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    Bounty Hunting

“To protect and serve…”

It’s not merely a motto, it’s what we do.

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The UEE Joint Task Force [JTF] is a player-driven UEE aligned law enforcement agency established to fight crime, and whenever possible prevent it from happening to begin with – our focus is less about post-crime corrective and more aimed towards intervening, intercepting, and stopping crimes while they are in progress. While we are against all crime; we will mostly work to intercept and counter more serious, felonious criminal acts such as maritime piracy, terrorism, and murder rather than petty crimes – No need to worry, we don’t particularly care about things like parking tickets as it is “below our paygrade” and counter-productive to our primary objective.

Our primary objective is simple: ”To protect and serve.” It’s not merely a motto; it’s what we set out to do in-game – we plan to take the fight to the criminals before they get the chance to bring it into your airlocks. We plan to achieve this with a quality over quantity approach and “less is more” strategy when it comes to in-game ops; placing more focus on tactics and coordination rather than mere numbers.

Interested in joining and helping the cause? Consider joining our Discord [] for an interview over VOIP; or PM me over Spectrum.


WIP [Org “Reboot” in progress]


WIP [Org “Reboot” in progress]