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We are a nomadic fleet of private military, logistics and exploration contractors – we provide most of our services for fair prices to other “free thinkers” – while UEE affiliates pay somewhat higher rates.

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The formation of Bloodpact as a guild in 2004 was in anticipation of the beta of a fairly unknown at the time free to play game called Corum Online. The guild played this game for more than two years, first under the leadership of Drac, later Neez. When 2moons (later known as Dekaron) came out, the guild split in half, and Merc (now known as Lofty) became leader of the 2moons division, with Neez and the other half going to Luna Online. The Corum and Luna Online division unfortunately disbanded a few months later, and some of those people joined up in 2moons.

2moons was an inherently dangerous game. PvP was largely a free-for-all at early levels, in areas where quests were found. Giving members safety proved to be alpha and omega to becoming one of the biggest, most active and most tight knit guilds in the game shortly after launch.

Bloodpact became a 2moons powerhouse fairly early on. The officers and leaders were quick to adapt to the game’s challenges, and although Bloodpact was not the guild with the highest level players (although some of us was no doubt up there) and it was not the guild that sought out PvP the most; Bloodpact spared no expense in helping their members if they had problems, and key members would always drop whatever they were doing to come to the aid of their fellows.

The “Blood Pact”

In no time at all, Bloodpact had more active members than the only two guilds above us on the ranking at the time combined. We were rightly feared for our active protection of even our low-level members, allowing each and every one of us to get stronger. No one in their right minds picked a fight with Bloodpact. And despite gaining a reputation for being a ‘zerg’ guild, we had an incredible harmony and despite our large numbers can honestly say we were a tight knit group.

The status gained shortly after 2moons launched made way for a truly unique opportunity to become untouchable. Bloodpact opened up for other guilds to sign the “Blood pact.“An alliance that would dwarf everything the game had to offer. At the time, 2moons was the most populated free-2-play MMO in the world, and at it’s height, no less than 7 guilds and 500 players were united under these alliance terms.

Bloodpact was often called out by other guilds. Elitist guilds with higher level players that were envious of the position we were in. Huge mass PvP carnages ensued, and Bloodpact and her allies were never once on the losing side.

The sheer numbers on our side could not be defeated, and through the tears of smaller more hardcore guilds, even there we were recruiting. Soon higher level players joined guilds in the family.

Due to Merc, (aka. Lofty) the leader, being hospitalized with a severe injury for two months without being able to report in late 2007, the guild slowly fell apart, although upon returning it was evident that many, over 60 active members, still remained holding the pieces just barely together with no means of administrating forums or in-game roster.

Shortly thereafter, due to Acclaim’s licensing shenanigans, 2moons got split into 2moons and Dekaron, the prior for North America and the latter for Europe, the guild decided to move on.

Allods Online

The next game, Allods Online, (2009) was perhaps our watershed moment, as growth was exponential in this period. Mercury won a video contest early in closed beta and as a result we filtered over a thousand applications down to ca. a hundred new members in a period of three months going from closed to open beta.

Starting Open Beta, we had a fantastic inner harmony and a much more streamlined organization. We became one of the four guilds that were competing for server and (western) world firsts as well as one of the largest if not the largest organization on North American servers.

Allods Online was designed in a way that put mid-level players of both factions through one levelling zone, and in this open field we fought to protect our faction’s interests and due to our tenacity we made our faction (Empire) the strongest over time, allowing us to get server and faction firsts on two early raid bosses and the first PvP victories in astral space with our fleet of ships.

We also became the first Empire faction guild to raid the enemy faction’s capitol city (Novograd) on land and successfully enter the palace. As seen in this video:

At one point we also blew up an enemy ship while docked in the enemy faction capitol’s dock, and as a result inadvertently found a bug that prevented their entire faction from using their dock and entering astral space. The server went down shortly after.

We played the game about 6 months into open beta until Astrum Nival, now acquired by, introduced a patch that made a number of changes to the item shop that created a very aggressive pay to win situation. Despite the vast majority of Bloodpact members being good customers of the shop in the first place, and the ease at which we could use it to our advantage, on a pure matter of principle we decided to leave the game. If not for this, we would probably still be playing Allods.

Rift: Planes of Telara

At this time the search for a new game began, and we all decided that perhaps a subscription based game would be more right for us this time, having professionalized our operation over our time in Allods. Rift was at this time our primary target, but as it was rather far away we decided to form an Age of Conan initiative for continuity’s sake, as the Rise of the Godslayer expansion was rather fresh looking.

As this was a stop gap game for us, we didn’t push members towards playing it, but we still went in with around 40 members. Within a month we were ranked 15th in total on the Cimmeria RP-PvP server, and had built our city and seen most raids and Khitai dungeons, and had fisticuffs in the open world with a number of guilds. Overall, our time in AoC was an enjoyable distraction, but one of our members who had a friend in Trion, received a friend invite with +1 to the developer alpha of Rift and gave Merc the other.

It wouldn’t be long until after some inquiries, Merc was able to bring in more Bloodpact members, and from there on in, we committed to Rift until it was done, and also bought and played the game for a while on release, but decided to pack up as our recruitment efforts had been a little unsuccessful with all the work we had been putting into testing.

We had ended up with not too few, but too many, members. At launch our inner harmony was gradually deteriorating and eventually it became untenable for the officers in place. We still managed to pull together some world firsts, most notably the first raid on the enemy’s capitol city as well as the first completed 12-man death rift raid. We decided to pull out of Rift and focus our attention to restoring the guild’s values as we had lost sight of some of that.

The Secret World

This didn’t stop us from looking for a new game to get into, and from a few candidates The Secret World was immediately selected as our most desired game. We inquired about alpha, and soon were had most of the guild in place. This wasn’t as early in alpha as we went in on in Rift, but we had a good 6-7 months in the ongoing alpha before release and got to help out quite a bit. After release we played The Secret World for about 4-5 months, the decision to leave was mostly due to Merc’s own illness as he had had a string of it since August 2012.

Star Citizen and our 10th anniversary

We have been silently recruiting for Star Citizen for 6 months now. And even though we started to slow down on recruitment, it is still possible to join. However, we only accept applications at our own website. The RSI Org tools have a secondary function to us.

While we wait for Star Citizen, we have been playing a great variety of games casually, but probably played War Thunder more than any other.

We celebrate our 10th anniversary in February!


  • We will separate ourselves from the UEE, and live as a nomadic exploration fleet.
  • We will provide contract work in the sectors of logistics, protection, education/ training, mercantile and manufacturing.
  • We will ally or partner with other relevant rebellious or separatist groups where possible.
  • We will exert dominance over UEE sympathizers or those indirectly assisting the UEE within our perimeter where practical and useful.
  • We will build an internal utilitarian socialist economy using our broad range of skills and matériel.
  • We will provide humanitarian aid to those worlds abandoned or neglected by the UEE.
  • We will seek reputation with the Banu and Xi’an.

Our overarching goal is to weaken the UEE covertly while outwardly preserving a good reputation with it, and enabling the free peoples of the universe to thrive.


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