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[R✠U] United Citizens of Rheinland / RHEINUNION

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United Citizens of Rheinland


We are Brothers in Arms and Mind.

- Viribus unitis -

Home of

Free Colony of Rheinland



Rheinstahl Heavy Industries

Rhein✠Gold Stellar Mining Co.

R✠U Colonial Marines


The RHEIN✠UNION was officially formed in spring 2944 as a joint venture by the Free Colony of Rheinland and the Rheinwehr, two groups who set out from the Rheinland on old Earth to search for a place to establish a free and independent colony far from the corruption of the Empire and its entwined megacorporations.

Our history has begun just recently. Our future will be written by all of us together.


Like-minded persons may apply to join our ranks and help us find and build our new home. Learn more about us in the charter and manifest sections.

Für eine deutschsprachige Vorstellung unserer Organisation schaut bitte auf Spectrum

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Member Organizations:

The Rhein✠Union is a tight-knit alliance and community comprised by the following official member organizations and teams:

  • Rheinwehr (Founding Member and R✠U Team for Security and Bounty Hunting)

Alliances and Partnerships:

The Rhein✠Union maintains official alliances or friendships with the following organizations:

━┫ Contact / Embassy ┣━┫ Orgpage ┣━┫ Recruitment Thread ┣━┫ Spectrum ┣━┫ Teamspeak Server ┣━┫ Steamgroup ┣━


What is important to us:
  • The most important basis of our organization are our members and their shared companionship, having fun with them, not ever-growing numbers or abstract in-game achievements.
    We understand our group to be first and foremost social insofar, as we care for our members and want to play not only with them, but first of all because of them!
  • Our second-most important value is our personal freedom. Everyone of our members is welcome to participate in everything, no one is forced or bound to do anything, except enjoying their game.
We are a German Organization:
  • This is a german organization. That doesn’t mean that we won’t accept any international or english speaking members, because we certainly do, and gladly so. We all speak English rather fluently, but be prepared to encounter mostly German speaking guys nonetheless. This is only because we would like to keep things simple and not overcomplicate things by trying to be bilingual all the way through, please understand.
About our Playstyle:
  • Activities: Although we certainly will participate in PvP, dog fighting and fleet manuevers, we value building up, exploration and profit by freelancing, mining, trading and defending our goods and assets more than mere destruction. Also we prefer legal activities and a clean criminal record with the UEE, albeit being separatists and not believing in the joint cause of the UEE and mega-corporations.
  • Branches: Aside from outright piracy and other capital offences we are keen on covering and exploring every playstyle and aspect of the game imaginable. Our members are organized in several branch-like cross-guild structures across the RHEIN✠UNION, which we call ‘Teams’. A Team can be any type of organization covering different sets and aspects of activities, squadrons or fun-groups. Teams can be founded by any RHEIN✠UNION Citizen. Each Citizen and Resident in turn can participate in several Teams and to the extend of his or her personal choosing.
  • Roleplaying: The RHEIN✠UNION includes both players who love roleplaying as well as those who don’t. So as a member you choose for yourself if you want to give it a try or not. Mutual tolerance towards each personal playstyle is the key in this community, like in every other aspect of our guild-life.
  • Committment: Our organization is flagged as ‘regular’ but comprises also of several ‘casual’ members, as any of us leads a normal life with day-jobs, families and a social life. The real personal life always comes first. We do not have any ‘hardcore’ ambitions.
  • We offer our own forum and TS3 server (see below).
What we expect in our Members:
  • In our members we value maturity, manners, tolerance, open-mindedness and a sense of honor, chivalry and friendship more than a wealth of ingame assets, game experience or mere skill. Yes, we are carebears and proudly so.
  • Though maturity is, mere age is not an issue set in stone. Our mean age is about 35 years and currently ranges from the early twenties to the late fifties. Most of us are original veterans of games like Elite, Wing Commander, Privateer and Freelancer, X-Wing/Tie Fighter, or the X-series and now see our childhood dream about to be fulfilled with Squadron 42 and StarCitizen.
  • We are a very tolerant bunch, in fact apart from friendship and trust, our whole organization is based on mutual tolerance. On the other hand, what we absolutely do not tolerate is discriminating, trolling and griefing other players.
  • Write us: If you have any questions, you have diplomatic matters to discuss or just wish to talk to us, please contact one via Email
    We will answer your request as soon as possible.
  • Joining: If you are interested in joining our ranks as a R✠U Resident or R✠U Citizen, please also contact us via Email
    Important for us is to tell us something about yourself rather than just hitting the ‘Join’ button on our org page. We like to get to know every single applicant before accepting him or her into our organization. TS3 interviews are a must, both for aspiring R✠U Residents and Citizens.



━┫ Contact / Embassy ┣━┫ Orgpage ┣━┫ Recruitment Thread ┣━┫ Spectrum ┣━┫ Teamspeak Server ┣━┫ Steamgroup ┣━