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Allied eXecutive Endeavors / AXE

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I cannot forget Carcosa where black stars hang in the heavens; where the shadows of men’s thoughts lengthen in the afternoon, when the twin suns sink into the lake of Hali; and my mind will bear for ever the memory of the Pallid Mask

All US TZ.


UEE File Begin
Advocacy file ACR0498521227-A4D Allied eXecutive Endeavors
Offical UEE Transcript begins:
Inter Advocacy Bureau Report
Active Dangerous Cults
File XVC-97
Originator : [CLASSIFIED]
Recipient : [CLASSIFIED]

Hi, [CLASSIFIED], the currently branded ‘Organization’ called “Allied Executive Enterprises”, began its operations over 50 years ago as a ‘religion’ on the edge of UEE space. In all actuality calling them a religion gives them too much credit, they were more like a cult back then, attacking and killing, taking slaves and hostages and trading them for credits, and the very idea that they were somehow organized is questionable. It appears they were individuals working together, though some people think there may have been a rank structure or inner group, no one is certain, however; approximately 40 years ago, the group assaulted a major UEE stockpile of weapons. It was sometime after this raid that it became the ‘organization’ it now is.

Details of Operation Purge follow with some information redacted.
Location : [REDACTED]
Operation Purge
On [REDACTED] a group of pirate organizations combined forces assaulted the [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED] system, this location housed an isolated and classified weapons depot near the [REDACTED] border to deal with potential threats. How the pirates located and uncovered this secret installation is still being researched.
Due to the sensitive nature of many of the weapons, Operation Purge was hastily planned, but flawlessly executed. It resulted in the recovery of all the lost weapon systems and the annhialation of a large number of pirate groups. Operation Purge centered on carrier group [REDACTED] and pulled in additional operating hardware from nearby supporting planetary based operating groups.
Operation Purge IV was the group detached to handle the small group that was located in [REDACTED]. It was a relatively unknown pirate organization consisting of less than 50 members, though exact numbers are unknown. The group detached to recover the stolen weapons centered on the cruiser [REDACTED] with [REDACTED] ships in support. It located the hidden operating facilities that they were using on day 3 of the operation. The pirates were still unloading the stolen military hardware, and were caught completely off guard. Of the more than 20 ships docked at their base only 4 managed to launch before the combined firepower of the task force had reduced the docked ships to slag, the boarding action on the lower docking array recovered the stolen weapons portion that the pirates had taken as their portion of the ‘loot’.
Of the 4 ships that launched, one was intercepted and destroyed while the other three went in different directions. Two were pursued to their jumps into [REDACTED] space. The third was pursued by [REDACTED] which was later found due entirely to its emergency beacon. All hands were lost. Evidence indicates that the pirates had several ships not docked at the time that came to the aid of the third ship, and were able to help over power it.
Results of Operation Purge IV : Mission Accomplished, minimal losses.
Surviving Pirates: 3 Small ships [REDACTED] Class, 10 persons in custody. Plus at least 4 more ships of unknown size.
It is known that some months after this event one of the two ships that had jumped away on its own returned to its pirate allies; this was the beginning of the “cult”. What little has surfaced outside the cult is that this ship had found its way to a previously unknown system.
The following reports come from [REDACTED] Hospital for the Criminally Insane on Terra. Date: August 4, ’23 Patient : Angus Michael MacCleud
The patient continues to babble on about the black stars in the white sky, he’s clearly gone mad beyond the point of repair, the only other coherent words I can make out are Aldebaran and Carcosa, Of course there is no known jump to Aldebaran, and the only reference I have been able to find to a Carcosa is in ancient literature.
Biochemical analysis shows however; something noticeably wrong with his brain chemistry, some key neurotransmitters have been discovered to be being produced incorrectly. Genetic tests have shown no mutations that can be responsible for this, though I am not ruling out the possibility of drugs or other external causations. We have tried corrective drugs, but the variants present in his head seem to be on the order of 10x more powerful, the drugs would have to be given in lethal doses to have any effect.
Date August 18, ‘23
Patient: Angus Michael MacCleud
The patient was found dead today. Though outwardly no cause could be found, the suspicion is loss of blood, he had written one word on his room wall, “Hastur” this was written in his own blood, but the only injury was a finger he had chewed off his own hand. The next of kin on listing for him works for some band of criminals whose last known location is in the outer systems near Banu space. We have dispatched a message which will likely take several days to reach them.
Date: 3 September, ‘35
Patient : Joaquin Zharptitza
New patient arrived today from transfer via Advocacy. He was arrested weeks ago as a trafficker and since has insisted that he isn’t the same person they arrested. He claims that each day he is reborn as someone new. Should be an interesting case.
Date: 4 September, ‘35
Patient: Joaquin Zharptitza
The patient is a member of the same cult as a previous candidate, but this one doesn’t rattle on about random ideologies. Instead he insists that each night he dies, and is ‘resurrected’ as a new person the next, and that the Regent of the cult gives out new orders based on this fact. When asked if he recalls previous ‘lives’ he answers “of course I do.” We have begun talk therapy with the patient.
Date: 14 December, ‘35
Patient: Joaquin Zharptitza
The patient refuses to speak to us now at all, he insists he is not the same person, and shouldn’t be held accountable for the actions of another man. We are considering more primitive methods of therapy at this point in his case. Perhaps even a lobotomy.
Date: 28 February, ‘36
Patient: Joaquin Zharptitza
After the January outburst we had no choice but to lobotomize the patient. During his unconscious period before the surgery began he was chanting, the words were hard to make out, but they seemed to be Hastur, Aldeberan, and Carcosa. When the lobotomy was over, he screamed black stars, then went comatose.
Date : 4 April, ‘37
Patient: Joaquin Zharptitza
The patient was found dead today in his room, autopsy reports inconclusive.
Angus Michael MacCleud was a citizen who had served well his time of service. He had been honorably discharged, and was a decorated combat veteran. People who knew him during his time of service claim he was a very level headed individual, but after joining the Agents of the Xanthous Emblem became steadily more withdrawn. His last communication with anyone outside the cult was one year prior to his being captured and sent for psychiatric evaluation. It was to his sister and it simply said “Now I know too much, and soon I will know even more.” Attempts to contact him after this communication led nowhere, and his sister died in a pirate attack 6 months later. When captured his medical file included a contact near Banu space as the next of kin. What could drive a man so insane?
Joaquin Zharptitza was a pirate, who operated everywhere he could, eventually he was captured by the UEE and brought to trial, during the trial it was discovered he had a ‘psychological fault resulting in a unique type of dissociative identity disorder’ and was remanded to the same hospital that a few years earlier had seen a man that likely would have been known to him as a member of the same cult. Zharptitza never served in the military, and had no citizen’s rights, but he had managed to bribe his way successfully through several systems. By doing this he managed to stay ahead of UEE authorities looking for him.
The cult over the next decades has acted in bizarre ways, sometimes as pirates, other times as mercenaries, and even occasionally as pirate killers helping ships escape a terrible fate. Their ships have been seen exploring, prospecting, raiding, defending, and in general doing whatever they want on a day to day basis. When they show up you can’t tell if they are going to attack you, or defend you, or even ignore you. There was one report of a time when they were seen attacking one of their own pilots, half way through the battle all but one turned sides and attacked the one that didn’t turn. No person who has joined the inner cult has left it, and there are suspected to be many external members, people who fly with other banners, even as part of the UEE navy, who were active members of the cult.
There have been only three captured members of the cult, most fight to the death, or kill themselves before capture. The third file, is classified, and I have not been able to access it at all, but I do know that the captured person wasn’t sent to a correctional facility or an asylum. In the recent past, the cult has rebranded itself as a ‘legitimate’ organization, though its members are often found engaging in piracy, and there is still a large amount of chaotic behavior in their movements. The ‘legitimate’ activities they have been known to engage in are as follows, Exploration and trade, at last accounting this was a mere 10% of their total effort, with far more being placed into Freelancing, Pirating and Smuggling.


The ‘verse tends to chaos, entropy is the law of all creation. You are thus not bound to who you were yesterday, as there is no such thing as continuation of consciousness. When you sleep, you cease to exist, a new you, defined partially by your past experiences, but still an empty canvas to the universe arises.

They said that science was the ultimate arbiter of the ‘verse, but I have travelled in interspace, I was lost there for an impossible amount of time to count, and have seen the truth, there are gods. They are gods of chaos, and cruelty. And their influence can be seen everywhere about us.
The ‘verse shows us its violence and chaos, the uninhabitability of many worlds. The sheer destruction caused by chaos on the home worlds. None of this is purely accidental, but it is completely random.

We know the truth, embracing the chaos is the only thing that can protect all of creation from the eternal chaos, in the name of Hastur, Lord of Interstellar spaces, we shall subjugate or cleanse all of the galaxy of the order within it.

We will slaughter those that stand in our way.
Piracy is a tool, a means to an end, but not the end goal itself.
Piracy must yield profit, for it is profit that makes the stars shine.
We must explore the ‘verse to learn all its secrets.
We must expand that more people may come to us that our message may be enforced.
The UEE must be made to pay for its failure at Orion
The Universe is chaos, embrace this fact, and see the light.


Layout of Star Citizen Allied Executive Endeavors. [AXE]

AXE operates in a mostly independent manner, with players free to decide their own course of actions, play the game your way and have fun.

In terms of atmosphere, our faith says that each day when we sleep the old self dies, and when we wake a new self is born. That there is only an illusion of continuity from one day to the next, and that there is no reason you should be expected to fit the mold that society has put you in. To this end we will try to keep everyone guessing what we are about to do next. There is a list of random mission objectives being formulated, though this list is far from complete and will be until full beta is launched. It is our goal that by the end of beta we have a full random mission generator here on the website.

The Ideal AXE will have other players in our systems unsure of if we are there to help, hinder, or ignore them.

AXE membership is broken into several tiers, the list of tiers is below, and will be explained afterwards.

Regent : The commander in Chief.

High Council Members

Lower Chamber Members

Operations Leaders

Team Leaders



The “Regent” is elected from among the members of the High Council.

Each person who wishes to be Regent first must post their vision on the website under the appropriate category.

The election of the Regent is public and no member may vote for themselves.

In the event of a two-way tie in the voting both persons may become co-regents, provided they are able to derive a common plan of action.

In the event of any other tie in High Council votes, the Lower Chamber may cast a single vote to break the tie.

His primary job is to set the tone for and the objectives, both long and short term, for the entire group.

While the Regent(s) is elected from the High Council, he has no voting authorization within the Assembly. Being elected to this position gives you the power to lay out a broad based plan for the organization, but removes you from all other considerations.

High Council

The High Council consists of members of the group who join in the earliest stages, and elect the Regent.

In the event a Regent is failing to lead, or bringing shame to the group, he may be challenged for his position by any member of the High Council. Subject to the following rules:

Unanimous vote for another member of the High Council immediately following a major failure.

In the event of a majority voting to replace the current Regent (>50% but not unanimous) the High Council members may determine a secondary challenge. This must be agreed upon by both parties. If agreement on the challenge can’t be reached, the visions of both Regents will be presented to the Lower Chamber, and voted on by these members, victory requires a 75% or greater majority from the Lower Chamber members.

The Council can vote to override the Regent only with a 2/3s majority or more.

The Council‘s job is to develop missions and strategies to assist the Regent’s vision and to keep members entertained. These are games, and members should be having fun.

The Council may remove any member at any time for failing to follow the basic rules of membership.

The Council may promote members from among any Agent who shows leadership qualities at any time, with respect to the following rules.

Promotion to the Council requires a unanimous vote.

Promotion to the Council requires active participation in the Regent’s plans.

Promotion to the Council requires active participation in the daily mission log.

At no time, except during initial formation of the group within a game, may the High Council have more than 5% of the total population of AXE in the game.

The High Council will organize Weekly Events for members.

The High Council holds sole power to alter the SC AXE Charter.

The High Council holds sole power to establish or change rules for the organization.

Lower Chamber

The Lower Chamber is made up of Agents who are elected by other agents to lead.

The primary job of the Lower Chamber is to vote on group money usage.

The Lower Chamber is also tasked with taking the smaller goals as designed by the High Council and leading small groups of tasks for the Agents.

The Chamber will aid in training Initiates.

The Chamber will organize monthly events for members.

Only members who were formerly High Council members are permanently seated on this Chamber, all others will be elected every three months.

No elected member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

This Chamber can never have more than 10% of all membership as part of it. With the exception being that it may never be smaller than the Golden council, excepting during the initial establishment of the group in game.

Division of L00t.

Ops: Short for operations, in order to be considered an op, must consist of no fewer than 4 players from within AXE.

Anytime fewer than 4(four) players are together, loot should be split between them equally, with a small share (1/2 share) sent to AXE to cover group operating expenses.

For unofficial ops: (ops lead by any player without the sanction of the Lower Chamber or High Council) Leading and organizing ops is essential to the successful function of the group, as such the leaders and organizers are rewarded heavily for their actions, the purpose of this is to drive members to organize their own operations.

3 shares to the player who organized the operation.

2 shares to the player who lead the operation if not the organizer

2 shares to the backup leader

1 share to each other player

1 share to AXE

For official Lower Chamber Ops.

2 Shares to the leader of the operation

2 Shares to the backup leader

2 shares to AXE

1 share to each other player

For official High Council ops.

1/2 share to leader

3 shares to AXE

2 shares to the backup leader

1 Share to each other player

Rules of behavior

Be polite to other members
No smack talk
Freedom of speech is respected UNLESS you are actively trying to be offensive, so go ahead and tell your joke.
No smack talk
Loyalty is expected
Aid other members of AXE excepting during those times when doing so is against the rules, or plain out stupid.
Stupidity should hurt.
Courage should be rewarded.
There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, know which side you are on.
Be on comms, at all times.
No smack talk.
Be random.
Have fun.

We have different people within the group who will want to participate in different interactions, from piracy to carebearing; we appreciate it all, and desire to form a cohesive group of players that do what we can to assist one another.

Thematically we are established to look like a cult of insanity; we should desire no external communications unless otherwise directed. Move silently, and let’s keep them guessing what we are up to.

The concept behind the group in SC is every day you are a new person, the person you were yesterday is destroyed, gone and may or may not ever come back. Think perpetual reincarnation. Daily missions will be decided by a random mission generator [Still in the works at this time.] which will be used to give each play type something they can do.

While we are not an exclusively PVP organization, everyone is expected to participate in some PVP and a minimum number of training exercises as determined by leadership.

While we are not a carebear organization … do I need to repeat myself?