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In 2002, the Wolf Pack Clan took a different approach to their members. Its founders decided to build a community instead of “a clan that came with a skill ranking system”. We found there were members who wanted to create fan art, make skins and mods, write stories, keep relations with other clans intact, host servers, organise clan battles, build the website and in general contribute to the community as a whole (or just bash the forums with jokes and not play games at all). We still very much have most of this community around and for that reason we do not intend to change as this formed a massive history of our making.

We can safely say that around 20 members since joining between 2002-2003 have not considered leaving! And we wish some of them did because some of them are just an out-right pain in the butt! (hehe, just kidding!) – Yep thats right, at the time of writing this, we still have many members from the 2002-2003 period making many of us 12 year old members.

So we expect just an active member in the community, other than that you can do what ever you want. The website is the main hub for such activity but people who decide they just want to meet up with us in-game are not excluded and are respected in the same way even if not considered a forum basher.


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