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Core Dynamic Systems / CDSYS

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An international group of adults with a culture of game skill and competency, mutual respect, organization representation and cooperation.

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Founded January 6th 2946

Core Dynamic System

Our Core

Our Dynamic

Greetings, I would like to invite you to check out CORE DYNAMIC SYSTEMS

What makes us different from other Orgs? Our Members. We do not mass-recruit and over time we have built up a solid core of members who are not only fun to be with, but who excel at the game. Our guidelines are set to make the game fun and enjoyable, without drama. We are large enough to provide a strong presence online, but small enough that you are important.

CDS is:
*made up of people from around the world
*real-life-friendly, we understand that RL comes first
*not a job; members can participate as much as they wish; promotions are based on activity and effort
*for adults; adults who like to fly spaceships
*the place for the full spectrum of legitimate activities
*anti-piracy and anti-griefing
*new-player-friendly, elite-player-friendly
*Exclusive, we don’t accept affiliates of other Orgs
*inclusive, we do not discriminate

CDSYS at Discord


What does CDSYS stand for?

A structure of communication and competency within an organization.

  • CDSYS seeks to create a culture of skill and efficiency within all members.
  • Level of skill/competency relevant to the level of participation
  • Basic training offered to all members
  • Advanced training available

A Code of Conduct

  • Respect for Orgmates
  • Represent CDSYS appropriately
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Enjoy the game, be successful
  • Achieve goals through skill, knowledge, and cooperation
  • Support for Org initiatives, help Orgmates

EVERYONE in the organization can participate in any legal activity sanctioned within Star Citizen including mining, exploration, trade, bounty hunting, racing, whatever, except NO PIRACY/NO GRIEFING or anything that would reflect badly on the reputation of the organization.

These CDSYS requirements help install a feeling of confidence in fellow organization mates and add to the efficiency of mission profits. It is also damn fun to work as a team to overcome overwhelming odds.

The intention is to have an active, knowledgeable organization that supports its membership to achieve goals within the Star Citizen universe.

Core Dynamics Systems respects that real life is important, and there are a variety of playstyles, interests, skill levels, and levels of activity.

Its easy to join CDS
  • Apply here at RSI and on our website
  • Speak with anyone of our members to learn about the Org
  • Join our Discord channel to learn more
  • Agree to our guidelines for conduct
  • Make CDS your Exclusive Org (we do not accept affiliations at this time)

Play the game you want to play
  • all legitimate activities supported – industry, commerce, transportation, exploration, combat, racing
  • we ask that all members take CDSYS training, and that they adhere to guidelines for conduct, but members are under no other obligations

Participate as much as you want
  • members are not required to contribute or participate
  • training is available for those who wish to become Org-certified in a skill or position
  • those who wish to assist with managing the Org can rise in rank
  • training certification system is designed to assure members that they can count on the skills and abilities of fellow Org mates

No Piracy/No Griefing
  • we won’t start fights, but we’ll finish them
  • we ask that members represent the Org well


Core Dynamic Systems (CDSYS) – OUR CORE PRINCIPLES

CDSYS is an international group of adults with a culture of game skill and competency, mutual respect, organization representation and cooperation. Here are the principles we ask all our organization members to follow:

Principle #1: Real life comes first

  • play when you can, be as casual or as hardcore as you wish
  • keep in contact, be contactable
  • no mandatory play requirements

Principle #2: No piracy, no griefing

  • as a member of CDSYS – you represent all other members as lawful members of the UEE

Principle #3: The benefit of membership comes from ALL our Members for All members

  • success in the ‘verse comes through cooperative and skilled play
  • certifications available for greater in-game rewards and recognition

Principle #4: Exclusive

  • give us all your attention when you can – don’t split it with other organizations (allowing white-list affiliations for the purpose of creating alliances)
  • keep CDSYS secure

Principle #5: Inclusive

  • members from around the world, all walks of life, and a wide range of ages (18 and older)
  • no discrimination based upon race, creed, color, gender, or orientation tolerated

Principle #6: Always friendly & helpful

  • elite players, no elite attitudes
  • new player-friendly, casual player friendly
  • training for novices and experts

Principle #7: Selective recruiting

  • not interested in growth for growth’s sake
  • good people preferred – skilled pilots welcome
  • small enough where all members matter
  • large enough where our presence is strong

Principle #8: Full spectrum of legitimate game play

  • all aspects of game play welcome, except piracy (or anything that would reflect negatively on CDSYS)
  • full range of players – casual to hardcore members/ role-play friendly

Principle #9: NO DRAMA

  • open and approachable leadership and members/ adult behavior, adult maturity
  • respect for all organization members
  • use organization provided communications for organization activities
  • be fully committed to CDSYS objectives

Principle #10: Simple and Flexible organization structure

  • evolving as game evolves/ advancement in rank based on contribution to CDSYS
  • knowledge and skill are valued but not required

Principle #11: Participate – Connect – Build Relationships

  • Star Citizen is only a game (and still only in alpha). Yet, many members have invested much of their time building this organization, and spent huge amounts in support of RSI.
  • participate when you can, connect to get to know your org-mates, and build the relationships we will need to be successful in the verse when the game goes live.
  • connect when you can, but remember Principle #1. All of us have a real life.

Principle #12: Fleet First

  • all members encouraged to participate in fleet first training to foster cooperation and build competency
  • practice use of brevity to encourage efficient communication while in-game