your organization.
  • Administration That Listens – We believe that members should have a strong voice in our organization, which is done through the voting process. We believe that if there is a good idea that you come up with, and you persuade us with good research and concepts, administration will listen. An organization is only as strong as the dialogue that it has with other members.
  • Honoring The Call to Arms – Our trademark over the years has been the Call to Arms. Whenever our members are under attack, we must render assistance, and amass a large force that will engage any hostile target. We take the protection and defense of our members very seriously.
  • A Community that Supports Members – Our organization has spanned many years, going back to Star Wars Galaxies and continuing up to this day. We have countless stories in our forums of members that have progressed exponentially in the games they have played. We have promoted a community that invests in our members gaming success and, in many cases, your personal offline success.

This charter is has a few of the guiding principals of our community. We strive to uphold these values every moment in whatever game that we play. We believe Star Citizen will give our community an engaging experience, with diverse and varied ways to play. We cant wait to make our mark in the ‘verse.