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Roberts Space Industries
About RSI



At Roberts Space Industries, we are dissatisfied. In the words of our illustrious original Chairman Roberts at the first Board of Directors meeting in 2068, “Complacency rarely leads to innovation. As scientists, engineers, and artists, it’s our job to be dissatisfied. We question, we analyze, we have that itch constantly gnawing at us that says ‘we can do better.’ I want that dissatisfaction etched into the foundation of the company so we perpetually push Humanity toward bigger and better things.”

That step towards Humanity’s future was cemented with the unveiling of the Quantum Core Engine technology in 2075. The Quantum Core allowed Humanity to explore the solar system with unprecedented speed. An achievement of this magnitude would be enough for most companies to settle, to become complacent, but RSI ignored that temptation.

Today, RSI diverts more funds toward its Research & Development division than any of its competitors, still trying to scratch that itch that says we can do better.

They stayed dissatisfied. They strove to do more.



RSI products can be found throughout the UEE at trusted, authorized ship dealers and stores.

Civilian Craft

In 2140, RSI premiered the first model of the Zeus, a quantum-drive equipped starship priced for private ownership. Now, almost nine hundred years later, RSI is still one of the most trusted and reliable names in ship manufacturing, building ships for the civilian population such as the Aurora and Constellation.

Military Craft

Roberts Space Industries has enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration with the UEE military in the development of astroengineering tech in the defense of the public. RSI’s Capital Development Team is the only manufacturer trusted by the UEE Navy to build and deliver large-scale warships like the flagship Bengal-class carrier. While the Experimental Development Team is currently working on several classified contracts to deliver high-end technology for potential use in the UEE military.

Engine Development

The organization from which the company evolved, the Engine Development Team is constantly refining the quantum drive technology the company patented almost nine hundred years ago. Modern jump engines are made ever more efficient in each generation of development, with a significant safety increase part of each iteration. EDT also develops in-house power plant and thruster systems for RSI spacecraft, with the overall goal of reducing cost in constant pursuit of the founder’s dream of affordable private space travel.

Full-scale Avionics & NavDrives

The stars are RSI’s business so it only makes sense that the company would put navigation at the forefront of its production line. RSI avionics are perfectly tuned to work within the engineering parameters of their ships. RSI Avionic Systems are equipped with UEE-approved NavDrives, capable of accepting multiple formats for the navigation of charted jump points but also records flight data for new jump points.