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Pingu Concordian Alliance / PNGUCONCRD

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Our goal is to protect the innocent against those who would unjustly cause harm. We deploy our forces around Stanton to crush out the criminal element, equally as much as moving resources around. Grab a gun, bring your ship, and join us on the front lines/in the trade lanes.


The Pingu Concoridan Alliance (PCA) has existed on the fringes of United Earth Empire (UEE) space for decades. PCA was founded to give humanity yet another layer of protection. In 2949 after being decimated during the war against the Vanduul, PCA stumbled blindly into the Stanton system. The last surviving members began reforming the fleet at Microtech, working hard to repair what was left of our ships. Slowly our combat ships were brought back online, and we deployed outwards into the system to protect the innocent.

First off, the impossible task of securing the trade routes began. With such a significant amount of crime, this still proves a daunting task due to the presence of Nine Tales in system. To this day, we are still working on routing them, however the system is slowly becoming secure. Most of our forces are always deployed around the system to make sure that these terrorists do not gain a foothold against the rest of humanity, and spread their crime into any of the cities.

As time went on, we began getting UEE bounty requests to help bring in some criminals for them more personally. A select few from our crew are assigned to bring these criminals to justice. Although most people around Stanton are law abiding citizens, there are some who chose to operate outside the confines of the law, and must be brought to justice. Our bounty team specializes in doing just that.

Upon bringing our Caterpillars back online, a select few began trading around the system. Bulk cargo is brought from planet to planet, keeping a decent amount of cash flowing in to the fleet as a whole. Some smaller trade ships are used when needed, however the “cats” will always lead the pack.

Due to our flagship, the PCAS Tranquility, a Polaris-Class Corvette, still being offline, the UEE has temporarily loaned us a Hammerhead-Class Corvette (PCAS Wyvern). The Wyvern has become our most important tool when taking down the largest of threats. She is powerful enough to take down anything short of a matching Hammerhead with ease. Once our Polaris is back online, our forces will be reassigned to that flagship, and increased heavy patrols around the system can truly begin.


Our Alliance was formed to protect the innocents from harm, especially near our new home planet of Microtech. Most of our forces are dedicated to taking down the criminals around the Stanton system by any means necessary. Lead by our Admiralty, we are highly motivated to help out those who need it, while taking down those who deserve it.

Alliance Branches

-Security The main purpose of our Alliance, Security Officers (SO) are where most of our forces seek to establish themselves. SOs go out around the Stanton system, destroying any criminals that would dare harm UEE Citizens. These troops use our Hammerhead as the flagship when huge force projection is needed.

– Search and Rescue Led from the Carrack, our S&R forces are responsible for keeping citizens alive. Mostly deployed to the front lines during deployments, these troops heal up anyone who needs it in our expansive medbay.

– Mining Mining is the most honorable, and respected part of the Alliance. Most people would just avoid it due to the danger, and tediousness. Those who are willing to spend their time using a handheld mining door, our the larger miner will always have a place within our ranks.

– Transport Looking to move cargo from one location to another? Our Logistics Officers (LO) spend their time doing just that. Bulk runs as a fleet are done from time to time, and our SOs are usually available to defend those looking to make money running cargo.

Applicant Requirements

A ship…preferably one that flies.
The willingness to teach/learn with others within our Alliance.
An RP mindset for events, especially during boarding operations, and flagship deployments.


What do we provide for our forces?

A helpful group of troops – Our forces are always willing to help out other players when we’re deployed. Newly recruited, or veteran players will always have a home. Fleet Access – If you only have Auroras, or Mustangs from the UEE; that’s no problem. Our troops have a ton of multi-crew ships that are always in use. When needed, some of our members can loan out powerful combat ships to our other members when needed. Training – Our senior members are able to teach new recruits all about how to fly your ship, operate weapons, or provide support as a gunner. No matter your experience level, there is always something we can teach you, or you can teach us.

Alliance RP By-Laws

Obey superior officers
Salute higher ranking officers when standing around
Keep your gear in working conditions
Maintain your ships at the peak of usefulness
Keep things civil (No racism, or similar)
Don’t chat spam
Remain in character during RP events