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UEE Joint Task Force / JTF

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    Bounty Hunting

“To protect and serve…”

Or “To pursue and punish”

It’s up to you to decide which.

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The UEE Joint Task Force [Often abbreviated as “JTF”] is a UEE aligned law enforcement agency with a jurisdiction that spans the entire UEE; however, the JTF is designed in such a way that it only covers one given system at a time – constantly on the move, mobilizing to whichever system in the fringe areas of the UEE is most problematic at the time. Outlaws should be careful not to enter upon whatever system the JTF is currently operating within – JTF agents are ruthlessly efficient and highly effective; to such an extent that it often puts the UEE Advocacy to shame.

To felonious outlaws, JTF agents are feared due to the floating rumors of their tendencies to show no quarter and take no prisoners; as their standard issue Avenger Renegades might suggest.

To local law enforcement agencies, JTF agents are feared for their ability to assume control over any jurisdiction zone they choose to operate within.



Current Assignment: Stanton

  • Current Objective Description: Deter any and all outlaws via any and all means
  • Current Objective Schedule: September 1st-30th, 2948
  • Current Objective Status: Pre-mission preparation
  • Current Objective Budget: 22,000,000 UEC


Not the JTF you were looking for?

Well, meet the new JTF

What happened to the old JTF? Boom. Gone. No more, forevermore. We’re done playing “nice”.
If outlaws want a fight; we’ll give them one, and we won’t be holding back any longer.
Same goes for anyone who tries to pull petty bs or drama. – You know who you are

By the time we’re done with them; they’ll be wishing that the old JTF had remained.

To the other 90% of citizens: nothing has changed – we’re still “good” as long as you don’t cross us.
Take this as a warning not to be the other 10%.

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