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Bounty Hunter's Guild / BHGN

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    Bounty Hunting

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This is the discord server if you have any questions you can reach us there.



If you don’t care about rp stuff, you probably don’t want to read this section. Move on to Manifesto and Charter
It’s also worth noting that the history of the guild will be subject to change in order to be in-line with the lore of Star Citizen.


The tell-tale scent of Insta-Patch™ Hull Foam hangs in the air of the ramshackle dive of the Nexus you’ve found yourself in. Overhead a cluster of screens hanging from the ceiling like a chandelier tracks open contracts for the galaxies most wanted criminals. A number of rough-looking operators are scattered throughout the room, some walking in only briefly to sync up their mobi-glass with the Nexus, collect payment, and leave as swiftly as they arrived. A few sit huddled in quiet conspiracy discussing shares and cuts, while others recline in dark corners to catch free sleep in proper gravity for a change. A bearded, old man clad in a dirty duster and a few days worth of grease sits next to you at the bar drinking poison from a bottle.

The man takes a drink from his bottle then turns and says: “So ya want to know the history of the guild, huh? Heh, well It ain’t exactly the sort’ve place what would keep records on that kinda thing.” he takes another swig before continuing “Nobody really knows when or even how it got started, all we know for sure is it’s been around longer than anyone in it. A lot of folks like to fill in the blanks with their own stories, but the truth is no one knows anything about it! Most’ll tell tales of a time where pirates from all ‘round banded together to persuade the galaxy that bounty hunting weren’t a lucrative profession anymore—and that ain’t too far fetched compared to most of the horse-shit these assholes spew. If ya ask me though, pirates are too stupid and selfish to ever work together for a common interest. At least not for long. But when you’ve lived as long as I have, you’ll ‘uv seen plenty of things that’ll surprise ya.” He then takes a long draw from his drink before turning it upside down and gives you an expectant look

“I need another drink over here!” You shout over the tv above the bar tuned to TRACKER while flagging down the bartender. The bartender stares you down as he approaches, opens another bottle, and sets it down on the bar in front of the old timer sitting next to you. “Thanks.” you add sarcastically before looking back to your new acquaintance.

“That’s about all I’ve got for ya apart from my own musings.” says the old man, sipping on his nectar again. “Now I don’t know any more than the rest of these degenerates, but I’d wager the guild was founded out of necessity. Ya see, people like us don’t make many friends out there in the cold black. We piss off johnny law when we shake down some low life for information and then that low life asshole’s always got friends with something to prove. I think enough of us got tired of the whole ‘me vs. the galaxy’ shtick that we decided to form a sort of… refuge for hunters. There may not be much left to it but if ya look hard enough you’ll find hunters who still abide the tenets of the guild.” he takes another long draw from his bottle, finishing it off with a satisfied yet raspy ‘ahhh’ before adding “Now that might not be as exciting as the tales those other hunters will spin, but the true story rarely is. Listen, I appreciate the drinks and company but I’ve got some business off-world to take care of… unless yer buying another round that is.”




The purpose of the guild is to resolve conflict between hunters before it gets out of hand while creating a place for hunters to roleplay as well as find information on targets, seek refuge, or buy and sell merchandise up to par with the targets you’ll be hunting.



First, I want to explain a little about the tenets. Breaking these rules will not get you kicked out. These are strictly for the sake of role playing. If you break these tenets though, your reputation with the guild will be lowered. Your reputation is mostly just a role playing tool as far as BHGN is concerned. Some people might treat you differently based on your reputation, but that’s really the only consequence. However, if you’re caught killing or poaching other hunters, you’ll be marked a Rogue Hunter and a bounty will be placed for your capture – or potentially your head.

1. No bounty Is worth dying for.

2. People don’t have bounties, only acquisitions have bounties.

3. Capture by design, kill by necessity.

4. In the hunt one captures or kills, never both.

5. No hunter shall slay another hunter.

6. No hunter shall interfere with another’s hunt.

7. No hunter shall refuse aid to another hunter.



Nexuses will be places where a hunter can wind down, ask around for intel, rp, and rest a bit.

Goal is to have a Nexus in every system but we’ll see how feasible or necessary that is.

Nexuses will be run by handlers who handle bounties and keep the peace.

Handlers will be chosen by affiliations and factions of the handler and system as well as the presence of their org in that system.

Hunters that want to become staff at BHGN can also become handlers.

Every org can apply a handler to a Nexus and an additional handler for every 25 members the org has in the guild. (So an org with 25 hunters will be eligible for 2 handlers and so on.)




This is the discord server, join it at your leisure.



1. Don’t be a dick.
-If your character is confrontational, that’s fine. But if you’re making personal attacks on people (not characters), that’s not cool. You’ll be warned and if we (admins) decide that you’re toxic to the group, you will be removed. I think we can all agree that being a dick is bad.
2. Role-playing isn’t required, but this is a role-playing org.
-If you’re trolling a role-player, you’re out. They’re enriching the atmosphere of the guild and you’re breaking immersion for them and everyone around you.
-If someone is trolling you, ignore them and tell an admin.
-If you’re trying to force someone into rp you’re provoking it so don’t do that either.
-That doesn’t mean being approached is grounds to troll. If you feel that someone is forcing you to rp then tell an admin.
3. No fighting at a Nexus.
-You want to fight? Take it outside.
-Don’t expect murder to be allowed at every Nexus.
-If a handler has to intervene with you more than once you’ll be banned from that Nexus.
4. No pirates.
-Taking some “souvenirs” from your hunt is one thing but piracy will get you kicked out. A bounty hunter is to a pirate as a cat is to a mouse. Not to mention the political conflict of interest is a headache we don’t want to deal with.
5. No poaching from each other.
-Every case is different, mods and relevant orgs can discuss and work out what happened.


Compositional Orgs

These are the orgs currently in BHGN

Shadow Vipers
The Black Suns
Shadows of Nyx
Dead or Alive
Kill Joys Inc.
Amaroq Repossessions
RePhoenix Security
Blackwing Ltd.
Bounty Hunter Ghosts
Invictus Private Security
The Kyr’am Clan