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“To protect and serve…”

Or “To pursue and punish”

It’s up to you to decide which.

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The UEE Advocacy Joint Task Force is a player-driven and organized elite mobile unit of the UEE Advocacy that can be deployed to various areas within the UEE that either lack permanent Advocacy infrastructure, or have thin coverage locally. The UEE Advocacy’s Joint Task Force is the only unit of it’s kind as it operates from the only capital ship to ever be granted to the UEE Advocacy; the UEES Intrepid, a retrofitted Aegis Idris Frigate that the JTF uses as a mobile command center. However, the JTF being the only unit of it’s kind comes at a price – unlike the rest of the UEE Advocacy, the JTF has a finite amount of personnel and resources which can be tasked at any given time. While the JTF still receives it’s orders from the High Advocate just like the rest of the Advocacy; it is not guaranteed backup from other Advocacy units and as such must operate in a self-sufficient capacity in situations when / if backup is not available from other units. Because of this limitation, the JTF can only operate within a single system at any given time, which is determined by the High Advocate and can be re-assigned to another system whenever deemed necessary. Typically, the High Advocate assigns the JTF to whatever system within UEE jurisdiction that is deemed to be in the most need of an additional Advocacy presence locally; however, such assignments can change quickly when / if a state of Emergency is declared within another system; such as when the Vega system was attacked by Vanduul.

Just like the rest of the UEE Advocacy, all JTF agents are considered to have reserve status and are expected to answer the call of need in the case that an imperial state of emergency is declared within the UEE.

While the rest of the UEE Advocacy handles matters more closely tied to post-crime correction such as investigations, hunting known felons, and extraditing fugitives; the JTF focuses mostly on the more proactive duties and responsibilities of the UEE Advocacy such as emergency response services and aiding civilians in need; raiding known outlaw hot-spots, busting smugglers and pirates alike; and undertaking surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

Because of the unique nature of the JTF; the unit has access to military grade hardware and equipment that most Advocacy units do not; with a vast array of fleet assets consisting of everything from Anvil F8 Lightnings to Aegis Hammerhead Corvettes. However, much like a traditional Advocacy unit; the JTF still relies primarily on smaller, versatile, and cost-efficient ships such as the Aegis Avenger; the Anvil Hawk, and the Origin 350R for the majority of the fleet build-up and standard issue accommodations for personnel. It is worth noting that while they are not standard issue – Hornet F7C-R Trackers, Sabre Comets, Sabre Ravens, Vanguard Sentinels, and Mercury Star Runners are also fairly common within the JTF fleet.


Due to limited budget and manpower granted from the UEE senate; the UEE Joint Task Force can only be deployed to a single UEE star system at a time and will remain on post with multiple units assigned to the area until a new deployment assignment is issued from the UEE Advocacy.

JTF Assignment Status:

Current JTF system assignment: Stanton
Forward base of operations: IO-Tower North, Section A – Area 18, ArcCorp
Actively deployed emergency response units: HUR (Hurston Area) and ARC (ArcCorp Area)

We currently have two units deployed in the Stanton system; one which remains stationed within the general vicinity of ArcCorp, and the other which remains posted around Hurston. We still can and do respond to emergencies around the Crusader area, but response times for emergency situations in that area may be longer in duration due to the current absence of a dedicated ERS unit within the local area.

We cannot and do not respond to emergency situations around Levski / Delemar, as they do not fall within the legal jurisdiction of the UEE Advocacy, and by extension does not fall withing the jurisdiction of the JTF either.

If you require emergency assistance, you can reach us via the ECN (Emergency Communications Network) channel on our public (Discord) server anytime.

Disclaimer: Emergency response times may vary be time of day and the availability of resources currently present.


JTF Goals and Objectives

The JTF will function more or less as a UEE law enforcement agency in-game; this means that we will focus on specific facets of Star Citizen game – by CIG’s coined terminology for the actual game mechanics themselves, this includes “bounty hunting”, “interdiction”, and “security” game-play.

However, the JTF in practice does not carry itself nor function like a “bounty hunting” or “security” organization – we will function more like government law enforcement in actual practice – which has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, JTF is not and will not ever be as flexible or multi-faceted as “bounty hunting” or “security” organizations can be; but we balance that out by providing a genuinely unique Star Citizen game-play experience and benefits which no other organization in the Star Citizen community currently provides.

JTF Entry Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older to join our team. If you are not 18 years of age, you are still permitted to join our public Discord server and / or play with us in-game if desired, but you cannot and will not be integrated into the actual team until you are 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be able to speak fluent English and willing to use VOIP communications on Discord to coordinate with the rest of the team.
  • You must have a plain-speak call-sign that team members can refer to you by, both in-game and out. (No random numeric / letter gibberish names; normal sounding names only) It is extremely preferential that the handles, community monikers, and Discord handles of JTF staff members all match, or at the very least can easily associated for op-sec and team coordination reasons.
  • You must be willing to accept and comply with JTF internal conduct, procedures, and regulations (No one will expect you to be familiar with all of these upon day one after joining, we just expect you to make a reasonable effort to as you are integrated into the group over time)
  • You must be willing to remain UEE aligned for the entire time that you are affiliated with the JTF.
  • You must apply to our organization in order to start the entry process; this can be done either via the RSI site by submitting your application with the “Join us” button at the top of the page, or by reaching out to us over Discord and speaking with either a recruitment agent or administrative staff member. If you apply over the RSI site, make sure that you join our organization’s Discord server within a reasonable time frame (linked in yellow font at the top of our RSI site page) No applications will be accepted until such criteria is met.

Additional Expectations / Recommendations

- These aren’t solid requirements, but things which may help you get a head start with being fully integrated into our team if you wish to join.

  • Understand what you are signing up for – JTF is a niche org, we won’t ever be a buzzword “do-everything” or “absolute freedom” organization; our intent and purpose is to function as a law enforcement agency in-game; and we take pride in doing that very well – we expect those who join our team to do so as well. While we can’t offer applicants “absolute freedom”, we can and do offer many other incentives for players to join our team.
  • JTF does not have an exclusivity policy; but we do require that future applicants set the JTF as their main organization commitment within the Star Citizen community.
  • If you wish to apply and / or join the JTF while already a part of another organization; please ensure that it is fine with the administration of your existing organization prior to joining our team.
  • It is strongly expected that players who wish to join our team have a hardware setup capable of decently running the game.
  • It is strongly recommended that players who wish to join have at least an Avenger or equivalent combat-ready ship on their account prior to joining. If for some reason absolutely cannot or are not willing to acquire a combat capable ship on your own, we will go to reasonable extents to ensure that you are provided with one after joining, if your interest in joining is sufficient and sincere. We practice fleet regulations internally, but we don’t expect anyone that joins our team to fulfill those immediately, and we work with you to make sure that you are sufficiently equipped to be a part of our team, within reason.

JTF Code of Conduct

  • Be respectful and professional towards others to the best of your ability
  • Follow and adhere to all JTF procedures and regulations both in-game and out
  • Follow and enforce all UEE laws to the best of your ability in-game. While Star Citizen is an alpha with an incomplete (and often buggy) crime-stat / law and reputation system, we expect all JTF staff members to accurately demonstrate and represent the core values and intent of our organization in-game. Bottom line: Do not intentionally commit any criminal acts within the game and do not affiliate with any criminal groups. Accidental crime-stats due to either misinterpretation of UEE law, or unavoidable bugs / glitches will be overlooked within reason, but are ultimately evaluated on a per case basis by JTF administration.
  • Do not affiliate with any organizations which may be a conflict of interest with our organization. (This extends beyond just criminal organizations) We are not an exclusive organization, so we do permit secondary affiliations with other organizations as long as they are not a conflict of interest; just make sure you ask a JTF administrator prior to going and joining another organization to be on the safe side.
  • Remain reasonably active within the team; we have no minimum game-play hours or time investment set for staff members, but complete idlers / inactive players who do not remain an active part of the team can, and will be removed from the group if deemed necessary by administration. Prolonged “Leave of Absence” [LOA] requests are permitted, so long as administration is informed in advance and the requester has demonstrated sincere interest in remaining a part of the team.