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We don’t do politically correct. We do what we want. We don’t cater to the weak. Facts>feelings. No snowflakes or “there is a problem with gamer bullying”. If you feel like we feel and think like we think, then welcome to the crew. We give each other hell because we go through hell together.


A private corporate entity focusing on combat. Our goal is neutralization of PMC and/or government organizations that fail to either purchase secure travel through our chosen space or seek to protect those that do.
There will be no warning.
There will be no mercy.
Right and wrong are between you and your god.


In controlled territory ANY VESSEL will be given the option of passage for a price that is equivalent of 1/20 of their cargo OR funds, whichever is less.
If said party refuses the point of contact will IMMIDIATELY request all forces that are currently unoccupied.
The vessel will then be destroyed and cargo will be divvied up between participating members, with the original party being given 10% additional for the discover of the trespasser.
No quarter will be given. If abroad as part of an organizational effort you have been deployed to destroy or circumvent the social justice warriors and white knights of the universe. You are being paid to do so. Your life matters. Ambush targets and destroy with overwhelming firepower. The one exception to this rule is capital ships. If an enemy capital ship is encountered contact the organizational Capital Procurement Division. Take no prisoners and take no cargo. Maintain radio silence with targets. WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE.