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Pingu Concordian Alliance / PNGUCONCRD

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The Alliance exists to defend neutral parties against raiders, and pirates alike. However we are not above doing what must be done to meet our goals. Everyone needs some faith.


A decade of war lead to an ultimate stalemate between two great galactic powers. The Concordian Republic, and Pingu Empire have called a cease fire to deal with the Vanduul threat, and help defend the UEE. The merging of the two great powers lead to the foundation of the Pingu Concordian Alliance. The Alliance is led by Fleet Admiral Keyes aboard the PCS Orion, a modified 890-Class Corvette. The Emperor himself from the Pingu Empire, Luck, commands his forces from aboard the 890 alongside Republic forces.


Our role in the universe is to make as much money as we can no matter the was we do it. Although made up of two very different factions coming together, both have the same overall goals, money. We are available for work to the highest bidder. That can be for armed escort, transportation, or mercenary work, we are able to do it all. Miners, and most merchants though will be defended at all costs by our forces. Both are honorable trades, and we have nothing against those forces. Smugglers however spread the poisons of drugs, and should be destroyed. Even our own forces caught smuggling run the risk of being destroyed.


Defending innocents is the only thing our members must swear to do. We will defend those in need when called, and crush smugglers when we see them.