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Roberts Space Industries ®

Red Dwarf Canaries / RDCZ

  • Faith
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

We are looking for a new members!

We accept players from the Czech and Slovak Republics.

For description&more info please follow to Manifesto.


12.9.2014 8:34p.m.
Red Dwarf´s funs get together ogranization. Name of founders: Coxonin, Amassai (Namaks), Litráček, Majkl (Grimblood)

2944-09-12 18:13:54
In properly elections the founders voted as commander Grimblood

2944-11-28 14:22:32
Canaries welcome Soup111 to duty

2944-11-28 20:04:57
Canaries welcome Almych_Lyvese to duty

2944-11-28 20:32:38
Canaries welcome Miranori to duty

2944-11-30 18:24:17
Canaries welcome Honzas to duty

2944-12-20 14:13:15
Canaries welcome Eldorwen to duty

2944-12-25 20:33:05
Canaries welcome 12Arronax to duty

2945-01-11 15:28:15
Canaries welcome AlsiasLorlias to duty

2945-04-15 03:31:51
The organization was changed name of C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S. to Red Dward Canaries

2945-07-28 07:52:27
Canaries welcome Nenisis to duty

2945-10-11 10:00:22
Canaries welcome SarkoinMasek to duty

2945-12-22 20:04:40
Canaries welcome Van Vren to duty

2946-01-19 21:12:37
Canaries welcome Nabukadnesar to duty

2946-02-09 18:51:33
Canaries welcome Witchslayer to duty

2946-03-04 10:38:53
Canaries welcome SHPK to duty

2946-03-11 11:59:18
Canaries welcome Jurisek to duty

2946-04-29 20:43:00
Canaries welcome Keddy to duty

2946-06-07 21:30:50
Commander of Canaries promoted Almych Lyvese to Navigation Officer

2946-06-14 21:39:00
Commander of Canaries promoted Cpt. Shpek to Third Technician

2946-10-11 18:20:57
Canaries welcome Vultore to duty

2947-08-24 17:42:27
Canaries welcome Max Nemexis to duty

2948-06-06 10:48:20
Canaries welcome Raven to duty

2948-11-13 13:28:47
Canaries welcome Brytth to duty

2948-12-14 19:07:27
Canaries welcome Rajnig to duty

2948-12-14 19:08:23
Canaries welcome Wini to duty

2944-09-12 11:03:32
Canaries welcome JacobCZ to duty

2949-02-25 18:19:06
Canaries welcome ClownCZ to duty

2950-01-22 10:21:19
Canaries welcome Kai_Grene to duty

2950-07-01 06:24:45
Canaries welcome TheJuniorCz to duty

2950-07-15 16:45:03
Canaries welcome Kicak to duty

2951-03-12 08:38:30
Grimblood resigned as commander

2951-05-07 04:13:42
Canaries welcome David Lister to duty


We are looking for a new members !!!
We accept players from the Czech and Slovak Republics

The idea is, we want to be small “UEE friendly” organization and to have fine relationships.
In future we would like to focus on exploring uncharted locations and the resulting opportunities.
We want to organize cooperative missions, where everyone finds his place. All based on mutual respect and fun!

We regularly flying in AC each Tuesday from 7:45pm CET. We have our own Discord and TS.
If you are interested in join please contact us by recruitment system or email:
Buzz of Red Dwarf series welcome!


Charter of the Nations:

  1. 3943615880932/B – All nations attending the conference are only allowed one car-parking space.
  2. 3943615880932/C – The right of POW’s to non-violent constraint.


  1. ? – The Space Corps. primary overriding duty is to contact other life forms, exchange information, and, whenever possible, bring them home.
  2. 1742 – No member of the Corps. should ever report for active duty in a ginger toupee.
  3. 5796 – No officer above the rank of mess sergeant is permitted to go into combat with pierced nipples.
  4. 34124 – No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity.
  5. 68250 – In dangerous situation is rabbi allowed to perform judaist ritual – sacrifising of live chicken.
  6. 196156 – Any officer caught sniffing the saddle of the exercise bike in the women’s gym will be discharged without trial.

Rimmers Directive:

  1. 271 – No chance you metal bastard!
  2. ? – Never tangle with anything that’s got more teeth than the entire Osmond family.
  3. ? – No crew-member should floss his teeth with the E-string of his guitar, after spraying the entire contents of his sugar puff sandwich all over his superior’s bunk.

“The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society”