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Lazy Gamerz / LGZ

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Welcome to Lazy Gamerz. Play how you want and respect each other!


Founded in 2159 by Psychoplague as an Organization for people to get together and have fun together while out in the universe. Do what you want and respect everyone is his motto. Play how you want here and be around friends. Cause you know…..Why the hell not! This is an 18+ organization!!!


Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!


18+ only Sorry no kids
Play what role you wish.
Play the way you wish.
Respect everyone.
Help out members when you can.
ABSOLUTLY NO DRAMA!!! take that to private! You only get 1 warning about drama.
No real life politics
No real life religion

This is a game and we believe people come here to enjoy the game and not have to deal real life issues or drama. People just want to play with friend and have a good time.