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Leading the war on crime, one system at a time.

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Think you got what it takes to protect and serve? If so, you have come to the right place…


Who are we?

To some we are the shield that stands between the innocent and the corrupt, to others we are an unyielding force to be reckoned with, willing to do anything to protect those who we serve.

“There is no elegant way to protect sheep from hungry wolves…but there is a right way…”

What does it truly mean “to protect and serve”?

To have the tenacity to do what’s necessary to ensure the safety of others, to have the relentless determination to do what is right, even if it doesn’t seem to be the case to others.

By joining the UEE Joint Task Force you will be acting on behalf of the citizens of the UEE for the citizens of the UEE in favor of ensuring a better tomorrow at any cost necessary. But be advised – if you expect appreciation for your service you have come to the wrong place – often times those who we wish to protect are the ones calling us out from the sidelines. But it matters not – our job is to protect and serve civilians among the stars, not make them happy about how we do it. Only the lives we save and the criminals we apprehend matter in the end.

So to those of you who wish to endanger those who we wish to protect, we issue this warning:
Do wrong by your fellow citizens and we shall come for you. Our resolve shall be unyielding and relentless, and we will do whatever it takes to stop your reign of terror – Do not underestimate us.


Out-of-character Information about this organization:

The Joint Task Force is a light police RP organization; made up mostly of US based players currently – although we plan to expand to international capacity if the opportunity presents itself. The main activities our group will focus on will be those related to policing – protection services; intercepting criminals and stopping crimes while they are in progress, and apprehending the perpetrators responsible to bring them to justice.

However we will have openings for several other specializations such as SAR (Search and Rescue) and logistics / cargo transport that will be needed to support our policing focused activities. If you are interested in joining our group, but would like to acquire more information before doing so, you can contact us about it via our Discord server, which is linked at the top of this page in yellow font.

If you have a security / bounty hunting / police RP group that would be interested in either merging into this Joint Task Force and becoming a part of it going forward feel free to join our Discord (Link at top of page) and / or contact a Dylan_Phoenix via Spectrum PM about it and we can open a discussion about it for consideration. Please be aware that proof of administrative approval is required for any organization representative to propose merging their organization into this Joint Task Force. No exceptions


Our Objective:

The intended purpose of the UEE Joint Task Force is to protect and serve law-abiding civilians both within the UEE and beyond by apprehending and capturing criminals, dismantling criminal operations, and preventing such crimes whenever possible. The resolve of the UEE Joint Task Force will vary from case to case depending on the nature of each specific situation and their environmental variables. Our first and foremost goal is to promote and ensure the safety of law-abiding civilians by peaceful means and methods whenever possible. If that’s not possible, the next immediate goal would be to apprehend the perpetrators responsible for any such conflicts if they escalate enough. If nonlethal apprehension / capture of suspects proves to not be feasible or too dangerous to pursue, the situation will be escalated to use of lethal force if it is in favor to the safety of law-abiding civilians. Should such situations escalate to such an extent that police action is either not effective enough or counter-effective to promoting the safety of law-abiding civilians, such situations will be handed to either private militarized companies and interests, and possibly even the UEE Navy itself, should such a situation ever arise.

Additionally, the JTF aims to provide search and rescue services, as well as other humanitarian aid efforts to law-abiding civilians both within the UEE and beyond.

The JTF will conduct other civilian-focused services to generate revenue to allow us to provide and sustain both our police and rescue services for civilians at a very low expense, if any at all. So far such services will include things such as fuel supply; general supply chain management; and heightened security services on a contractual basis. The JTF may provide other services in the future; but those will be determined as they are needed.

Introducing the JTF Marshal Integration Program:

The JTF Marshal Integration Program allows a wide range of mercenaries, private security forces, and bounty hunters to operate under the name of the JTF. Ensuring a safer, brighter future for all those who we wish to protect.
JTF Marshals will be at the forefront of our operations and they shall become the tip of the spear against those who wish to do harm unto others – the vanguards to be reckoned with by our enemies.

As a JTF Marshal, you will receive a wide range of support from all JTF personnel. APB’s on potential suspects, criminals with bounties, organizations and individuals in need of protection, and / or, calling for assistance and a wide array of UEE LEA equipment. (not to mention the snazzy uniforms).

Everyone has an obligation to do right by their fellow man, but the extent of which it is pursued varies.

How far will you go?


JTF Code of Conduct – Summarized for applicants and new members:

Requirements to join:

- Main affiliation is required.
- Must be willing to comply with UEE law as well as JTF procedures
- No affiliation with any criminal or “grey” groups, organizations, interests, or activities
- No affiliation with any group or activities that are a conflict of interest with our group
- Full disclosure of any affiliations with other organizations that are set to “hidden” or “redacted”
- Must be willing to agree to a community background check (No IRL information involved, just a review of
a user’s affiliation history, review of reputation among community peers, and community posting history)

Additional advice for applicants:

If you apply to the JTF via the RSI site without prior contact with JTF membership; please state why you are
applying and explain why you are interested and / or what you expect to gain by joining in your application and
don’t just leave it blank. In most cases we reject blank applications made by individuals that we have not come
into contact with previously. If you wish to contact us prior to applying / joining, you can access our Discord server
by clicking on the link at the top of our RSI page, which is highlighted in yellow text, just below our page banner.

Code of conduct for members:

- Be respectful of others and adhere to the JTF code of professionalism.
- Respect the and cooperate with the JTF chain of command, as well as the hierarchy of their respective
affiliations with any other organizations that they may have, if applicable.
- Do not use abusive language, imagery or any behaviors that is deliberately offensive is not permitted.
- Do not encourage nor participate in any form of cyber-bullying or malicious behavior towards other JTF
members, or Star Citizen community members.
- All Members must be able and willing to represent the values and intentions the UEE Joint Task Force, as
well as any other affiliations that they may have, if applicable.
- Members should try to stay active and committed to our group as much as they possibly can, however,
real-life matters should always take priority.
- Don’t be afraid to provide constructive input – any constructive feedback members may have to help
improve the infrastructure of our group will be appreciated and taken into consideration.

In-game procedures

- Protect civilians to the best of your ability.
- Interrupt, Intervene, and prevent any major criminal activity to the best of your ability.
- Apprehend known criminals to the best of your ability – nonlethal whenever possible, lethal if necessary.
- Don’t unnecessarily try to be “lone wolf” hero and get yourself and civilians killed in the process – call in a
request for backup whenever needed – The JTF intends to function as a disciplined and precision
controlled police force, not just some rag-tag assortment of bounty hunters.
- Follow UEE compliant ROE (rules of engagement) at all times.

ROE – Rules of Engagement

1. Do not fire unless fired upon
2. Do not fire unless an asset is fired upon
3. Do not open fire unless a civilian is fired upon

JTF Code of Conduct – Summarized Version – Downloadable PDF – Google Drive Link…

Civilians – How you can help…

As a civilian and / or any individual or party; you may have no interest in our initiative whatsoever, but there are still other ways you can help: If you witness criminal activity, please report it to a JTF official. Additionally, If you witness hostile activity any behavior not befitting of a JTF member that goes against our values by any individual or group that is claiming to be with the JTF, please notify either a JTF Administrator or Internal Affairs Officer. Thank You.