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Roberts Space Industries ®

Daybreak Legion / PHOENIXFLY

  • PMC
  • Regular
  • Infiltration
  • Security

Daybreak Legion is a small strike force of professional mercenaries. Our main specialty is infantry operations however we also provide logistical support, private investigations and SAR type operations.


Chronological log of operations and important events

2943 – Daybreak Legion PMC officially registered in UEE
2944 – We joined voluntary forces which are conducting Operation Pitchfork


Daybreak Legion recognizes and enjoys warfare in each of its individual aspects. We aim to deliver best service to our clients on best terms possible.


Rules of engagement

  1. Never surrender.
  2. No dishonorable actions against enemies.
  3. Never attack an ally if unprovoked.
  4. If it presents danger and it is not an ally it must be killed.
  5. If one refuses to comply with an order he must confront commander who issued the order immediately.
  6. Any non lethal neutralization including severing limbs is not prohibited as long as target survives.
  7. Any kind of trophy can be claimed from defeated enemy.
  8. Treat anyone who surrendered or became a hostage with respect.
  9. Physical stimulation to instill cooperating mood into hostage is allowed.
  10. No VIP target can be harmed without a good reason.
  11. Usage of gas, poison and living shields (civilians or POWs placed in a way that prevents an enemy from using his firepower freely against us) is strongly prohibited.