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Roberts Space Industries

Viridy's SpeakEZ / SPEAKEZ

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  • Casual
  • Role play
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  • Smuggling

Welcome welcome to the speakEZ, a place for all to relax and enjoy the verse. The speakEZ is open to a wide variety of citizens including ; civilians, traders, delivers, miners, pirates, mercs & bounty hunters. No exclusive membership needed here, all are welcome even though in other orgs.


The speakEZ is here to have fun and enjoy the verse in the most engaging of ways, all characters welcome. Only rules are? (See below) Feel free to fill out some papers and drop by anytime. o7

-No intentional killing of group members, if pvp is to be initiated towards another group member it has to be with consent and agreed on before it starts.

-No behavior that disrupts whatever the group is currently doing, such as intentionally initiating criminal acts that can get the group in trouble unless that is the scope of the activity.

-No accepting missions and taking money unless actively involved in the missions.

-Absolutely no bounty hunting of fellow members , this is serious and will get you kicked of the group and consequences will be decided after stream based on past behavior and actions.

-No screaming on discord, specially while streaming.

-No intentional sabotage of stream content, such as making excessive noise in the background or physically (or rather virtually)interfering with my line of view or character.

-Bad words and sexual content to be kept at a minimum while on stream , assume kids are watching, any actions that can jeopardize my channel will result in immediate boot and consideration of future involvement after stream is done based on past behavior and actions.

-Only share criminal missions if group members have been warned and wish to participate.

-Group members can chose not to help a group member if helping the group member may result in consequences (such as a fellow group member (criminal) being attacked by a lawful bounty hunter.)


Who’s asking?


Who’s asking?