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Welcome to the Drop Bears Organisation – we don’t take ourselves too seriously

Do anything BUT HAVE FUN

For more info/queries (or more absurd drop bear art) view the (Drop Bear Recruitment thread)


We are primarily an ANZAC (oceanic based) organisation focused on no particular play style or game mode. We’re Explorers, Merchants, PvP’ers, Miners, Haulers, Fighters, Mercs, Smugglers, pretty much everything. We’re here to have a good sociable time and to blow stuff up.

Rule number one (the only rule) – have fun, drop hard.


The Drop Bears Corporation is a closely affiliated group of sociable (if somewhat unstable) Australasian quasi-chaotic-neutral marsupials that aren’t really bears at all.

If you’d like to point this fact out, we will quite possibly attempt to bite your face off and eat a limb.

That’s Drop Bear for Hello, so don’t be offended at the greeting, embrace it as we embrace you in a crushing death grip of joy.

We are currently talking with other ANZAC orgs and should be able to muster quite an impressive fleet – with Idris-M, Idris-P, Connies, Retaliators and pretty much every single ship that’s been available within our fleet so far.

We will also possibly ALLY up with some overseas organisations for bigger operations – it all depends on what is delivered in the final game.

Currently the guild is made up of members from ( and GorkaMorka.

Recruitment is open to anyone who thinks they’d like to hang about with fellow (mostly) mature ANZAC/Oceanic players that also have a (warped) sense of humour.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask
(RSI/SC recruitment thread):

Fly safe and drop hard!



We currently have no actual charter.

We will be partaking in every activity and type of gameplay we can during alpha/beta.
This will likely continue into the persistant universe too.

We see no reason to limit our options or paint ourselves into a corner when so little is known about the universe.
If there’s spaceships involved we’ll want to do it.