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Welcome to SOLARCORP

Visit our page to learn more about our corporation, its people, and the groundbreaking tech that is helping take mankind further into the stars.

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Now officially known as SOLARCORP and Founded in the early 2400’s on earth in the SOL system by a genius entrepreneur named [REDACTED]. SLI’s founder shared in a vision that had been almost long since forgotten and long overdue with RSI’s first flight of the RSIZEUS. SOLAR LOGIC INDUSTRIES is a company dedicated to Research and Development of Civilian and Military ship components, food, drug and safety systems found throughout the known universe. SLI has made it it’s mission since the beginning to enhance the ability of space travel and make it obtainable to more people than any other corporation in the verse. Traded on the Stock Exchange as SLI the company is on the Forbes fortune 100 companies lists throughout the verse. SLI employs nearly 1 million humans throughout the known universe at any given point and has its very own research platform in orbit near Jupiter, a gas giant planet in the SOL system. SLI has an extensive ship fleet present throughout the verse ranging from large cargo transporters, escort fighters, a Carrack explorer, a Starfarer Gemeni, and even a capital ship Idris Class near its headquarters in the SOL system on Mars.

Through continued Research and Development SLI has had many breakthroughs advancing civilization into the stars.

SLI was the first to patent and make commercially available, the S.V.V.P.U or Solar Validating Vegetable Production Unit, allowing foods to be grown and harvested autonomously in space.

SLI changed the pharmaceutical industry with its groundbreaking drug “Solaria” (amoxafill). This pill is responsible for curing any disease the human body encounters, allowing humans to live longer more disease free lives throughout the verse.

SLI enhanced the safety of the UEE by patending the E.P.R.M or Emergency Pressure Restoration Module, a small module attatched to the suit of a pilot that autonomously repairs holes in the Enviro Suit or EVA suit saving countless lives of ejecting pilots into the vacuum of space.

SOLAR LOGIC INDUSTRIES has recently founded and created a NEW corporation SOLARCORP to expand and further its goals throughout the universe. SOLARCORP will now become the new face of SLI and is a publicly held and traded corporation comprised of its members while SLI remains a privately held company owned by its founder. SLI has dedicated a very substantial fleet of vessels to help get SOLARCORP started in the expanding universe.

To see a complete compilation of SLI’s groundbreaking tech and a tour of our civillian facilities or one of our authorised vessels visit us in the SOL system on the planet Mars or make friendly contact with one of our many ships throughout the verse.

Thanks for your interest in SLI and SOLARCORP




Provide our customers with the next generation of products and innovation through our deep knowledge of the changing interstellar civilian and military technology and research market.

At SOLARCORP we believe that the answers of tomorrow are here today! Our researcher’s, prospectors, explorers, engineers and mercenaries are at the forefront of the universe advancing our interests. We are a corporation specializing in advanced research and exploration. We will create breakthroughs along the way developing and shaping our universe for generations to come.

Our members and employees are shareholders within the corporation that enjoy working independently and/or as groups throughout the cosmos to fulfill various agendas. Having the flexibility to work leisurely and independently tranlsates into more passionate work yielding better results.

Here at SOLARCORP we take security and safety seriously. We strive to ensure that all member and corporate assets have the appropriate provisions in hostile territories to complete their missions with success

Corporate Resources
The Corporation could not exist without its employees, members, and affiliates. We believe that nobody should face adversity alone and encourage our members to utilize the corporation and its assets to overcome any hurdles that we may encounter. As we may encounter obstacles in our day to day routines we encourage our members to not get caught performing in any less than legal activities. Building and expanding our relationships throughout the verse is critical to the success of the corporation and cannot be done without trust.


Thank you for your interest in SOLARCORP

We at SOLARCORP are a for profit corporation specializing in advanced research, trade, exploration, and mineral re-factorization. Join a corporation that is a universal leader in its fields and has specialized characteristics. Our members and employees are courteous and law abiding citizens who share our passion for advancing humanity’s reach into the stars.

SOLARCORP is always looking forward to meeting talented individuals who share in our philosophy. When you apply here at SOLARCORP your’re not applying for a job but rather a career! You can earn reputation and influence within the corporation and climb the corporate ladder by participating in and working toward goals that are of benefit and interest of the corporation.

One Rung At A Time
SOLARCORP offers several ways to climb the rungs of the corporate ladder outside of gameplay, these include
Recruitment – recruiting of new members to the corporation
Marketing – advertising for us by using our logo or banner in the forums
Development – creating imagery or content that enhances the SOLARCORP image around the verse.

SOLARCORP believes that a corporation is only as good as its leaders. By becoming a member of the board at SOLARCORP you will be in charge of corporate assets, fleets, and/or capital ships as the corporation grows. Our brave leaders of tomorrow are mature, intelligent, and have a deep commitment to the corporation, its members, and its goals.