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Welcome to our official Spectrum channel!
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Our history is yet to be written.


The Company

Built upon exploration, Beyond Infinity strives to find new worlds for their clients. We know that knowledge is key and so we provide you with detailed data about potential settling grounds, resource locations or potential threats for your endeavours. We are capable of funding our missions ourselves which means no risk on the client’s side. This includes, security, exploration equipment, and, if the client wants, a first settlement.
To achieve that, Beyond Infinity maintains several industrial branches which are set up to provide enough financial freedom, to undergo risky missions, without threatening the wellbeing of the company.

Working With Us

As an future employee, you can expect various line of actions, tailored to your current interests and skills. Since we as a company want to be as independent as possible from subcontractors, we seek employees from all kinds of professions. Those are:

  • Pilots and Co-Pilots
  • Scanner Operators

  • Pilots and Co-Pilots (Space and Ground)
  • Market Analysts

Air/Space Security
  • Fighter Pilots
  • Gunners
  • Support Pilots

Ground Security

  • Pilots / Co-Pilots
  • Mining Operator


Combat training is mandatory in every occupation, because space is dangerous and we need to be able to defend ourselves. However, that includes also support roles as not everyone is born to be a dogfighter. Apart from that, our employees decide which path they want to go. Specialization in a line of work, can be rewarded with management roles or even a seat in the board of directors. Specialization is not necessarily restricted to one line of work. An eager employee may excel in more than one profession.

Daily business will entail doing missions for the company and – and this is important – building up your skills, reputation and wealth as an individual. All employees are expected to support each other for that.

Does this sound interesting to you? Then apply today.
We are happy to get to know you.


We are looking for the following qualities in our Employees:

1. You are respectful in the way you communicate with your fellow colleagues. We don’t employ any rules, but trust that our employees are sensible and accept criticism by colleagues.

2. You are willing to contribute to the greater good, i.e. the company’s well being.

3. You represent Beyond Infinity in a mature, helpful and friendly fashion. That entails (amongst others):

  • not letting yourself be provoked on public communication channels.
  • helping out others in need.
  • not attacking unless attacked or you know someone is harassed and you want to help out.

4. You abide the laws and don’t partake in any criminal activities.

5. (Optional) You are willing to specialize in one line of action.