Roberts Space Industries

Galactic Warrior Empire / GWEMPIRE

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Engineering
  • Infiltration

Galactic Warrior Empire. If you SUCK, you DIE. DEFEND THE EMPIRE!


The elite warriors of Galactic Warrior Empire are Masters of the Persistent Universe.

We are equal opportunity agents. Across the galaxy, adventurous merchant traders have banded together in the quest for fame and fortune. Good luck!

Mission #1. We are merchant traders. We travel on the most lucrative routes and embark on dangerous routes to negotiate legal or seize illegal cargo, precious metals, data collection, and contraband. We sell at ridiculously high prices.

Mission #2. We love to board ships and take control of their vessels. Whatever is left crawling or hiding is shot, killed, mutilated or tossed off the deck into deep space. We keep the women. The cost of human life in the Persistant Universe is categorized as expendable liabilities. We trade women to hostile species for high-quality widow at ridiculously high prices.

Mission #3. We conduct retail, supply, repair, recovery, medical, and salvage operations at ridiculously high prices.

Galactic Warrior Empire sponsors two gamer websites: for eGamers and for eSports.

We have an intense recruiting process. Training is extensive! If you are not serious, GET LOST!

At Star Citizen, we have two divisions: Merchant Fleet – Marine Division and Military Fleet – Combat Division. Before you can join the military division, you must still serve in the merchant division. If you sign-up under the role as an ‘affiliate,’ you are still required to fulfill our requirements.

Paid membership (chump change) is required to cover our administration costs and sponsor our online gaming teams.

Join us on discord for more info.


Shoot them all. Show no mercy. Take no prisoners – Diablo Pajarito

Life is not fair. Too bad!

It’s like dealing a deck of playing cards. You’re stuck with the cards you’ve been dealt with in life, so stop whining like a squirrel hopping around on crack high-quality widow.

We will do whatever it takes to wipe out other merchant trader by any means necessary. Let’s face reality, “Greed is good.” The pursuit of happiness, glory, and riches beyond our wildest dreams come at a price – too high for others to pay.

Join us.

You have many debts to pay. After joining us and, dare I say it, WINNING, you can afford to pay the high price towards the pursuit of happiness.

We are easily seduced by the power, status and financial wizardry obtainable in the Persistent Universe.



1) Say whatever you want.
2) Follow our Chain of Command.
3) Please be respectful.
4) Fight to WIN in the game of life.

Trouble-makers will be terminated.


Enough said.