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Dreamcatcher Collective / DRMCTCHR

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Social
  • Freelancing

The Dreamcatcher Collective is the new home for those looking to enjoy and hone their skills in:
- Interdiction
- Light Intelligence/ Reconnaissance
- Support (Medical, General Support… etc)
- Dropships
- Salvage
and more!



Created in January 2953, the collective is still young and our story is yet to be told. Join us to be part of this story!

The Dreamcatcher Collective is also a founding member of the Federation of Free Companies (


The Dreamcatcher Collective focuses on spending time in the game and creating our own fun and memories together. This is a game after all and we are all here to have fun, relax and learn new things about this wierd, wonderful and buggy mess we all love and cherish!

Our core priorities dictate how we run the Collective. These priorities are as follows:

- Real life first, how much time you spend with us is up to you with no gameplay time quotas being imposed

- Fun is what games are for. We will prioritise having fun and enjoying our time in the verse together over bureaucracy and HR like activities often found in much larger orgs

- Do what you like doing. Want to be a railgunner miner who also specialises in interdiction? Or have another wacky combo that you want to be? Do it, because what we choose to specialise in is what makes us unique

- Openness. The people is what makes this group. We will try our best to be as open as possible about what is happening with the group so no nasty surprises present themselves

- – -

About our Persistent Ships and Squads

From experience, we have found that the most fun had in the game and the best memories made have been as part of a crew or squad with its own dedicated set of gameplay loops or missions. People tend to feel more like they are part of something than if you were just part of an org as a general member. Crews and squads allows you to get to know people better and grow comradery with them hence why the Collective have made series of official ships and squads. You will be able to sign-up for any number of these and fulfill the role that interests you the most,regardless of experience.

Ships Currently on the Roster:
- Beltalowda – Carrack [Multipurpose + Operational & Medical Support]
- Dreamscraper – Reclaimer [Salvaging]

Squads Currently on the Roster:
- Interdictor Squad – [Interdiction]
- Organ Express – [Emergency Medical Response & Support]
- Drop Squad – [Dropship Services]
- Heavy Ordinance & Air Defense Squad – [Heavy Weaponry & Ground Based Air Defence]

This list is not final and is ever growing!


Deamcatcher Collective Rules:

1. No Griefing under any circumstances.
2. Don’t be a dick. Be nice to people and treat everyone with respect.
3. No harassment, racism, homophobia or any other kind of abuse.
4. Abide by the rules found on our host Discord server.

- – -

The Dreamcatcher Collective being a member company, you most also abide by the rules from the Federation of Free Companies (