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Roberts Space Industries ®

Limited Skills Enterprises / LMTSE

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We at LMTSE, and our divisions, are committed to upholding a beacon of our corporate traditions. They will light our way.

“You make your fortune with your heart and mind, not with your mouth.”
- Timaya Elecki


On 2 October, 2529 a Sol banker named Timaya Elecki shorted the collapsing LMTSE’s™ shares in the newly founded Croshaw markets. But a momentary bounce-back in the stock seemed to ruin her plans, and she skipped Croshaw system, leaving 2,500,000 UEC in debt. Much of this was owed to the Quinton Bank of Angeli, which imploded, and in less than three weeks, another 30 banks collapsed across Croshaw system, bringing trade to a standstill.

On December 11, the board of directors applied to the Bank of Mars for an out-of-system, 3,000,000 UEC loan. Two weeks later, they wanted another 1,500,000 UEC. Share holders were following the unfolding events closely, as it seemed like the board of directors were digging their own grave. Some saw an opportunity to buy shares in a corporation which seemed like a mystery, whilst others were selling shares in panic, which was also praxis among Croshaw market sharks.

By January, Elecki returned from hiding, seemingly content with LMTSE’s™ current state. And the following year the Xi’An Empire was discovered, shooting the price of titanium and other conflict-demanding resources through the roof. During her abscence, Elecki had secured a large quantity of tungsten, titanium and chromium, as well as an abundance of unstable radiotopes, which now made LMTSE’s™ shareholders the third most powerful in the sector.

During those months of abscence, Elecki designed an algorithm for market evaluation, changing the very core of the corporations resource branch. The following year, the board cut it’s staff by 90%, and made a 4000% increased profit, which has not seen a decrease in 450 years.


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.


A copy of our most recent charter has been filed with Croshaw authorities, and is awaiting legal processing. Shareholders have received sub-memos, and will be notified when our new charter has been approved.