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Star Line Protectorate: See the stars in your horizon.


The history of the Star Line Protectorate begins with you.

Founded originally as a paramilitary organization, Star Line has evolved over the years from a large corporation of exclusivity, to a small organization of people with the same ideas and values. This was the vision of then CFO Julia Evander. In 2940, the discovery of the redacted system, lead to it’s selling and subsequent exploitation to the highest bidder. Star Line had become what it once fought to protect. This lead to the creation of the Star Line Protectorate and a return to the original guiding principles of Star Line. A small group of ex-soldiers, scientists, and entrepreneurs banded together over one single vision: we would not forfeit our values for profit.


Thank you for your interest in the Star Line Protectorate. This organization was founded with the express purpose to seek out new horizons and new opportunities. We believe we have only scratch the surface of the vast mysteries of space and with each new discovery comes the promise of hope and adventure. We locate new worlds, and protect those who would settle them. Our discovery is one of understanding and respect; our members uphold the highest level of professionalism and unity with each other and our clients. We will not exploit, horde, or sell our discoveries to the highest bid. Though we are a business, we are not obligated to forfeit our values for profit and this commonality is and will be shared with all members of the Star Line Protectorate. – Julia Evander, Founder/CEO

Current Job Openings

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Engineering Officer
  • Lead Navigator


  • Constellation Aquilla specialization
  • Gladius/Mustang/Hawk/Defender and/or other comparable light fighter specialization
  • Hornet/Hurricane and/or other comparable medium fighter specialization

Should your specialization not be notated above, please do not let this dissuade you from applying. We welcome all applicants with a drive and passion to uphold the values of the Star Line Protectorate.

If any of the above openings interest you or you feel as though you are a Citizen of shared values, please visit our recruitment page or contact our Human Resources department to apply.

Come, explore the horizons with us.


Just wanted to say hello and offer what I’d like to get out of Star Citizen and our organization. To me, a close knit community of players with a common goal is what makes gaming fun. I’ve been a part of large guilds/factions ect… throughout the years with different MMOs and, while it’s impressive to have those shear numbers, I find you get lost easily and feel you can’t really make your voice heard. With the Star Line Protectorate, I wanted to create a place where everyone has a voice, where everyone was committed to one another to explore the galaxy and look out for one another while doing so. While their are those who strive to be leaders and command missions, I know there are those of you out there who want to follow and just be the best damn explorer, fighter, scientist you can be. Once we all feel we are comfortable with what roles we have, I plan to change the organization over to exclusivity only, so we don’t grow out of control and people start losing their voice. Of course this will be a consensus decision on when this will happen.

Anyways, this is just the frame work…the 3.0 if you will! There will be tweaks and different input, but I hope we can all share in one goal: All be friends, explore, and make our mark as an organization in the Star Citizen universe!

- Julia


  1. 1 Always treat your fellow mates with respect.
  2. 2 Majority rules, if something is voted on and passed, this is the final say, no matter your position within the Organization.
  3. 3 Participate, be active, and make your mark in the Universe! (Though we all have personal lives and can be understanding)
  4. 4 Have fun! It is a game, and all we ask at the SLP is to be mature, mindful, and loving!

In more recent news, we have established a working relationship with the Scarlet Order organization. These men and women share and uphold similar values and principles as the Star Line Protectorate. We look forward to fostering and improving our relations with them and all SLP members are encouraged to engage in a professional, working partnership with their members.