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Martian Deep Space Federation / MDSF

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Dedicated to the preservation of old Martian ideologies, the MDSF is an ever-growing fleet of explorers and pioneers.


After the Great Mars Tragedy of 2125, opinions on Mars were heavily divided. Despite this, Mars grew to be an admirable habitat for human settlement. Upon rising to independent glory, several factions formed on the red planet. One such faction is the Martian Deep Space Federation, or MDSF. Dedicated to the advancement of their home, the members of the MDSF toil diligently to garner resources and make advancements — In hopes of, one day, returning to their desert oasis and bolster their strength and self sufficiency.


The MDSF stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of Martian pioneers. We are a faction united by our shared dedication to the advancement of our home, Mars. Our purpose is to foster progress, toil diligently, and tirelessly strive to elevate our desert oasis to new heights of strength and self-sufficiency.

At the heart of the MDSF lies a deep-rooted pride in human ingenuity. We believe that our greatest asset is the boundless potential of our collective intellect and resourcefulness. In our pursuit of progress, we place value in the tangible achievements of human craftsmanship and the rugged beauty of our ballistics-based technology. It is through these means that we forge a path distinct from the allure of energy weapons, relying instead on the elegance and reliability of ballistics.

The MDSF seeks to harmonize with the spirit of Mars, embracing its rugged landscapes, the echoes of its tumultuous past, and the untamed frontiers that stretch out before us. We are explorers, pioneers, and protectors of this red world. We recognize the delicate balance between our quest for resources and the preservation of the Martian environment, and we strive to tread lightly as we reach for the stars.

As members of the Martian Deep Space Federation, we labor ceaselessly to uncover the hidden riches of the cosmos, ever mindful of our ultimate goal: to return to our beloved desert oasis with knowledge, resources, and advancements that will fortify our home. Our collective strength lies in our unity, our unwavering resolve, and our indomitable Martian spirit.

Together, we shall rise above the challenges that lie ahead. Mars is our legacy, and through our unyielding dedication, we will etch the indelible mark of the Martian Deep Space Federation upon the face of the universe.

For Mars, for humanity, and for the boundless frontiers that await us, we forge ahead as the Martian Deep Space Federation.


Charter of the Martian Deep Space Federation (MDSF):

Article I: Purpose
1. The purpose of the Martian Deep Space Federation (MDSF) is to advance the interests and welfare of Mars, fostering progress, resource acquisition, and self-sufficiency.
2. Members shall strive to uphold the principles of human ingenuity, resilience, and respect for the Martian environment.

Article II: Membership
1. Membership in the MDSF is open to all individuals who share the vision and values of the organization.
2. Members must exhibit dedication to the betterment of Mars and support the goals of the MDSF.
3. All members are expected to adhere to the principles of camaraderie, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Article III: Conduct
1. Members shall conduct themselves in a manner befitting representatives of the MDSF, both within the organization and in their interactions with external entities.
2. Respect for fellow members, allies, and adversaries is paramount. Diplomacy and constructive dialogue should be the foundation of all interactions.
3. Members shall refrain from engaging in activities that undermine the unity, reputation, or integrity of the MDSF.
4. Exploitation of other members or acts of aggression against fellow Martian settlers will not be tolerated.

Article IV: Exploration and Resource Acquisition
1. The MDSF encourages and supports exploration efforts to uncover new resources and expand the knowledge of the cosmos.
2. Resource acquisition must be conducted responsibly and in consideration of the preservation of the Martian environment.
3. Members are expected to share knowledge and discoveries that contribute to the advancement of Mars and the MDSF’s goals.

Article V: Technology and Ballistics Focus
1. The MDSF takes pride in human ingenuity and the mastery of ballistics-based technology.
2. Members are encouraged to prioritize the development and utilization of ballistics over energy weapons in their operations.
3. Research and development efforts should be directed towards enhancing the effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency of ballistics-based technology.

Article VI: Cooperation and Collaboration
1. The MDSF values cooperation and collaboration with other factions, organizations, and settlements that share common goals and values.
2. Members should actively seek partnerships and alliances to strengthen the influence and impact of the MDSF.
3. In joint operations or projects, members are expected to honor agreements and act in the best interest of the collective.

Article VII: Leadership and Governance
1. The MDSF shall be led by a Council elected from among its members, responsible for guiding the organization and decision-making processes.
2. Council decisions should be reached through open dialogue, considering the opinions and expertise of the members.
3. Members are encouraged to contribute ideas, suggestions, and feedback for the betterment of the MDSF.

Article VIII: Amendments and Ratification
1. Amendments to this charter may be proposed by any member and shall be subject to a vote among the Council.
2. Ratification of amendments requires a two-thirds majority vote from the Council.
3. Amendments should align with the core principles, goals, and values of the MDSF.

This charter serves as the guiding document for the Martian Deep Space Federation, outlining the organization’s purpose, values, conduct, and aspirations. It is the responsibility of all members to uphold and abide by this charter to ensure the prosperity and progress of Mars and the MDSF.

“Ad Astra, Martis!”