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Roberts Space Industries

Aegis Interstellar Defence Services / PMCAIDS

  • PMC
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Bounty Hunting
    Bounty Hunting
  • Security

We offer Our Services to suit any situation you may require.

Our services include the following.

- Neutralization of Targets
- Escorting
- P.I Work (For The Right Price)
- Infiltration Into Targeted Org/Corp/Faith/Syndicate/Stronghold
- Security (Will work with known Organizations like Crusader)


A.I.D.S, Has been around since the construction of Port Olisar.

We have provided our Services to many Organizations and Solo Party’s and have completed our missions with the utmost Precision.

We here at Aegis Interstellar Defence Service will accept any mission provided by a paying Organization or Solo Party

All Contracts are made at a neutral location (Port Olisar).


We will carry out any Mission where our services are required for the right price.

We are a Private Military Company, we do not have any allegiances.

Were here to do your Dirty Work for you.


- Respect the chain of command
- Contracts including Escorting Large Cargo Transports or Infiltration Missions must be approved by your Commanding Officer/Highest Ranking Member available
- Respect All Members. No Discrimination of any kind.